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Well, what have we here? It appears as though someone has captured an image showing that the HTC Incredible has been ordered by Verizon and the shipments are on their way to the warehouse locations. Over at Android Forums someone with Verizon insight appears say that these 156,709 units are actually sitting in the warehouse, just unable to be sold at this point. This information falls in line with the two-week shipping timeframe we previously heard, now it's just a matter of time until these show up in the stores. [Android Forums via Engadget]


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HTC Incredible on its way to Verizon's warehouse?


awesome! cant wait for this phone to release! either this or the nexus one will be my first droid device.

You know what...I'm a little fatigued by all the speculation about when the Incredible and Nexus One will appear on Verizon. Clearly, I'm not completely exhausted because I keep reading these bits.

Just hold on. I still think Verizon wanted to get the 2.1 update out to the Droid before releasing the Nexus One. The Droid 2.1 delay is the reason the N1 missed the original 3/23 release date.

I'm predicting the N1 shows up for Verizon in just a few days. Of course, the Droid still may be the better choice for you...

But Why? The N1 is being released by Google, unless you mean Verizon asked them to hold off on releasing the N1 until the Droid gets updated, but either way I'm just not seeing the incentive for Google to hold back while a competing phone gets better.

This is what i dont get:

Why no mention of it at CTIA 2010? if its shipping soon then why no mention of it a such a big event? doesnt make sense to me (well maybe unless VZ dint want to get overshadowed by the EVO 4G???)

another thing is that why would this phone come out first before the Nexus One? totally make no sense at all but i hope all you VZ people get your phone (incredible or Nexus 1) soon!!

Yup, don't believe it. Too many reasons why NOT to believe it and coming out soon than to believe it. Why are they holding them up? This would've trumped anything at CTIA because VZW hardly gets the good phones :)
As others, I'll believe it when I see it in stores! Until then, I'm holding out for either N1 or this. HURRY UP VZW!! Customers are/will be dropping like flies as everyday passes with no freakin' word. Uggg...

gonna go out on a limb and say this wouldn't have trumped EVERYTHING at CTIA. Trump the Galaxy S? Probably. Trump the Evo 4G? Not so much so. Not just in power but in newsworthiness, because Sprint was the real hardly any good phones co.
That doesnt change the fact that I agree completely with your point.

Yea, your right, not the Evo 4G. But at least on par and definitely would have made as major headlines as Sprint did and is still doing. It would make people think a lot right now who are on the fence or contracts up soon. The longer the dead silence is from VZW, it's going to make it real easy for people to make their choice; and it's not VZW!

The Evo 4g is gonna suck anyway, maybe not at first but when the HSPA+ Androids start arriving it will be the final nail in the coffin for sprint. They never should have went Wimax this goes to show being first isn't always the best.

The specs that I have seen for the incredible is more in line with the Evo 4g. 1ghz overrated snapdragon 1gig RAM except no 4g out the gate. But sprints 4g service blows anyway.

hasnt it been posted over and over by numerous people already, that it LTE does come out to be far superior to wimax, sprint and clear can just do a little software change and jump on board? its supposedly no difference in hardware, just a software thing...

Too cruel for an April Fools joke right?
I'm still busy trying to bridge the cultural gap with my cat using that Google Translate for Animals app.

You know what's so weird between the N1 and the Incredible is that they are expected to come out the same time, they is barely any information on the details about these phones, and I constantly hear contrasting stories about what VZW reps know about either of these phones...this makes me really wonder if the supposed surprise that the Verizon N1 might the HTC incredible or that Google and Verizon are both douchebags and love their current and potential customers suffer and wait for official news or a release of these phones

Don't care ... I'm busting my Droid contract and buying the EVO -- want that bigger screen plus all the other goodies.

True the EVO would be better phone to get, but I can't wait that long and I don't wanna switch to Blackberry Storm kills my soul as everyday passes by and I still have to use it

Yea, I'm in the same boat. I make my usual rounds of blogs everyday in hopes of seeing some news about a release of the N1 or Incredible. When I see none, I only have to look down at my Storm and a little piece of me dies. Then I have to do a battery pull and I die some more. Then I open the browser and I die a little more... GIVE ME THE N1 OR INCREDIBLE!

Imagine doing this, every day, but instead of looking down at the Storm, you look down at your almost 2 year old Curve 8330..the red headed step child of the Blackberry world. That is what I deal with every day...

ohh, gotta go pull the battery...

You are not alone. There are three of us in my office, and two of us are hardcore early adopters. We weep, privately, quietly, everyday, and the first thing we both do, every day, while plugging in our Storms and cursing them, is weep, a little bit, when there's still no news.

I'm on my second faulty storm. Blackberry and Verizon are crooks for selling these phones. I've never felt so ripped off. Listening to music, oops, frozen, battery pull.. responding to text message while charging, oops, frozen, battery pull.. checking the time, oops, frozen, battery pull. Talking to Verizon tech support guy who has personally used the Storm, admits to all it's issues, but still gives you the run-around when you try to get a new phone, priceless.

I'm on my 5th or 6th!!! Lost count. Verizon has been great with replacing, of course I have full insurance. I cannot wait for this phone! It will be my first android. Can't come soon enough for me. I've been holding onto a ne2 since Feb! Just to get one of these.
Seems like forever. Does anyone know if the incredible will have live wall paper? And can someone chime in on weather or not andriod works well with macs? My storm was terrible.
thanks j was the last day for buy one get one free droids...

maybe an announcement tomorrow? Get rid of the android deals to get ready for them making some money?

I heard initially that it was coming april 1st, since the BOGO ended today. So far new Verizon phones have come out Thursday or Fridays, so maybe there is a HUGE surprise tomorrow, or wait till next Thursday/Friday.

I really want to drop this Eris and get the n1 or incredible, if it get's announced tomorrow, I'm throwin' some money down. No question.

The verizon N1 is the Incredible. It will be sold in verizon stores. Google just released the N1 on their website for T-Mo as a test to see how it fared with no carrier. verizon is much more controlling and will be selling their N1 aka the Incredible. That folks, is the surprise we have been hearing about.

I agree that the "official" Google Nexus One phone will NEVER, EVER, be on VZW. The HTC Incredible is VZW's version of the N1 because they are too dayum controlling would NEVER allow a phone they are affiliated with to be sold online, much less by Google. Marketing 101 for them; Control everything!
So, everyone can stop posting about the N1 on VZW, because it just will never happen. STOP IT!

If you go to the Google N1 page, there is an option for ordering it on Verizon. It says its coming Spring 2010.

I know everyone is impatient, but to suggest Verizon isn't allowing Google to sell a Verizon phone and Google is just pretending they will be selling it is, well, incredible.

at this point i just want verizon to come out with another android phone other than the droid, im sick of waiting for n1 and incredible and storys bouncing back and fourth between these two coming then not coming. just release one so i can stop ripping my hair out everyday i check and there not there