HTC Hero update

For our UK friends on the Orange network: HTC just released a maintenance update for the Hero. No, not a full-on Android revisision (sorry), but it's better than nothing. The update will take you to ROM Version [HTC] (Thanks, Phil!)


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HTC Hero on Orange gets maintenance update


Will get it done as soon as my bro arrive's with his Hero :-)

How do you know if it's a "full android revision" or not?

I've not heard anything from work (employed by Orange), but will let you know if I hear anything.

Don't get your hopes up though. Currently Orange's range of Android handsets is pretty weak.
We got the HTC Hero, the HTC Tattoo, and the Motorola Dext.

Not directly lame in themselves, but there should be more available.

I did the update. Still shows Android 1.5 :(
Only 2 changes that I have noticed so far some minor changes to some of the HTC widgets. And for some reason I now have better wifi reception. I now get wifi in corners of my house where I didn't before. Not sure if this is due to the update.

Updated today and as above, the only change I have noticed so far was an update to the "People" widget. It's a nice change, but certainly not worth wiping the contents of my phone and downloading a 103MB updated ROM. Seriously, I love the phone, but HTC need a better way of updating the firmware than this.