GSM Hero

The GSM version of the HTC Hero is in need of a CyanogenMod maintainer, so it has been dropped by the CM team.  Ciwrl sends word that while they have tried to keep the Hero on the supported device list, some memory eating bugs have cropped up and without someone to keep things up to date, they had no choice but to discontinue support for the GSM Hero.

Like its Sprint cousin, the Hero is still a pretty capable device and has probably the best profile of any phone -- Android or otherwise -- with that awesome chin.  We just can't let it die without a fight.  If anyone out there has the time and skills to commit to this one, contact a member of the CM team. [CyanogenMod Forum via @gu1dry]


Reader comments

The HTC Hero (GSM) needs your hackery help


The GSM HTC Hero was my first Android smartphone after Windows Mobile, and my introduction to Android hacking. Sad to see it lose support, but it probably is time to move on. Thanks to the devs for their hard work :)

I have an HTC Hero CDMA laying around. The Hero was awesome. Not the best phone ever, but for it's time is was awesome.