HTC Flyer Android tablet

For anyone lamenting the fact that most of the Android tablets announced recently look alike (ahem, yours truly), HTC has brought something different to the game with the Flyer.

The form factor is familiar -- a 7-inch diagonal touchscreen -- but that's about it. First there's the aluminum unibody shell -- a single piece of metal that keeps things strong and light, about the same as a paperback book.

The HTC Sense user interface has been ramped up even more and looks beautiful an extremely fluid, thanks to a 1.5 GHz processor. It has 3D-like effects and really sucks you into the device. Movies played with ease, and the UI animations were as good as we've ever seen from HTC.

It's not running Honeycomb, and that's interesting. All of the Honeycomb tablets we've seen thus far are running what appears to be a stock UI. The Flyer with Sense, of course, is all HTC. Will it get a Honeycomb version at some point? Just have to see.

The Scribe pen stylus wasn't quite as gimmicky as we might have first though. It feels just a bit odd to be talking about a stylus in 2011, but HTC's obviously put a lot of thought into it.

Check out our first look video and pics after the break.


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HTC Flyer Android TabletHTC Flyer Android Tablet

HTC Flyer Android TabletHTC Flyer Android Tablet

HTC Flyer Android TabletHTC Flyer Android Tablet

HTC Flyer Android TabletHTC Flyer Android Tablet


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HTC Flyer Android tablet first look [video]


No Honeycomb and a Stylus in 2011? Won't be getting one of these if that remains in the production version.

I really love this. Perfect size. I don't need some super expensive powerhouse, this serves my needs very well. And i love sense on this actually. And i know i will catch alotta shit for this but im not the biggest fan of stock honeycomb, looks a bit cold. Im sure once I get to use it ill love it but as of right now, I love this device more than Sammys tab and the xoom.

I want to not like this, because it's not stock and not Honeycomb. But I just can't :/

Don't you dare hook me on your Flyer then price it at 800 bucks HTC...

The lack of Honeycomb is a bit bothersome, but for those of you knocking the stylus I think you are missing the point. Students, executives in meetings, and many people out in the filed need to take notes or make drawings and a stylus is simply a better tool to that than a finger. If this comes in under $500 it will be successful and under $400 it will be a big success.

I agree , $400 = millions will sell.

I'm a student myself, and would love this for school.

the guy 2 post above said something about this costing $800...

When did they announce pricing? Or are you just basing

that on the galaxy and zoom may start $1000 & &800?

This looks marginally better than a rooted nook color as the hardware is a bit more powerful, but the nook color will likely see a fully functional version of honeycomb long before this and will still probably be about half the price.

800mhz vs 1.5ghz and 512mb of ram vs 1gig

More than a bit and considering its meant to be a tablet and has front and rear cam etc. id say its worth it if its twice the price. And if its sub 600 im all over this.

It's all about the note taking app with stylus.

wifi tethering on my phone
+ wifi version of this tablet
+ $500
Reason to cash in built up wifey points and buy one.

This like any other Android tablet, comes down to one thing, price. If they can find a sweet spot under the Xoom and tab they got a shot of dominating the market. As a middle school teacher I saw this and said, every student should have one, download textbooks straight to it, and take notes on them, fits in their pockets, has there agenda...It could be an education revolution...

Yeah I agree the stylus could actually come in handy for a lot of different people but students certainly being a big one with taking notes, etc. I think this would be nice to have showing customers sets of plans. Then you could draw right on them if you needed to edit something like say a window or door.

Have fun...let us know when you get twitter..oh and cut and paste, that should be coming out this year I hear.


seriously why do people feel the need to broadcast the fact they are switching platforms. Just do it. No one cares.

Yeah, I'm disappointed too that it doesn't come with Honeycomb, but if it were priced under $400, then I would snatch it up. If not, then there are many other great options out there, e.g. Xoom.

I like the design on this tablet. I have always liked HTC phones, and they continued the style on to their tablet line. My only beef with HTC devices is Sense. I have a Nexus One and love the pure Google experience. I have played around with Sense and have no beef with it. It is a great UI, but I wish the manufacturers would allow the consumers an option of the added UI or not. All of these custom UI's have turned me off of some potentially great devices.

I can dig it... but it's not for me. I'm thinking they're next tab will be the 10inch running HoneyComb. I think they're just waing on the dual core Snapdragon chips. They seem to have some sort of a love affair with QC lol. But in my perfect world they'd make a 9-10inch tab with the Dual Core Tegra 2 running HoneyComb with HTC Sense 1 to 2 gigs of ram (cause we all know sense can be a resource hog at times) gotta have the rear and FFC flush. None of that I gotta watch where I lay my device Evo cam stuff LOL. 16GB on board with MicroSD expandable up to 64Gigs, Don't know whats with all this 32 crap LOL. Aaaaaand I think a tab should have a standard usb port there's just so much u can do with that. but micro usb at the very least. Some kind of kick stand design would be a nice bonus as well.

Considering HTCs past record my guess is honeycomb will be available as an update. Pretty interesting device and I like the stylus for drawing.

Some of you guys wanting this for less than 400? Man them folks gotta eat yo sheesh. Good thing you can't download tablets like you can music cause some of these companies would be holding I'll design hardware for food signs messing with some of you guys LMAO...The xoom is too expensive though foreal they trippin.

