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Evo 3D

With the release of the HTC EVO 3D just a few days away, we're finally starting to see some reviews pop up. (Don't worry, ours is coming. You've got our permission to read others in the meantime.)

The EVO 3D's shaping up to be one of the hottest phones of the year, no doubt. Following up on last year's blockbuster EVO 4G, the sequel continues the trend of large screens, fast processors and brings along some of HTC's stellar customizations.

Consider the specs:

  • 4.3-inch 3D qHD capacitive 960 x 540 px display
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor
  • 4GB of internal memory
  • 8GB microSD card pre-installed (expandable up to 32GB)
  • 1730 mAh battery
  • 1GB RAM
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Dual 5 MP rear cameras
  • 1.3 MP front-facing camera
  • 2D video recording at 1080p
  • 3D video recording at 720p

That's nothing to be trifled with. But probably the biggest question about the EVO 3D we're asked is "Is it a good 2D phone?" If the latest reviews and our own hands-on with the EVO 3D back at CTIA are any indication, Sprint and HTC likely have another winner our their hands.

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  • Roger Cheng spent some time with the EVO 3D, read his thoughts at the Wall Street Journal or All Things D.
  • Bonnie Cha has her hands on one as well, check out what she thinks at CNet
  • Jonathan Geller at BGR has his review up, check it out
  • Phonescoop's Eric Zeman gives us his take on the EVO 3D right here
  • Ross Miller over at This is my Next breaks down his thoughts, too
  • Engadget has their review up, see what Myriam Joire has to say

Reader comments

HTC Evo 3D review roundup


I think there is another spec missing from that list: Sense 3.0.
For those who like Sense UI, 3.0 is a nice upgrade from previous versions

I agree. Only thing I'm worried about is the size of 3.0. The kingdom rom would always reboot. my evo. Over 300mb?! This is gonna slow down the phone. Come on cm8!!!

The 4 gigs internal storage is memory for which you can store on the phone itself, not the memory card. Apps are usually stored here but pretty much anything can be stored. However, the phone only gives you access to 1 gig of the 4 gigs of storage. the other 3 gigs are system files.

NOW, don't let that 1 Gig of available user storage get you confused with RAM. The 1 gig of RAM is SEPARATE from internal storage memory in that RAM is the space for your open apps (including the OS). Think of the bookshelves and file drawers in your office as the internal storage. Think of the top of your desk as the RAM, which is all the things being worked on. Android, by default will use half of the available RAM, but that still leaves plenty for applications.

What is also not on that list is the promise of lies from the manufacturer, the promise that it will forget it ever made this phone in 6-8 months time, the promise that it cares more about the bloatware of its Sense UI than the OS it is running on.

HTC need to man up and make Sense an optional download rather than forcing it one us. Bring on Ice-Cream Sandwich and make these forced custom UIs harder to implement!

LoL.. all I can say is wow. "HTC need to man up and make Sense an optional download rather than forcing it one us." -- Who is forcing Sense UI upon you? Nobody is forcing you to buy the phone. If you don't like Sense, don't buy a phone with Sense?

Yeah I'm with you. Why would I want the best device on a great network for the cheapest price?! That would just be silly.

I'll let you know on the 24th :)
@JohJJon: I'm not sure what kind of experience you had with Sprint/HTC, but one of the big reasons I'm upgrading is my experiences with the Evo 4G. They updated the OS twice while I owned the phone, so they've more than kept attentive to it. It works phenomenally well as well, even with Sense (which I realize takes up serious system resources). I've had 3 manual re-boots in the life of the phone, all to get voice command working again. Your mileage must have varied considerably.

Sprint rules. Go ahead and overpay for your crappy phones on A -tit and tat or Screw-rizon. More phones for us Sprint people that way.

Some of those, especially the Engadget review were pretty luke warm. I was really excited about this phone and was ready to bite but this may have caused me to hold out for whatever Galaxy II phone Sprint gets. The processor may be faster but the camera is worse (who cares about 3D), the battery sounds about the same, and honestly the build looks a little cheaper than the original 4G.

