Sprint Evo 4G 

The HTC Evo 4G is back in stock at Sprint (finally), so order yours while supplies last. The phone had been on backorder for a while now. 

The first 4G phone in the U.S. has been a huge success, and Sprint and HTC hope to see its popularity grow as more of the devices creep back into stock. If you've been waiting for the Evo 4G to get back in stock, hurry up, as Sprint has said it's only a limited quantity for a short time. (What else would it say, though?) [Sprint's Twitter]


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HTC Evo 4G back in stock at Sprint


boning special about evo. too big, there is no 4g anywhere. paying extra money for nothing. HDMI out is not needed. who wants to walk around with a 3 ft cord in there pockets anyway. and tell your friends "lets all watch the video I recorded today on my tv" YIPPPI!!!!.

that's not true. you'd be paying extra money for me to enjoy my 4g connection on my evo. Thanks!

On every article you say "where's flash for my droid?" And in every article you NEVER get an answer. You know why? Cause no one cares about your droid. Get a better phone!

I expect my updates when this website and others say there coming You turd. and there is no better phone or service.

I get great 4G coverage, and works like it's supposed to. I don't know what you were smoking when you said no 4G anywhere ...

The EVO's no bigger than any of the Galaxy S phones, tho it's a bit thicker, but it has a bigger screen... It's smaller than the Droid X tho, and it has the same size screen. HTC made pretty good use of the space imo, altho I could understand why a lot of people would want smaller 3.2-3.5" phones, women particularly.

I got great 4G speeds in Philly, Baltimore, and DC recently... No 4G back home in Puerto Rico but Sprint is still considerably cheaper than AT&T, even w/the premium $10 fee for the EVO (and T-Mo doesn't even have 3G down here yet!).

I actually enjoy the HDMI output even tho it wasn't high on the list of reasons why I bought it... Can be used to show YouTube videos too (if you don't mind the quality) and photos (which is what I use it most for).

You don't really have to carry a cable to make use of it either, you can just carry a small micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter if you want and simply unplug an HDMI cable from a DVD/BR/whatever to use with your EVO+adapter. I hear there's devs working on getting the whole phone interface working over HDMI (for Cyanognemod).

Your phone works fine, yet you spend your time complaining about why it doesn't get an update to add flash. Working fine would mean that it got flash with the first 2.2 update that rolled out...like it was supposed to. Logical.

Logical. my phone does work fine but websites shouldnt post things that arent true . Do i need flash for my phone to work fine? NO I DONT. I never would have cared abouut flash if people didnt speak about it coming to froyo when its not.

too little too late sprint, i already ditched you for a vibrant instead of playing the evo scavenger hunt game

Yah really. Some of us aren't going to sit around for a month with our current contract with our carrier expired, to wait and see when the damn EVO shows up.

Why didn't you just do a month to month contract with t-mobile? I did that in march while deciding whether to go with the Nexus one or wait until Sprint got some HTC sexiness.

Well then don't sit around and wit contracts on your vibrant which doesn't have all the features of the Evo lol

aside from the lack of a 1ghz hummingbird...i certainly enjoy the front facing camera for video conferencing; 2.2 froyo; mini hdmi output; better build quality; larger screen; and 4g capabilities.... :D

all you had to do it get on the list at a sprint store and wait a few days for a call, or go to a best buy. you must always lose at scavenger hunts.

I used to think this was the best Android phone, 2 months later I hear about the Samsung epic, much better especially with the smaller screen and physical keyboard. What, 2 more months and we will hear about a new HTC Droid coming to Verizon with the dual core snapdragon lol

Evo > Epic. Touchwiz is absolutely horrible. And since both phones are the same physical size why not have a bigger screen? The SuperAMOLED screen is gorgeous. But I'd rather have the bigger 4.3 inch screen. Physical keyboard is pure personal preference. I see the Evo NOT having a physical keyboard as an advantage.

Better is relative to people's preferences. I love a physical keyboard. However the bigger screen in landscape compensates for this to a certain extent. The one big reason I like HTC over Samsung is the fact that the developer community is all over ROM development like a dog on a soup bone. Samsung is starting to get there, but its nowhere near as robust as HTC phones. Also there is simply support as well. Samsung has a history of not supporting the OS on a device beyond one upgrade....at best. There have been more then a few phones that have been burned by no upgrades. Until Samsung shows a pattern of supporting these devices beyond one upgrade (Which they should be easily able to handle.) I and many others will continue to not trust them. If only HTC had a keyboarded EVO I would have no hesitations on my next phone.

Why would the Epic's smaller screen better? Maybe if it made the device smaller, but the Epic and Evo are basically the exact same dimensions, except the Epic is thicker. The Evo was able to minimize the bezel to allow for the larger screen.

Personally, I am torn. I'm on the Wireless Advantage Club plan, and neither phone is available to me right now anyway. I'm just going to get whatever is available first.

I used to think this was the best Android phone, 2 months later I hear about the Samsung epic, much better especially with the smaller screen and physical keyboard. What, 2 more months and we will hear about a new HTC Droid coming to Verizon with the dual core snapdragon lol

Sadly I'm not going to be in the position to move to Sprint until late Sept / Early October. Which by that time they will be out again. :\

EVO is so much better that than the Epic. The Samsung build quality is sub par. The interface is very slow to respond. I prefer the EVO's screen. the samsung colors are too vibrant and look cartoonish. The AT&T captivate is a horrible phone as well.

i couldn't agree more. as someone with 2 samsung moments in the house, and my evo, there is just no comparison in quality all around, or the ui. not to mention how samsung will forget about this phone as soon as it's release and only care about what's next. forget about any long term support/upgrades.

nonsense.. galaxy s series are excellent phones.
the colors are awesome and the battery lasts days instead of hours, not to mention being considerably faster
if you like Evo better that's your preference.
i left Sprint and got a Captivate and i'm very happy with it

I walked into a Best Buy a couple months ago and got mine, I must have got tremendously lucky. Boy do I love it too.