No Honeycomb today almost guarantees that there is some problem they can't fix so it's not coming later either.

A stylus? Really? Look at the photos. The stylus is also how they use menus.

The only thing that would make this worse is if it folded in the middle like the Kyocera Echo.

I like the idea of the Flyer and HTC generally supports their products very well. I just want to know price and availability and this is pretty much a done deal.

With all the new "pads" coming.
Maybe i'll spend my money on a great "pad" and get a average Android phone.
Why buy a lets say a "Thunderbolt" and a "G-Pad" when soon the devices will be almost equal.
If I need to "tether" for LTE or 3G connection use my average low cost phone.

Does this make any sense or do I need to check my "meds" ?

You dont need the stylis for the menus. Its an option. I wonder what the battery size is and if there is a built in slot for the stylis. Put out a wify ten inch and ive found my tablet. After owning an evo and a dx i am definatly a fan of htc. Even with lower specs i would prefer htc. I prefer sense right now because of there calender but a coice of having it or not would be nice. There are alot of options you get with sense you dont get with blur that i miss. Not sure about pure though, i havent used it since 2.1

The more I think about this tablet the more I realize it fits my needs better than a 10" one. But man, those extra 3" would be sexy haha

Also, people really dont understand dual core vs single core... Its not THAT big of a deal, especially if the single is running faster. Being a computer hardware major gives me some credibility on this. Yes, android can multitask, but a single core can handle the kind of multitasking android does. If a android process is in the background, it isnt going to be doing all that much and a single core, especially at 1.5 can handle it with no problem. Dual core is nice, but it is FAR from required. RAM is so much more important, people need to realize that

Wear does the stylus get stored? It would be great if there was a storage location in the tablet. I would not want the responsibility for carrying a stylus that cannot be stored in the tablet.

Better than a sleeve wold be a book style cover so that I would hold the stylus and protect the screen when I shove it in my bag. A book style would open and close easily and not add much bulk is it can fold completely back.

I have been waiting for this, for a very long time. Ever since I held the first Sammy Tab, and knew HTC would do better. I would have pre-ordered, last fall. HTC, has got it goin on. The boarder is a little bigger than I had hoped though.
But remember the podcast reminder folks? Enterprise, is, and will be a big driver now. HTC plans ahead. They are of course, Quietly Brilliant. The stylus will go a long ways towards the artist, and entrepreneur in all of us.
I can also see now, why they changed the name. From 'scribe', to Flyer. To keep the more narrow minded, from thinking this Tab 'HAS to use a stylus' to operate.
On the 10" front. There will be a 10" HTC Tablet. Hold your horses. Those of us on the go, and Enterprise, want a 7" Tablet. So we are first. Those of you couch tablets, will come second ; - )

And HTC has just come back to us on Honeycomb. This Flyer will have it in Q2.
You could tell from the video, this thing is hot off the presses. The guy had no spec's, (weight) etc.

I like it, the only thing that worried me is that its battery life is only 4 hours. It needs to be more like 8-10 hours to compete with the ipad and GT.

OK HTC just gets it... I've been waiting on a tablet with real writing capabilities, as a graphic designer/ student/ artist this is what I've been waiting on... something that just made sense... No honeycomb doesn't bother me too much it will more than likely come later on hopefully this means HTC is working out all its little kinks on the new sense so they go hand in hand properly... I'm all for quality control first

Just goes to show you that even great hardware is brought to its knees by Sense. Those screen transitions were painfully slow.

It's the perfect size in reality. I know the majority feels that bigger is better but I've got to give it to HTC. The idea of the stylus is great for so many reasons. I hate carrying around a notepad or whatever for work when I can just write on my HTC Flyer and store it. I'm curious what HTC is gonna bring to the table once it's updated to Honeycomb and what the layout is gonna look like. This just may be the tab I purchase.

I am not satisfied with the current products released by HTC at MWC. I had a feeling they would make a tablet with Sense. I don't understand why they continue to force Sense on us. The Flyer is just another Sense phone with a bigger display.

I'm really interested. The Flyer has some great things going for it. The stylis isn't aad idea and certainly has it use cases. I also think that Sense looks really nice on this device. Since we now know that Honeycomb will be coming I would definitely check it out. I'm starting to wonder where are all these tablets going to be sold? Is Best Buy or Walmart going to carry ipads,Xooms, touch pads, galaxy tabs,optimus pads, Toshiba tabs and the flyer? I would guess no. I believe that very few people are going to buy a tablet without getting to play with it. See the Nexus One expample. The ipad has wide distribution channels and some of these other tablet manufacturers need to arrange similar availability and not just depend on carrier stores and online sales

Not likely. I can buy a whole lot of paper for $99, plus some different colored pens if I need. This is not even remotely interesting to me.

No....the screen on the Flyer has a digitizer built in, and the pen relays to the screen its position, pressure etc (that's why the pen is battery powered).

I'm hoping HTC open up some API's for the stylus. A lot of execs would rather write than chicken type on screen when taking notes etc. Would be awesome if it came with system wide handwriting recognition a la 2100 Newton.

I think its a brilliant idea, and will set this tablet apart from the multitudes of Android tabs coming out this year (and other OS tabs too).


I actually think that Stylus is on the money. Honeycomb coming to it in Q2........yeah, I'm all over this.