North America will get the HTC One by the end of April, company says

HTC has just released a statement regarding availability for the HTC One, which has seen delays because of supply shortages. As you'd expect, the company is spinning things in a positive light, and promises that we'll see some general availability in Europe Next week, and North American and Asia by the end of April.

Here's the full statement:

“HTC has seen unprecedented demand for and interest in the new HTC One, and the care taken to design and build it is evidenced in early reviews. The new HTC One will roll out in the UK, Germany and Taiwan next week and across Europe, North America and most of Asia-Pacific before the end of April. We appreciate our customers’ patience, and believe that once they have the phone in their hands they will agree that it has been worth the wait.”

So the UK, Germany and Taiwan next week, North America and Asia-Pacific by the end of April. Our usual MO is to tell you that a few weeks isn't that long to wait. But after getting to use the HTC One for a couple weeks now, we can't say that with a straight face.

Any delay should be particularly distressing for HTC, which has struggled financially for a number of quarters, as competitor Samsung prepares what should be another high-profile (and high-budget) launch with the Galaxy S4. We put the two phones up against each other last week in New York City, and it's going to be a tough call for many folks.

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Reader comments

HTC gives update on HTC One delays, availability


maybe they're just trying to cop out of all those $100 visa gift cards if you purchase the phone in the month of march, which NO ONE CAN DO NOW!

they have been extended through April 26th. But if they aren't even being released until the end of April, that gives us what.....possibly like a 4 day window to make the purchase. They should at least extend it until the end of May

Why would that be a Cop Out? The $100 visas are for pre-orders. They didn't say buy the phone from and oops....we have a delay. Read people....thats all it takes.

I didn't! :(.. after waiting more than a month on pre-order I had to cancel due to those delays and production issues. Went for the Xperia ZL, but will pick up the M7 for my BD come July. :)

unprecedented demand for and interest in the new HTC One?

Wow HTC i really hope you aren't trying for good PR here, i really hope you get the sales and you survive another year.

Maybe you should support and buy the best Android phone ever .. Not what's popular and trendy because a billion dollar company says so.

Right? The One is clearly the sexy flavor of the month, but HTC just seems like it's run by a bunch of derps. You had one job, HTC, and that was to deliver an awesome phone before the launch of the GS4.

I could not agree more, total fail by HTC. This is why HTC will produce another lackluster year of sales and Samsung and apple won't even notice a drop in sales.

Yeah this is not good news for HTC. The tech media and the HTC faithful are swooning about this phone and HTC turns around and kicks them in the sack.

To make things even better they're finally going to release this device the same time as the S4?! I really like this phone but Samsung is shaking up a giant can of whup-ass now.

Looking forward for the new HTC One although some people are not patient to wait. I do understand them and this is bad for HTC to delay such a nice phone.

Great job HTC... I was looking forward to buying the one. I don't expect sales to be too high after this mess, lots of people including myself will probably just buy the GS4 instead...

Wow, I'm having flashbacks to the Palm Pre debacle...I hope HTC doesn't follow the same path just when they seemed to be finding their footing again.

If this phone doesn't start rolling out well before the end of April HTC is done. It won't even matter if the HTC One is better or not. The fact is that once the galaxy S4 is released or even close to release all other high end smart phone companies are going to have trouble selling their phones. Hell, if it wasn't for the fact that I hate HTC and will never forgive them for selling me that stuttering, non multitasking mess that was the One X I would probably be getting the One myself. The One has a better screen and a much better design and once rooted and unlocked HTC's crap software can be removed. The problem for HTC is that design and screen quality don't matter to 99% of the buying public. What does matter is that they get what they think is the latest and greatest and that they get what they think everybody else wants. This production delay is going to be the death of HTC.