Did you actually read any of the reviews? The camera may only be a 5.0 megapixel shooter, but all of the reviewers praised the camera and picture quality of photographs taken with the Evo3D. Most thought the picture and video quality was excellent. You can see for yourself my looking at some of the images posted to the reviews: the photos look much better than anything I ever took with my Evo.

Yeah I saw the review from ENGADET what a bunch of Apple fanboy CLOWNS..They definately are not a relaible source by any means. This is my source lineup. 1. Android Central, 2. Smartphoneenvy, 3. Mobiletechreview, 4. Bob at Wirefly, 5. Phonearena, Intomobile then all the rest. So I will be looking forward to you guys review as well as others. Evo 3d will rule android in 2011

Hey "clown", got a little news flash for you: the Evo 3D will NOT "rule Android". It's not even remotely possible. Here's why: 1. Android is all about many devices, from many manufacturers, on many different carriers. With such a wide selection available to so many different people, not 1 device can "rule", be "king", or "trump" all other devices. It's like saying 1 specific Microsoft computer is the best of all. Not only is that an opinion, since there will always be at least 1 person who disagrees, it's also not even remotely true. Other, more advanced computers come out at an almost weekly (if not daily) basis. Which leads me to 2. Technology has been advancing at a rapid rate for quite awhile. Today's "new and improved" is tomorrow's antique. Just look at my not even 2 year old Samsung Moment. It's not even being sold and most of the high quality games can't even be played because the software has been improving so much. These are just few reasons why your Evo 3D WILL NOT "rule Android in 2011" Have a nice day you ignorant child.

I'm sorry, but after witnessing richard yarrell spew garbage and troll most of my favorite tech sites, squiddy20 and anyone else who feels the need can tell that guy off. Squiddy "being a jerk" is most definitely being directed in the right place.

What's wrong with some honest to goodness truth? Instead of deluding yourself that a certain device will "rule" ALL of Android, why not actually be grown up about stuff like this and be objective. One device, available to 1 carrier in the US and a handful overseas, can't possibly "rule" ALL of Android.

Besides, do you know the history behind the troll that is Richard Yarrell? Over at Phandroid, he has been banned at least 4 times from things like uncalled for insults, to absolutely THE most ridiculous statements ever conceived. This is the same Richard who argued with everyone for WEEKS that the processor in the Sensation was inferior to the one in the Evo 3D despite MANY different people, including myself, linking him to all sorts of webpages stating that they are the same. This is the same Richard who, on several occasions, has claimed to love "everything Android" and then a day later was bashing the Thunderbolt (often calling it the Thunderdud) and other phones on AT&T. This is the same Richard who still calls himself a Sprint fanboy, yet cites "22 4G devices" on Sprint (there aren't), and claimed that Sprint had simultaneous voice and data over the same network (has never been true, that's AT&T). This is the same Richard who on many many many occasions has stated that rooting is for "2 plus year old phones", despite a huge dev community behind his now 1 year old Evo 4G. This is the same Richard who, just today over at Phandroid, stated that the Samsung Galaxy S 2 would "never see Gingerbread" despite it being already released and running Gingerbread overseas. You can't get much more stupid, or ignorant, than Richard Yarrell.

So what? I wanted an Android phone that had a hardware qwerty keyboard. At the time (last June) the only one available was the Moment. I made a sacrifice for something I wanted. What's the problem in that? Hell, what's the problem in CHOICE? Why don't you STFU you poor closed-minded soul?

