Droid Incredible 4G

The "Droid Incredible 4G" name has appeared a couple of times over the past few months, suggesting the imminent arrival of a new entry in HTC and Big Red's Droid Incredible series. Back in February we even got our first look at what seems to be a Droid Incredible-like device with Verizon 4G LTE connectivity.

Today there's even more evidence to suggest that a new Dinc may be on the way. A Verizon internal document sent to us by a tipster references the HTC Droid Incredible 4GĀ and its model number, ADR6410. There's also some slightly less interesting stuff about MAP (minimum advertised price) policy, though no specific prices to speak of at this stage.

With the HTC One X and One S coming to Europe in the next week, and a U.S. launch likely within the next month, it makes sense for Verizon to get its own next-gen HTC handset in the near future. Purported specs include a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM and an 8MP shooter. Like the One S, the display is said to be AMOLED-based rather than One X's SLCD2. On the software side, we'd expect to see Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 4.0.

Sounds a lot like a 4G LTE version of the One S to us. Verizon people, be sure to drop by the comments and let us know if you're tempted.

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HTC 'Droid Incredible 4G' appears in Verizon internal screen


I had the original incredible and miss that phone so much. Had it not fell on its face and broke the screen i may not be typing this comment on a galaxy nexus.

Besides software, how will this compare to the Rezound. I am close to taking a huge jump from the PrePlus to the Rezound and now wondering if I should wait for this phone. Screen quality, removable battery and removabel memory, in that order are important to me.

By the time more details are known about this phone, Samsung will probably be releasing details on the SGIII. Point being there will ALWAYS be a better phone coming down the pipe.

If you like the Rezound, get it and start enjoying it today. The sooner you get it, the sooner you'll be eligible for your next upgrade.

^ This ^

People worry too much about having the best available & the fact is that when it comes to Android phones, you can only have the best device for a little bit anyway. Something better is always soon to be released.

Get what you like when you are due for upgrade & just be happy with it. Don't worry what is coming out a few months after because when you are due for upgrade again 1.5-2yrs later, everything available then will be infinitely better than anything that was out the last time you were looking.

I couldn't agree more with the above comments. If you keep waiting for the next best thing you will NEVER buy a phone or TV, game console, car etc etc etc. Find what you like now & go for it.

Speaking personally I just recently got the Rezound after upgrading from a Droid X2. I personally couldn't be happier. I used the Galaxy Nexus in the store (was totally unimpressed with the camera... sigh) and the Droid Razr Maxx (the screen was just ugly next to the Rezound & the Nexus IMHO). In short I'm glad I bought the Rezound. It checks all the boxes in what I value in a phone & has some rather cool but gimmicky enhancements to boot (Beats Audio). But you must pick what fits for you.

The Rezound has a 720p display, the rumored screen for the Incredible 4G will be qHD, so lower res. The upside of the Incredible 4G is that it will likely have the Snapdragon S4 processor which is blowing the Tegra 3 quadcore away in benchmarks. The S4 has integrated LTE, so the 4G connection will probably be more battery efficient. The S4 architecture is also supposedly integrated in some way to be more "camera ready," so the camera will probably be faster and take better pictures.

I am waiting for this phone. I currently use a Droid X and it has been a very solid phone but the performance is starting to slow as applications are being designed for newer processors. The battery life is also diminishing.

I was considering the RAZR Maxx, but from the reviews of the regular Droid RAZR, it sounds like the Maxx's battery life is based purely on capacity and not because of hardware and software optimization. I believe the S4 chip will be more energy efficient and the Incredible will be a sleeker looking device. Worth waiting for.

If my Galaxy Nexus didn't exist, then maybe. The original Incredible served me well (modded of course).

I doubt this will be a VZW version of the One S, why would the processor be underclocked from 1.5 to 1.2ghz, and if you go by the leaked pictures from a little while back the 4 bottom keys dont make sense for ICS

I am still running on my original Droid Incredible and love it with CM7 I think I will hold off until something "Quad Core" gets released to Verizon.

My first smartphone was an AMOLED DROID Incredible. I rooted it after a year and put CM7 on it a few weeks later. About a month ago I picked up an LG Spectrum off ebay, so I still have my upgrade available.

