HTC Hero S and EVO Design

HTC has released the kernel source for the EVO Design 4G, and its US Cellular cousin, the HTC Hero S.  The specific version is 2.6.35 for Gingerbread, which is the current kernel running on the devices.  Having kernel source opens up some ridiculously cool mods and hacks, and the development community should have plenty of fun with this.  This means that we'll all be having fun shortly after.  If you're an interested developer, hit the link below and grab some code.

Source: HTC Developers


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HTC EVO Design 4G and Hero S kernel source released


The dev's don't seem to care for the Hero S at least I haven't found a thing go check out the Forums there are only 4 threads two started by me....

Just some help for anyone.... if you use htcdev bootloader for EVO design. I did the whole process and it killed my network service...don't freak out though if you re-lock it, your service comes back. Freaked me out for a minute but figured it out just a little advice. Plus its useless as of now because there aren't any roms
available for HTC EVO design as of now