What a rude and stupid comment. The sumsang moment sucks, period. I know because I have used one. It can't run newer programs because it is just too underpowered. The e3d on the other hand will have the muscle to run new programs that come out for a leeeeast 2 years. So your whole "it's going to be outdated in a week" theory is just plain dumb... Can u tell me why my deul-core PC with a processor that was new in 2005 can run Windows 7 and new games still? Go read a book kid

I never said the E3D would be "outdated in a week". I said "other, more advanced computers come out at an almost weekly (if not daily) basis." That doesn't necessarily mean "outdated". You can run Windows 7 and play new games still on your now 6 or so year old computer because the software and the system requirements haven't changed much. The hardware has though. Stick a bit of RAM and maybe a hard drive upgrade on a ten year old computer, and you can still run Windows 7, albeit a bit slower than say a "deul-core PC". Try spelling everything right before calling me a "kid". Also, you say the Samsung Moment sucks, and if it's stock, it does. I'll grant you that. Have you tried a rooted Moment? Maybe even with a dev community 2.2.2 OS from SDX? The phone is sooo much better on 2.2 than 2.1 ever was. All of the problems that plagued 2.1 on the Moment that both Sprint AND Samsung refused to fix are things of the past. What you fail to realize is that not even 2 years ago, "they" were saying that phones wouldn't need any more than 800 Mhz processors, a few MB of RAM (less than 300), and maybe 300 MB or so of storage space. Now we're at dual cores (with quad cores already being talked about), GB of RAM, and SEVERAL GB (usually at least more than 2) of storage space. Times change. just reviewed the Evo 3d and gave it a 7/10, u know what the most sad part about the person who reviewed it? HE SAID IT DIDN'T RECORD IN 1080P AND HAD BLUETOOTH 2.1 INSTEAD OF 3.0. Yes people can be really stupid if they don't do their homework. I just like the fact that its faster cpu/gpu will go great with the screen for playing games. I can't wait.

Engadget has grown to be SO FULL OF SH*T, it's ridiculous.

ALL of their reviews for Android devices have gotten no greater than 8/10 (Except the Galaxy S2). They have obviously diminished in quality since their most well known editors have fled to start up

The only reason I read Engadget lately is only to get news just in case they got something first...But THAT'S IT.

It can't do 1080p for some reason even though HTC clearly said it can. Its only showing the option for 720p in both 3d and 2d. I feel betrayed. Oh well at least I m getting g sense back from that crappy touch cwiz

Sprint's site has been changed to say "HD video capture at 720p and playback up to 1080p". Looks like people are too quick to blame Engadget.

Hahaa wow it really said that? What a bad review... Yeah the processor in he e3d is a real champ. I caaant wait to get my hands on this. I'm more excited for June 24 th than I was for christmas when I was in grade school

uhh yeah, go read the Engadget review. They said it because it's true, it actually doesn't do 1080p recording. Sprint has admitted it, and have changed the specs on their site.

It's basically an HTC Sensation with more RAM, more internal memory and most importantly, an unlocked bootloader (which is the reason I stayed with Sprint and the Evo line instead of jumping ship), and better service. Tmobile sucks. I don't give a crap about the 3D. That IS just a gimmick.

If I don't like it, I'll just sell it and get the Sprint Galaxy S2. Or possibly the Photon, provided they unlock their loader. Either way, Sprint is the way to go.

Sorry to break it to you, but the Evo 3D bootloader is also locked, just like on the Sensation. The more RAM is also for all the extra 3D processes that need to run, so it is essentially a moot point.

The bootloader is locked, but HTC has said they will unlock it. Strike one. The 3d processes never have to run if you don't want them to. Which means the extra ram is there whenever you need it. Strike two. The only reason you didn't strike out is because you only made two points. You did get your name right didn't you?

So, you assume only the Evo 3D will get an update to unlock the bootloader, while their flagship phone won't? Moot point. 1 gig of RAM sure is better than 768 megs, but only marginally (shit, 512 MBs of RAM is pretty damn adequate on Android). And like I said, once you start using the device the way It's marketed, you know for 3D and all, you lose any benefits of the extra RAM.

Its sad that Engadget has really sunk to the lows that it has. I will never use them as a primary source for tech news going forward. I just ripped them a new one in the comments. BEsides their new bias against HTC phones as of late, they got key details flat out wrong!!! Bluetooth, and 1080p for starters. Then they say the battery is worse than the O.G. EVo!!! Thats ridiculous!! Every other reviewer disagree completly!

Multiple reviewers have said that their review models would only record in 720p, despite the specs stating 1080p.