No, not the weird looking (IMO) white one.

Oredered my EVO earlier today. Got a chance to check out the EPIC demo at BB and was not impressed with build quality - the slider mechanism felt really flimsy. Also the EPIC felt larger than the EVO and indeed it was thicker and equally tall/wide.

I chose the Samsung Ace over the HTC Touch Pro..... big mistake

I chose the Samsung Moment over the HTC Hero.... HUGE mistake.

Samsung is NOTORIOUS for releasing a flashy, yet under-developed product with software "quirks" and a slow/dragging user interface. Yes, it has a faster processor (the hummingbird)... but the Moment had an 800mhz processor compared to the Hero's 528 Mhz processor.

.. but there Hero was a well-designed effective phone that had minimal problems, particularly compared to the engineering nightmare that we all refer to as the Moment. I remember in the Sprint store, the Moment loaded a Youtube video faster than the Hero (which is why I bought it).... until I started doing things like downloading a few apps... then it crashed on me 5 times per day.

All that processing speed, external keyboard, and Super-Amoled Screen isn't going to do a thing for you when you have to keep pulling out the battery to reset the phone because it crashed again. Plus, you "might" get one update after it's released... if it's still broken after that? Better wait for your next Sprint upgrade, or fork over full price for a phone that works (like I just did for the EVO)

If you have never handled an EVO, I assure you.... it is worth it. The phone is flawlessly fast, works as it should, and does an unbelievable amount of tasks seamlessly without interruption. The keyboard is MASSIVE... and this is my first 100% touch screen phone.. and I transitioned immediately.... it was easy.

"Maybe" the Epic will be ok.... but I doubt it solely based on their history, and I've wasted enough $$$ on Samsung's crappy products... never again.

Mark this page... read it again in a month when there are 10 pages of "My Epic crashed again, and Samsung isn't providing any support" threads all over the internet. (like there are for the Moment)

The Samsing "Intercept" was their solution to all the problems with the Moment.. so they could quickly phase it out. The Samsung "Intrepid" was their solution to all the problems with the Ace... so they could quickly phase that one out. This is VERY common.... I don't trust Samsung products at ALL. Just wait... in less than a year, Samsung will release something that "fixes" all the products with the Epic.. and leave all those Epic buyers out in the cold.

Meanwhile.. there are still plenty of people using the HTC Touch Pro (1) that are perfectly happy.

By the way..... the REASON there is such a shortage of EVOs (and other super-phones on the market like the DroidX) is because SAMSUNG stopped supplying the screens to HTC and Motorola to use in their phones. Isn't it interesting how that happened right before Samsung released their own hyped-up superphone??

Just wait until you can find an EVO... It's worth it.... don't buy the Epic.....You've been warned....

Great comment, and very informative! I have never used Samsung's Touchwiz UI, but I am enjoying HTC's Sense UI on the EVO! Oh yes, I get 4G and it is bomb!

The Evo is now available on sprint.com first time in about 5 weeks. I have a pre order on the epic for tomorrow but rumors of a new palm web os phone is making me wait till at least the end of the september. I had a samsung instinct and never had any problems but I upgraded in less than a year to a palm pre. The Epic is stoking my interest but a new web os phone is worth the weight.

Ordered another evo today on top of the two I got few months ago. Sprint gained 4 customers becuase of this phone just in my family alone!

Meh, as far as EVO vs Epic... To each his own, I'm GLAD that Sprint has both a great 4.3" touchscreen Android device and a great 4" device w/a keyboard... The more choices the better they'll do, and we all benefit. I haven't regretted my EVO purchase for a second so far, I'm very delighted w/the form factor and dev community behind it.

I don't think the EVO shortage has anything to do w/Samsung screen supplies btw, it uses a plain ol standard TFT screen... The only phone that might be affected by Samsung's supplies is the Droid Incredible and that has been well documented. Supply issues are probably HTC's fault, not Sprint's, HTC has a lot of phones going across a lot of different carriers at once... They're probably stretched a bit thin.

I'm actually surprised Samsung hasn't had any such issues so far, but I dunno how well the Galaxy S phones have sold either.

Im not going to judge harshly because I have never used the epic, but Im going to judge based on the instinct, that phone was garbage! And from the moment on NEVER again Sumsung! HTC won me over! I LOVE my evo! Sorry Samsun but your AMOLED screen doesn't do it for me.

@ Impulses.....I stand corrected - The EVO is not supplied with a Samsung screen. I was misinformed. You are correct, only the AMOLED screens are in shortage, not the standard TFT.

Nevertheless, I still won't trust Samsung ever again based on my past experiences.

First day of release for the Epic... and they are ALREADY having issues with the GPS not working... JUST LIKE THE SAMSUNG MOMENT... which STILL hasn't been fixed:


Another article on more GPS issues.


Oh yea.... and the Epic is shipping with Android 2.1.

New EVOs are shipping with 2.2 now.

Unbelievable.... Samsung is in the process of raping a few million Sprint customers with an under0-developed phone...... again.