Funny because "before the end of april" Counts as today and any day up until April 30th.. It doesnt say it will launch in the end of april but BEFORE it! Plus HTC KNOWS the real competition here in the US is the galaxy line and i highly doubt they would release in Germany before the US based on that. I find this really hard to believe as they most definitely want to get the US devices out way before the Galaxy S4

What you're saying is true and I get it. BUT, when a tech company says: "before the end of April" that means we're lucky if we see it by 10 P.M on April 30th. "End of April" means they will tell us at the end of April that May 15th it will be available. Don't kid yourself into thinking that could be anytime before April 25th.

Hey Android Central, these IBM ads on the right with the big erect finger and a play button over it are reeeaaally distracting. Was this filed under Android After Dark?

All these phones launch internationally first so I wouldn't expect to get it here in the US before it launches in Europe.

HTC needs to have make sure they have entertaining, memorable commericals scheduled to run either before, or right after whatever Samsung is getting ready to bombard the US public with.

There have been plenty of wonderful devices fail in the past just because people did not know about them and I am scared that HTC will fall into this same situation.

The bad thing is the GS4 will likely be available by then with a full onslaught of new TV ads with something like Jordan playing Labron one on one for a new GS4 which is meaningless as far as the phone goes but people will associate star power with the GS4.

I'm rooting for HTC to have some success this year, they certainly made a nice phone. Delays were the last thing they needed.

I will be the first to say that I have been rooting for a win here with the One. That said this is just plain disastrous for them. We all knew that the GS4 was going to be a monster and even with that gawd awful event it will sell by the boatload. Now we have the One which by all accounts is a Great phone. Be it Great or not No one will know about it cause of the GS4 Shadow at the same time.

We all knew HTC did lousy with a better phone last year cause of pitiful Marketing. There is no Marketing now and more people know about the GS4 then even an iPhone. They needed to be out now actually they should have been out last week. That ain't about to happen or even close to it.

Looks like I will be welcoming our new Samsung Overlords. *YUK*

There isnt a whole lot they can do. They want the phone released as mich as we do but their suppliers are not making their component orders a priority. Im sure they are doing what they can but they are limited by clout and financial resources.

Sounds like the guy I work with here in the UK is lucky, he got his HTC one last week. Have to say it's impressive, the screen and camera are awesome.

I like HTC and I love Beats Audio but if I were in the market for a new phone right now I would have to go with the Galaxy S4.. More timely updates and a removable battery are the reasons why.. When I'm out all day until late at night one battery simply will not do..

This whole announcement and struggle reminds me of Palm's struggle to launch the Pre in 2009. The delays after the announcement really helped doom the launch. I hope HTC doesn't follow suit here.

I agree man. i was one of those people saying Hey Iphone killer here. Looks like the wait and the stupid ads, and the complete lack of apps when releasing the phone were the down fall. At least Android has their apps !!!

I dont' f---ing get why these companies feel the necessity to announce a device months before they actually deliver it.

Sh**... i really don't know what to do now. I have been waiting for the One to come out and i thought early early april. Now it could be towards end of April? I really am stumped bc me evo 3d's screen is broken and i really can't use this phone anymore.

Was going to get this phone just to support HTC but if the GS4 comes out first I'm going to have to go with that.

As a Thunderbolt owner, seeing HTC talk about pushing back an expected release date is creating an all too familiar and very uneasy feeling

Kinda like the popularity of the Nexus 4 causing availability delays - huh ?!?!?

Now I'm just going to get the Nexus 5 instead because I feel so entitled like every spoiled and demanding red blooded American.

My way or the highway!

Make em sorry - say you're gonna buy a GS4 the minute it's released.

The delay just means I will be buying 4 HTC One phones instead of just three as one more of the phones on my contract will be eligible by April.

Given how we use our phones the clear, loud speakers are a HUGE plus over any other phone. I also like that it is not cluttered with excessive crapware that I can't get rid of without resorting to rooting the phone, etc.. I have a Samsung phone currently that has a replaceable battery but in 2 years I never have changed it out so I guess I don't need that feature. An SD card slot would be nice, but, I have never had one before and did not miss it and 32 or 64 GB is certainly enough storage for me as it is 2 to 4 time more than I have now. The Samsung Galaxy S IV sounds great but, for me, the HTC sounds (literally) better...