Thats true, and I have apologized to the editor at Engadget for this. But she said it had NO 1080p support, when in fact, it does playback 1080p video.

I'll be waiting for the Android Central review. All I want is their opinion on whether it's worth upgrading from the Evo 4G. I love my Evo, my only reason for upgrading is a SERIOUS gadget addiction and with gift cards and such I can get it for $50. But if that means I'll have to deal with a mediocre phone for the next 12 months, I'll stick with the 4G.

Most all the reviews from the above links claim the evo 3d to be horrible. I may cancel my preorder, Damn what a shame.

I wouldn't say that the reviews are "horrible," but there was a consistent opinion that call quality stinks. Inconsistent were opinions about signal strength - one reviewer said the Evo3D is impressive with its ability to "lock onto a signal" while the Phonescoop review thought that signal strength was very poor.

All of the reviewers seemed to have been won over by the 3D functionality, though. The camera received consistent praise, as did the speed of the dual-core processor and the screen quality (for the most part anyway).

Overall it seems that the Evo3D is a great mobile device but a mediocre to poor phone. I wonder if the poor call quality could be improved with an update?

I know what you mean, most reviews weren't horrible, but there were some aspects that were big downers. I personally currently have a Palm Pre Minus, and the call quality of this POS is plain outright terrible... Anything would be an improvement to it. I'm constantly having to ask everyone to either speak slower or repeat themselves unless I have a head set plugged in, and BlueTooth head sets were near worthless for it would constantly drop the device.

But hopefully I will greatly enjoy my Evo 3D, since I've already pre-ordered it. Alot of these reviews got me down about the supposed call quality, but I rarely receive phone calls, or make them, and when I do, they are usually only for about a minute. So as long as it can send/receive sms and email reliably, I could care less about the call quality. And since its apparent that it truly is a fast beast of a phone, I'll just love it that much more.

Although I did happen to see the video review from WireFly. If I remember correctly, its bench mark scores were surprisingly extremely low compared to many other phones. But, hopefully I'm just mistaken the scores for that of the many Evo 4G Rom reviews I've been watching alot of recently! XD

You complain about the call quality of the Pre, and then say that in regards to the Evo 3D that you could care less about call quality. So I assume that the EVO 3D has much better sms and email service built in than the Pre does? Hmm... webOS compared to Android (stock, I'm not commenting on 3rd party add ons) doesn't exactly lean in the robot's favor. No synced convos for sms/im, and very poor email handling... Can't even search emails in stock Gingerbread email app.

Don't get me wrong, I'll certainly play with and consider the Evo 3D, just as I have the Nexus S and some others... but the advantage of Android phones is NOT in the sms, email, or even telephony areas. It's all about apps and speed/power.

which reviews were you reading? They are all pretty consistent except Engadget.

They all seem to agree that call quality is usable but not the best. (except Engadget, whom apparently experienced no call quality issues)

They all agree that the phone is speedy and quick all around and the dual core sings through.

They all agree that the camera takes amazing shots in 2d and 3d (except Engadget)

They all agree that the screen is beautiful (Except Engadget)

They all agree that the battery last significantly longer thanthe O.G. Evo (Except Engadget)

They all agree that the 3D is fun to use but is taxing on the eyes and difficult to work with.

Not horrible, just get rid of the outliers (Engadget) and you have a pretty solid consensus.

Wow, I see Starfleet Captain has the same idea as me here. Only reason for my post is that I went to phonescoop's review, and saw that they really under rated the phone. I mean, they said that 4G/3G quality was HORRIBLE and that if you wanted a "reliable" phone in regards to network coverage, then look else where, but that is just utter BS. Look at the "hands on" reviews everyone has done during the debut of the phone!! They were all using the 4G service, and it ran dang near perfectly! I'm thinking, that since he said he only used the 4G TWICE, that he was obviously just not in an area of New york that actually had good coverage. And he was complaining that 3G hardly worked reliably either, but that could dang well be because of the simple fact that he says he only had ONE bar of service. I live in a similar area with only one bar, and I know how horrible it can be using only one bar to do everything, so I dont think that his personal coverage area should have any influence on actual phone performance!

