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If you're looking for something a little more attainable than that Oppo Find 5, HTC may also be releasing a smartphone with a 1080p display. What we're apparently looking at above, according to the latest round of rumors, is the HTC 6435LVW (code-named DIx, assumed to be Droid Incredible X). HTCSource reports via a "reliable source" that the device in question  is currently known internally as the DIx, though the name is said to be the subject of 

The phone is said to pack a 5-inch 1794x1080 touchscreen with a mind-boggling density of 480 pixels per inch. According to the source, the HTC Droid Incredible X has a quad-core 1.5 GHz S4 Snapdragon processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage. It's also claimed there's a second LED indicator on the back of the device, to allow you to see notifications and other alerts when the phone's turned over. On the downside, there's apparently no microSD memory card slot and the battery is non-removable. Pen support seems doubtful, which may or may not make a difference to you. 

Odds are good that we'll see this on Verizon since the "droooiiid" notification sound and signature red/tech-styled wallpaper are reportedly loaded into the software. Combined with the impending One X+, HTC's holiday season is shaping up pretty nicely. 

In any case, here's hoping those specs pan out. They sure sound good, and hey - that screen resolution would blow the iPhone 5 out of the water, wouldn't it?  Here's hoping the rumors surrounding this device pan out as anticipated.

Source: HTCsource


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HTC 'Droid Incredible X' rumored for Verizon


Oh man... I'm drooling over this thing. I just got an S3 but I'll gladly sell it on Craigslist for this behemoth. The micro sd slot is kinda heart breaking but with drop box (I have 25 gigs) I don't even use my micro sd card anymore. It's just in there for show.

Doesn't have an SD card slot , 16G of storage and you are drooling over this ?

Hey , I'll wait for something sooo much better than this thing.

That would be 418ppi. I don't know where the 480ppi figure came from, but 1794x1080 @ 480ppi would be 4.36 inches.

Also, 1794? Whose idea was that? 1792 would make more sense, as it has more powers of two, and is also 1920 - 128.

Never mind the above... This will be called the OneX5. All the other specs have been all but confirmed. THIS will he my next phone.

Yeah, Droid Incredible X is a horrible name, if only because the abbreviation brings out my 13-year-old humor. Come on, DIX? Please...

16gb, no removable battery ....FAIL (just like the onex, great device but handicapped to make you curse every day you own it...)

I agree. I'm waiting for a quad core LTE phone. When I heard Verizon decided not to use the quad core Galaxy SIII, I lost 100% interest. Dual core is so 2011 lol. My Nexus 7 is stupid fast with its Tegra 3