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HTC has slowly been rolling out their bootloader unlock tool, we have seen a few devices receive the ability to use it, and now they have updated for support of more devices. HTC tweeted that the HTC Wildfire, HTC Wildfire S, HTC Status, HTC Merge, HTC Salsa and the original HTC Desire. If you own one of these devices and want to take advantage of this, head over to the source link to get it done!

Source: HTCdev; via @HTCdev

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tehsusenoh says:

Dear Motorola...

spagmuff says:

Everything but the Desire S!

ba_hamilton says:

Is the Incredible 2 ever going to get this?

spagmuff says:

It's had it for a while now.

camilozano98 says:

HTC Merge....!!??