He basically went from saying the phone was absolutely terrible in the beginning, to saying how wonderful the phone was and how awesome of an experience it has, then back to saying its a POS within the last few sentences.

Also, granted most of his "review" of the phone itself (the case, appearance, and such) seemed totally biased and based off of his experience with the Sensation. Heck, almost everything he said had to be compared to the Sensation.

In my opinion, a review shouldn't be biased one way or the other via personal qualms, but simply an actual review of the device. If there is a bad aspect of a phone, then simply point it out, but dont forget that although to you it may be bad, it doesn't actually mean it is for others. Granted if say, the screen cracks very easily, then that isn't something that can have a "good side" to for anyone. But at the same time it also could just mean the reviewer had a bad model (which if this guy was having such problems with his cell service, then he either just simply wasn't in a good area with coverage, or his phone was defective).

Yeah, but Even the Phonescoop review was more fair than that POS that they are trying to pass for a review over on Engadget. At least Phonescoop ADMITS that the area he lives in gives poor sprint coverage and that is reflected in his call quality issues, so thats completely understandable. Its more like a critique at Sprint as a network itself than the actual phone.

Can anyone confirm that with the EVO 3D you can surf the net while on the phone? I remember reading that somewhere but haven't been able to find anything about it since.

This can be done with any 4G device on Sprint, as long as the 4G is turned on. For now, it is impossible to use data and voice at the same time over Sprint's CDMA network. But the Evo 4G, Epic 4G, EVo SHift 4G, Nexus S 4G and Evo 3D are all capable of using data over 4G (Wimax) while simultaneously using voice over CDMA.

i love this site, they gave you direct news & subtle humor once in a bit, but always tasteful. this was the 1st site i stumbled across last year when i finally got an android phone & i've loved. keep up the great work android central. thank you for the review links, but i will be anxiously waiting for THIS site's review.

will there be a contest to win an Evo 3D this year? just wondering.

This is still on sprint crap 4g wimax network. Here in San Francisco we are 6 months in and only a few places where you can connect and when it does it drops all the time.

Evo 3d will be a 3G phone like my evo 4g , we gave up on the idea of 4g, wait for the samsung galaxy s2 and get it on a different carrier.

This is still on sprint crap 4g wimax network. Here in San Francisco we are 6 months in and only a few places where you can connect and when it does it drops all the time.

Evo 3d will be a 3G phone like my evo 4g , we gave up on the idea of 4g, wait for the samsung galaxy s2 and get it on a different carrier.

Pretty awful reviews... I'm taking about the quality of the reviews themselves, not the content or the phone. Many contradict each other drastically when talking about screen and camera quality, not to mention battery life. Pretty much none of them give any concrete numbers or provide testing evidence of anything (hell, not even synthetic benchmarks).

Just awful, honestly, most of those bloggers should stick to re-hashing news and editorial pieces, they wouldn't know a real review if it hit them in the face. When CNet goes into more detail than most of those other reviews, CNet!, you know something's wrong. I hope Anandtech does a proper review of this phone.

I mean, I think only one review mentioned how the camera sits when you place it down, ironically the same review that mentions they tested battery life by leaving ALL radios on, all day long... It's like that was the first Android device they reviewed (Engadget really has gone down the toilet).

P.S. Thanks for not rushing the AC review just to score extra page hits guys... Generally speaking I don't consider AC's reviews the most detailed (no one can touch Anand for in depth empirical testing), but they usually provide a very good "large picture" outlook on any device. This Is My Next's review read more like a preview I couldn've written after playing with the phone for half an hour... Which is usually not their style, definitely a rush job for page hits.

The disappointing thing is that most of the reviews seem to agree that despite good multimedia sound quality, the actual call quality stinks. Did HTC forget that this is also supposed to be a phone and not just a small multimedia tablet?

Well, according to all the reviews i have read, the 1080p 2D mode does not exist on the reviewer models... is this being addressed, an error on their part or sprint, it still claims 1080p for 2D, and i would be disappointed if it wasn't.