HTC G1 Android 4.0

Well -- there goes the joke, will my HTC G1 get Ice Cream Sandwich?

No, it's not overly functional. No, it's not extremely fast. But that doesn't really matter. The fact Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich can be jammed into a HTC G1 is just plain awesome and the fact it's available for download -- even more awesome.

Want to see it in action? Jump past the break for the video and hit the source link for the full details.

Source: XDA

YouTube link for mobile viewing
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kurioskurion says:

Awww the good old G1. Such a great phone. *nostalgia*

rj says:

So awesome.

turbofan says:

Wow. Android developers are the best in the world. Yeah, it BARELY works, but just the fact that it's on there... Awesome.

CaptainYoshi says:

Now I have no doubt they'll get it running on the

MacBook says:

lol it can barely run it, but cool