OK, all you boys and girls who are dying to hack into your shiny new EVO 3D. The long-rumored collaboration between the folks behindUnrEVOked and AlphaRev has come to fruition, and the Revolutionary S-OFF and Recovery Tool has been born. Devices supported include:

  • HTC Desire (GSM and CDMA)
  • HTC Wildfire
  • HTC Aria
  • HTC Incredible S
  • HTC Droid Incredible 2
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC View
  • HTC Flyer
  • HTC Sensation - including NAND unlock
  • HTC EVO 3D - including NAND unlock

This is a different than root access, but it's no less important, giving you full access to the phone to load custom ROMs as you see fit. A reminder that this is an early developer preview, so bugs may exist. Be sure to read any and all documentation. Well done, ladies and gents!



Reader comments

HTC EVO 3D and Sensation (and others) get new unlocked life thanks to Revolutionary


And why would it be?????? The original Evo4G had S-OFF since the first day!!!, you don need that on the OG Evo, this is for the new phones with the locked bootloader

Simple solution..don't upgrade to the official Gingerbread update. Oh wait, you already did, instead of just staying on the totally rootable older update? Sucks to be you. That's what most people; including myself; did..why bother with an update if you knew it'd probably keep you from rooting? Simple stuff here guys.

New Evos with gingerbread do not have root, unless they have s-off. Evos do not come s-off, so new Evo owners, or ones that got new Egos through insurance claims (as I did) are out of luck.

Its possible the exploit found isn't on the version of Sense that our OG Evo's are rockin. I feel confident that HTC if anyone will break and give us the ability if the community doesn't beat them to it.

Doesn't work with Dinc 2 gingerbread. This is just for froyo. There was already an s off method for froyo. This does nothing for the dinc that already couldn't be done.

I was able to gain unlocked bootloader, root access to phone, and clockword mod recover install. I am currently doing titanium backup after doing a nandroid backup.

+1 here. Clockwork recovery installed, SU granted, Titanium Backup, Rom manager (Not supported yet)plus a handful of other "Root required" apps. Other than Rom manager they all have been granted SU and seemed to be working well on my EVO 3D. Rom manager has been granted SU but does not seem to recognized the current clockwork recovery installed. That I am sure is well on the way to being corrected though ;-)

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD PEOPLE: to those of you who repeatedly insist that the og evo doesn't need this, don't you think maybe with the sheer volume of people crying out for it here that maybe you are wrong?

ANY EVO that was not rooted prior to the gb release has no root solution for it yet. Read the forums before you claim your superiority here.

Umm anyone else have a problem placing a call? I went to call my daughter after getting S-Off and I got re-routed to a Sprint tech who went through a bunch of questions with me, one of them being have I recently rooted my phone~? He then asked me to turn off my phone leave it off for 30 seconds then re start and try to place another call. Something seems a little fishy here, it could be a total and complete coincidence but if anyone else runs into this we need to be vocal and let the community know what Sprint is up to. Again it may be nothing or it may be Sprint found a way to log all us trouble makers/rooters.

same thing happened to me but i got a sweet old lady at Sprint didnt ask me any questions just said she had to reset the phone on her end it was error code 16

After s-off, my Evo 3D went through the activation process again with Sprint, and I only stopped it when it began checking for an update to the PRL. It's been working fine since. Perhaps those having problems inadvertently canceled the re-activation process?

Mine went through the process with no problems and I was using data with no problems. Downloaded some apps like set cpu, titanium backup, restore quickboot to name just a few. Basically all of my root apps that I had not installed yet for obvious reasons. I did not have a problem until I tried to make a call.

Just noticed they released pre7. Do we need to update the root process on our phones everytime they come out with a new version?

Just made a phone call and it works fine...

Been waiting for this since I upgraded from my Orginal EVO to the EVO 3D. Thank YOU! I knew it would be the UNREVOKED Team. Also, Thanks go out to the AlphaRev Team! Donation Sent.

I have a htc sensation and tried to s-off with new method revolutionary but my phone ditn turn s-off i put the beta key and follow the instructions but it shows me the key is invalid i dont know whats wrong could someone tell me why

Had problems also with beta key, the I's were actually l's so make sure if you have either In your key to enter the right ones.

MY first attempt at anything to do with rooting. Had the issue of not reading the beta key, (not the developers fault) I did have to call Sprint to fix a calling error 16 and a SMS error of 97 and had to reprovision my phone after installing Senseless 1.2 and RCMix 2.2.3 kernel.