As many an EVO 3D user will tell you, the 1.5 hboot that came with the latest update has been a bit of a thorn in the side of Android hackers. That may soon be coming to an end, and users at XDA -Developers have found a method to roll back to an earlier version that is a bit more development friendly. But everything isn't rosy just yet.

The current method is pretty tricky on paper. You need to use Linux, and there's lots of critical timing and other things to go wrong. There's also a question about the data connection afterwards to keep you from diving in feet-first. Give the folks working on this one a bit more time and they'll likely have a handle on things -- that's what they do. We just wanted to share the news for those who've been waiting. Hit the source link for all the gory details.

Source: XDA-Developers. Thanks, Cody!


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HTC EVO 3D hboot rollback method found, but not for the timid


Word of warning: People are reporting that some are having issues re-rooting and some are without data. Definitely excited about this, but definitely going to wait until all of the issues get ironed out.

The lost data is caused by revolutionary. All of us 1.4 people went through it months ago. A quick call to Sprint fixes the issue. It has to do with the hands free activation when the phone restarts.

They finally struck oil, let's hope soon they will develop a seamless process for the less hardcore to follow. I'm so glad i kept my 3VO!!!

im personally not going to risk it until its fairly stable, i have no issues flashing with the 1.5 method now.

That's wassup.... I'm waiting till its stable and easy like 1.4 root was.... Sprint I'm still waiting for my NEXSUS let's go !

Whats the problem? Is the new 1.5 different from an old one?

Just ive been running custom roms, using 1.5... wondering whats the advantage to do this..

Edit: i see in the forums there is some advantage to going back..

@craigF, right now the EVO 3D is the best option to me on sprint. No matter how "amazing" the galaxy S2 feels I will not buy it because it feels like a cheap plastic toy in my hand. Those of us who did this method now have an unlocked bootloader, like we had prior to taking updates, replacing phones through warranty with sprint etc. The dev laid the entire process out, in an easy to follow format. The only prerequisites are that you understand linux terminal, understand how to start adb and have a bit of balls. It took me 30 minutes to do the process once I did it. The hardest part was finding RUU's and PG86IMG files that didn't have corrupt MD5's. This is what developments are all about. He thought outside of the room that the box was stored in. C'mon, who would have thought that to downgrade your Hboot version you'd have to get around the phones security by bricking it, and then resurrecting it? :)