CM7 port for the Eris CM7 port for the Eris

Put those shovels away -- the Droid Eris is still alive and kicking, and now a  CyanogenMod 7 port is available.  The Eris isn't on the CM 7 "officially supported" list, and HTC and Verizon forgot about this sweet little phone long ago, but workshed over at XDA isn't about to let that stop him from squeezing Gingerbread onto the phone, CM style.  It was built from CM7 sources, and the latest version (as of this writing) was synced with the CyanogenMod tree on Feb. 7.  The changes and full kernel source are available, too.  For anyone thinking about diving in and developing a ROM, this is how it's done.

It's not 100 percent just yet, but from what I'm reading, it good enough to run daily.  Heck, if I was rocking the Eris I'd be using it.  Give it a try and breathe some new life into your Droid Eris.  [XDA-Developers] Thanks for the tip, Dustin!


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HTC Droid Eris forever! CM7 port released


This will give the eris another year of life, with some nice improvements and speed. Those of us who are up for a new phone in yet another year will be happy to wait it out now, its worth the wait for 2.4 phones, with quad core(one can hope) and 4G when the time comes. =-)

Been running CM7 on the Hero for a little over a week as my daily. It's a great, fast, reliable ROM. Makes me reconsider my June upgrade simply because GB makes my Hero an entirely different phone. Eris owners will be pleased.

I got my moms hand-me-down Droid 1 when she got the early upgrade. Maybe I should break out the ol' eris and try it out?

Tazz doesn't get a mention on this ? They came out with the ROMs almost at the same time !?! LOL just bustin ur chops there shed.