Please lets make one thing perfetly clear....The only reason the S3 was a hit in 2012 was due to the design of the phone. We phone nerds don't make the cut, the mainstream do. This means that when a non-phone nerd walks into a provider store for and enquiry or to buy a new phone she/he get to see best looking phone which is th htc One and fall in love. The S4 has momentum and that is it and they might capitalize on that @ the very begining, but wait by mid year and see how htc One becomes #1 android device. BY THE WAY, The desingn of the S3 is not pure Samsung since it took design forms from the Galaxy Nexus which was design by GOOGLE!.

No..... What makes people pick a phone is marketing, which then equals to people telling other people about it..

The startling reason I am not going to pay (waste an upgrade) for Sprint's new HTC One

Excerpt from link at bottom of this post

"... let us address right away another potential first that has become the so called elephant in the room. The Sprint version of the HTC One is limited to band 25 LTE 1900. It does not support either of Sprint's upcoming LTE bands -- band 26 LTE 800 and band 41 TD-LTE 2600. One or both of those bands are expected to be incorporated in new handsets sometime this year, but the HTC One will not be the first."

No matter the delay, I'm still getting the One. One month sooner or later, what's the big deal?

I just hope HTC doesn't suffer too much from this delay. Would be a pity.


They can't get the software right on anything. Every update breaks more than it fixes. Verizon finally got so fed up with sending us the same phone over and over (8 replacements in a year and a half) they finally said would you like a different phone after the last one they sent had the exact same problems as the one it was replacing. It was ridiculous. The phones (htc thunderbolts) were constantly rebooting during phone calls after the last update. I'm not talking about dropping calls, the phone would just reset in the middle of the call. 5 minutes later, you could call again, for 2 or 3 minutes then oops, reboot. One time my phone rebooted 5 times in a row just sitting on the night stand and woke me up at 2 am. No matter how awesome HTC specs look or how "great" the features are they will screw it up. I promise you the delays they are having with the One are software related, I've heard it a million times... Don't worry, the next update will fix that...

Is this the same old marketing ploy? How do you make somebody want something? you take it away...maybe I am just old and cynical...

What about the $100 HTC Cash Back Offer? By the time the phone comes out, the cash back offer will be null and void. That was another driving factor, besides the phone itself, which looks AMAZING!

I do not hear anyone mentioning anything about this in any of the news outlets I have been reading regarding the delays.

Received the following response from HTC directly on this issue:


Thank you for your email.

Due to the delayed launch of the new HTC One, the dates have been extended as follows:

Pre-Registration must be completed by 4/4/2013.

Purchase of the HTC One must be completed by 4/26/2013.

Trade-in shipment must be postmarked by 5/31/2013.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. If you need any further information please contact us.

Thank you,

Megan, Customer Service

Thank you for your inquiry.

We received your message and require more time to research this. We will get back to you with our results within the next three business days. HTC National Wireless Trade-In/Trade-Up Program Support

So I have until April 26th to purchase the device on Verizon then, that's actually good news then that Verizon will have to launch it by then..
I sure hope that this is the case! Doesn't make sense in the U.S. not to have Verizon on board, with over 100 million subscribers and counting....

Well, it will not be released for Verizon until later this year (That is a rumor thus far) or, if at all.

I am going to Sprint, who is definitely getting the One.

Blah, blah blah. if you are complaining about the software.... go by a crapple. At least you know it is simply set up for you 130 and below IQ. HTC hardware is superb. I had and HTC hero (G1) all the way throug ICS. How many 4 year old phones can keep up. The thunderbolt was.... well... everyone makes mistakes. HTC has something to prove this time.

Trust your instincts, not what the sheppards lead you to believe. Read the reviews. Software can be replaced, lack of hardware features only serve, next year's upgrade.