Will I upgrade to this phone? NO.

Everything I've read is that it will be an HTC One S, with its qHD screen. I'll wait for Verizon's version of the HTC One X, thank you very much. Or maybe I'll wait for a Verizon phone with the Qualcomm S4 Pro chipset.

Either way, now that I've have a 720p screen I will never go back to a lower resolution.

i can honestly say that im not interested. Im still using my droidx, and waiting for something quad core to come out on verizon. No point in buying something that is not going to be top of the line.

I'm a current DInc owner and have been using it since I bought it a week or so after it came out. However, my next phone will probably be a Droid 4 (or newest model around June or so) with a physical keyboard. I love my Incredible, though, and I'm sure this will be a great phone.

The Droid 4 is so unimpressive. I wish somebody would come out with a new, state of the art, with physical keyboard.

I still need to see more. I have an upgrade waiting. If this phone is affordable and I know that it will be supported, I will pick it up. Just need to see it and use it in person.

As long as some talented devs get on board, I'll be there! The pool of good devs this out with a greater variety and frequency of phone releases..

My DINC2 is serving me just fine! A 3G Thunderbolt with a 4 inch screen to be more specific. Oh, and a battery that lasts a full 24 hours (or more) without charge.

This phone intrigues me, still running a non-rooted DINC. And am very happy with it. Like has been said before, battery life is starting to be effected after 2 years of use, and with app updates some are getting slower. Wish a full spec'd phone would come out with a smaller screen (no I'm not crazy) I'm very happy with the size of the DINC, and really am not looking forward to a 4.5"+ screen on a phone.

I'm still 15 months away from my upgrade. My very first Android phone is my Droid Incredible 2 (NO ROOT; NO CRY) so I'll most likely get a Jelly Bean phone (one can dream)...but another DInc would be cool...quad core JB DInc 3 anyone????

Not interested at all. Current Droid X will get me by until Verizon gets a Note/Journal or summer when I will jump to AT&T to get the Note before my road trip.

I've got the Dinc2 and I'm on board with the Dinc4g. Dual core is fine for me. Not sure about battery life with quad core. I'm not a big screen guy. 4 inch screen is perfect size and a 4.5 is pushing the upper limit.

I'm right along with you on this. My Dinc2 is going strong, and the ics update that's coming should hold me until I can get this. anything over 4.5 is huge. Even for a person with large hands. Imagine having something that size against your face for the duration of a long conversation over 10 minutes. lol!

I'll believe it when I see it when it comes to specs. It sounds like from both the EVO One rumor to this new Incredible rumor, that they're mixing and matching some specs from the One S and X models and applying them to the new phones. Taking with a grain of salt until it is officially announced.

Started with the First Dinc, and now the Dinc2, and I am waiting until this comes out and I will be getting this next for my upgrade.

I hear the Qualcomm S4 (dual core) is smoking the Tegra 3 (quad core) on a number of benchmarks. Plus, the S4 has an integrated LTE solution (better battery life). Unless you're a real hard core gamer I don't think we need quad core in phones. And, I'd actually prefer the same form factor as the Dinc 2 (4.0" screen - anything bigger is too big). Since I don't think we're going to see 720P @ 4.0" qHD would be fine for my Dinc 4G.

My upgrade has already pinged, so i'm just waiting it out til either my DInc dies or I find something worth signing another 2 year contract for..

Guess i'll have to check this little fella out.

Still rolling with my Inc OG that I got release day. Have been tempted by the Rezound a number of times, mainly due to the 720p display and the 4g data speed. The headphones are pretty nice also, but I already have some sweet in ears (Klipsch, Etymotic) so not a big selling point for me. Of course there also the battery life and some other wrinkles I've heard of such as Sense 3.x sitting pretty heavy on performance, and VZW promises of getting ICS on it are just hooey until it actually shows up.

If the Inc4 can top the Rezound specs that matter to me, I may get it, but if it is indeed lower display rez and on the same performance par, then I'll probably bounce for the Rezound.

My first Android phone was the original Dinc. My second was the Dinc II. These phones just so good. HTC has been awesome with this line.

I think the Dinc 2 is the perfect size BUT if the Dinc 4G is the US version of the One S I think I can live with it.