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HTC domination, Why Vanilla Android? [From the Forums]


What else would you expect on an Evo fanboy site?

Just look at the polls and the total number of voters, the Sprint poll was the highest. Not to take anything away from those phones, they are certainly the best "Sprint" has to offer. :D

Will someone please tell that guy to quit hatting on Sprint's Truly Unlimited data.

Go buy an EVO or something.

I never said anything about hating Sprint. I'm in Canada, we don't have Sprint. I see people on here bicker back and forth about which carrier is better/worst but from what I can tell it depends where you are, it's the same up here.

To buy an Evo I would have to use Rogers and where I'm at, they suck. I have the option of two major carriers and their sub carriers for the best coverage here. I could get a hTc sensation but I have yet to find a live demo to play with. Guess they don't want people to see the lag until they get it home. :lol:

Sprint sucks....that's an ignorant statement. It may suck in some areas of the country, yet in others it is great. Add in the unlimited plan and a new upgrade every year and guess what???? It does anything BUT suck! Don't be such a hating fanboy.

Sprint sux where I live too. They sux better than AT&T and Verizon. Their plans sux the best, unlimited. Heck for $80. 00 a month unlimited everything, they are the best suckers around. So I guess sucking isn't always bad.

Whoever has the most biggest screens has been the winner. Since last year that has been HTC.

T-Mobile has one big screen out of 24 Android phones, the Sensation, so T-Mobile is dead last in the Reader Choice Awards results.

Only 8% want a 3.5" - 3.7" screen - the only option iPhone has.