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HTC CEO gives brief glimpse of "M7" handset at company party in Taipei

HTC CEO Peter Chou is super stoked about his new "M7" handset. In footage of the company's recent end-of-year party in Taipei broadcast by Taiwan's NextTV, Chou took to the stage to thank the M7 team for working overtime in recent weeks, before producing his very own white M7, which he used to snap a picture of the audience.

The relatively low video quality doesn't give us a great view of the device, but we can make out a central camera, LED flash, an HTC logo on the back, and a border of some kind along the top. On the whole, we'd say it looks more like the early in-software render that appeared a few weeks back than more recent leaked images.

More evidence of the "M7" moniker (still a codename, we think) comes from amateur video captured at the same event, which shows Chou and his audience launching into thunderous (even slightly Ballmeresque) chants of "M7!" and "HTC!" Check it out after the break -- it certainly shows a side of Chou we don't normally see at the company's well-scripted media events.

We still don't see "M7" as a final marketing name for the phone -- remember, this was a private HTC gathering, not a public event. In any case, we'll learn more at HTC's press events in New York City and London on Feb. 19.

Source: NextTVcnYes; via: Engadget, Mobile01


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"HTC! HTC! HTC! M7! M7! M7!"


"Ballmeresque" is exactly what a lot of people think of this guy. Most of HTCs problems over the last few years are of his own making. Investment analysts aren't too pleased with his leadership, and neither are some of the insiders according to a couple of my friends who work over at US headquarters in Bellevue.

I'll cross that bridge when the time comes. But frankly I don't see that happening any time soon. One OEM in particular (Samsung) doesn't appear to be in any hurry to ditch those features. It's why I'm happily rocking a Note 2! :D I'd go out on a limb and say the Note 3 will have them as well.

I have set up my own FTP server at home and have plenty of storage with Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc; space is never an issue if you know what you're doing and are organized. Especially if you utilize Google Music, it's brilliant that my entire music collection is with me wherever I go on any device with a connection. As far as battery; my DNA gets me throughout the whole day without a charge. I charge it every night when I go to bed and it's golden for the day. If I play a game for a long period of time it drains my battery but not enough for me to freak out and regret not getting a phone with a removable battery. And Samsung radios are just horrible. I'd be more concerned with that than something like having an extra 32GB's of storage.... I have TB's of storage if I am connected!

The storage isn't so much of a concern for me (don't use much of it anyway in either my 16GB Note 2 or Nexus 7), but the user-replaceable battery in my Note 2 is absolutely priceless! Even though it gets phenomenal battery life (6 hours of screen on time or days on a single charge), I find it invaluable never needing to worry about tethering to a charge regardless of what I'm doing on the phone; always have a fully charged spare waiting, just swap and go at a moments notice! That’s a feature I’m simple not ready to give up! :)

Great question...NOT. Of course if they are all that way you have no choice, what slayerpsp is trying to say is that there is currently a choice.

I'm sick of Manufacturers bowing to carriers instead of customers, like HTC. The reason they put minimal memory in a device without an sd slot is so that people will use more data streaming everything on these new tiered data gouging plans att and vzw are offering. If you have unlimited it's fine, but this is why the duopoly got rid of unlimited and now they are going to stranglehold the OEM's by limiting the phone's for them or they won't carry them on their carrier. And HTC is desperate right now losing billions so they have to do what a carrier wants.

The best smartphone, the HTC EVO 4G LTE, has a replaceable battery and a slot for an additional SD card. Plus the best camera 2 stage shutter button, kickstand, solid aluminum unibody construction and the most up to date Android OS

Looking forward to the next kickass Sprint EVO (M7)

I had my battery "replaced" in 15 minutes at a Sprint service centerr for no other reason except to prove to myself what I read. I didn't say quick swappable. The HTC EVO 4G LTE battery is replaceable. Don't believe othwise. Google it. In fact the battery is user replaceable. One can purchase OEM batteries at Amazon. Derp

Moreover I'm not isolated from a charger when in my car or when asleep. If one can't get at least 8 hours (I gett anaverage of 13 hours) then they are either forgetful to charge or have no life besides constantly under control of their smartphone. After my OG EVO 4G swapping was unnecessary.

