HTC EVO Design 4G

I've got to hand it to HTC. They continue to make beautiful-looking devices, one after another, with nary an end in sight. The latest in their lineup is the EVO Design 4G, a solid, mid-range phone that carries Sprint's EVO branding.

At first glance it looks like, well, an EVO. Not quite big enough to be the original EVO 4G and not as bulky as the current EVO 3D, the Design 4G is the thinner, lighter sibling in the EVO line. And that's ok.

The aluminum unibody design is one of the best features about this phone, not just aesthetically, but because it keeps everything feeling solid while still unbelievably light. If HTC could pull it off, I'd hope to see more phones (and more powerful phones) come out with this design more often.

The 4-inch screen is bright and clean, and doesn't leave much to be desired. Because the screen is more convervatively sized, the phone itself feels great in the hand and doesn't require any of the awkward thumb/palm shifts larger phones do.

The 1.2GHz processor gets the job done, but there's still mad lag when the phone's first turning on. That's no surprise, and I'm glad to see "less powerful" phones that still run really well. (Remember when a 1.2GHz processor was the deal?)

There's not much more I can say right now, so I'll just leave you guys (and gals) with a whole bevy of shots and a hands-on video after the break.

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HTC EVO Design 4G hands-on


I do like this, if my daughter looses another EVO I wonder if I can get this as a replacement unit. The Uni-body design just seems like it will handle the abuse of a 14yo girl a little more.

no offense, but what does a 14yo girl need a smartphone for? If she can't be responsible enough to keep it from breaking/losing it, there is no need to pay for the data plan every month.

Not speaking to you but I see kids in my town on free/reduced lunch at school, but they all have smartphones and ipods. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE??????

It just doesnt make any sense. This generation of kids are already spoiled. Why does any child under the age of 16 need something like this for? Especially if they arent responsible enough to maintain it? Why arent parents teach responsibility? They are too busy giving, giving and giving. I've seen a 7 year old with an iPhone and iPad. WHY THE HELL does a 7 year old need those items??!! It makes absolutely no sense. People are quick to tell people, "Dont tell me how to parent and raise my kids."...well these are the kids growing up with these retarded senses of entitlement who werent taught the value of work. They were so used to just getting everything.

I'm so grateful my parents didnt go out and buy anything and everything they could. I can sit and enjoy the items I worked for. Much better feeling.

Back to the phone though...its a beautiful device. I would trade this in for my 3D in a heartbeat if it wasnt single core. I feel like with the cell technology going that direction it would be silly to take a step back.

I agree 100%... Some parents these days would rather attempt to buy the live of their children and/or make up for not spending time with them by buying them stuff. In the end you often end up with spoiled selfish kids who do not appreciate anything. Kids do not need $500 phones! They need to go out and interact with other kids face to face and not by phone, internet or video game!

Well, I'm 15 years old, I have a smartphone, a $900 laptop, an HP TouchPad, and a 4th Gen iPod Touch.

But I paid for all my electronics, I paid every single cent. I pay for my data plan. I did yard work, dog walking, etc to make money. And to me it had paid off.

And no my parents aren't careless people, they are very good parents and they have no problem as long as I keep my grades up and pay for it.

Yeah, because poor people aren't allowed to have anything nice. I am a dirt poor college student living in my sisters basement and driving an '86 oldsmobile. Yet I have a smartphone because it is a worthwhile investment that keeps me connected to the world around me. You have a problem with that?

You sir are a jerk. From the things ive seen you right i can honestly say you are a jerk. Your parents taught you about working hard for things but they obviously didnt teach you respect. Why belittle this guy for living in his sisters basement? Im pretty sure hes a hard working man and by him going to college i can tell hes trying to do the right things in life. So for being a good person, as far as i can tell, he is being ridiculed because he spent his money trying to better himself instead of blowing it on nonsense. If that was a joke then disregard this, but if that was serious, please remember to stay quiet next time you have something rude to say

What? HTC ALWAYS puts the volume rocker on the left. What I don't like is them putting the power button on the right and headphone jack on the left. KEEP ALL THE PHONES THE SAME WAY, DAMN YOU!


It seems no extended battery is possible with this design (see what I did there?) so it's really important to know how it fares with its stock battery.

i really like htc new design looks really sleek
especially that battery lock mechanism
so modern and classy

I like that this is a world phone. It's basically a 3-D. Main difference is the screen size, as well as has only 2 cameras as opposed to 3 of them. The evo's have yet to disappoint me. :)