The HTC EVO 4G LTE with latest JB OS manages battery life superbly.

If you need more, buy a fat phone or a portable quick charger.

With that logic, pretty much every phone has a replaceable battery and there's no need to mention that like it's a feature.

And really? You took time out your day to have a perfectly good battery replaced to prove something to a bunch of faceless people on the Internet that you'll never meet, AND you actually still didn't prove anything at all? Doesn't sound like something someone who felt he had the best smartphone available would do. Just sayin'.

Truly awesome device - one x the way it should have been(sd slot,battery,kickstand) and yet... available only on Sprint;/ what gives??
Massive shot in the foot - not only that you can't have those features, even worse you're being teased by some other folks enjoying ´em:(

Right there with you, man. I love my EVO LTE, too. However, we technically don't have the latest Android OS on our phones without flashing CM 10.1 (which I'm about to test drive myself). We have 4.1.1; my Nexus 7 is on 4.1.2 but could be on 4.2.1 if I wanted to take the update. To say that we have the latest Android OS is inaccurate: only Nexus devices and that one ZTE phone can make such a claim.

Also, it's not unibody. The back is actually 4 sections: that shiny black plastic cover at the top about which many complained (and that allows NFC and access to the microSD card slot, the red kickstand (which is quite handy sometimes), the anodized aluminum section that feels so solid, and a slight section at the bottom that probably houses more antennas.

Perhaps you should get to know your phone a little more. I'm looking forward to HTC's M7 (and Sprint's version of it), but I'm afraid I won't be buying one myself because of those pesky two-year contracts. At least I have LTE in my area.

I'm all for a device with top specs and a smaller screen. It's odd that 4.7" can now be seen as a smaller screen...

HONESTLY i prefer that size for a phone thats the size o my evo and i think its perfect people stop with this non sense with phones that have 5+ screens u just look like idiots its not needed

Chou fell asleep at the wheel long ago. he should resign.

do you hear me Chou??????????????????

Gekko is jealous because his Nexus has a shitty camera, limited storage, glitchy functionality, and less than ideal battery life..

Do you hear us now Gekko???????
You've been in serious denial for about a year.

There are a lot of unhappy people that visit this website.

Cheer up folks. I don't see anything wrong with what Chou is doing. His employees seem happy, and that is a very important part of any business.

I support HTC. More competition is good for everyone, and although they haven't been really hot in the last two years, their HTC One series has really done a good thing for them. I believe HTC makes the absolute best hardware of any Android manufacturer.

And I think they will continue that with the M7 series. I can't wait to see what HTC has in store this year. I wish them the best of luck, and I will probably be one of their customers. I have been super happy with my HTC Evo LTE ever since I traded in my GSIII for it.

Yes estebancam.
Anyone who wants to know which smartphone captures the very best photos can simply go to a Sprint store and take an indoor picture no flash with the plastic touchwiz SGIII, the new LG, and the solidly constructed HTC EVO 4G LTE and quickly determine HTC'S Image Sense technology produces in comparison fantastic pictures including great HDR photos. Hands down the best multi purpose top of the line smart phone on the market. Read the professional reviews including Android Central.

Looking forward to the kickass M7 EVO from Sprint.

This is slightly creepy. You can tell from the video that some of the audience (employees?) are reluctant to be a part of it. I feel bad for them almost, but then I remember, hey, our unemployment rate is like 8 percent, and in the rest of the world it's even worse. So maybe it's not so bad.

I will pass on HTC they haven't updated my Evo 3d to at least 4.1 . I only got one update over 2 years? That shows HTC could careless about its existing customers.