HTC Desire

We've pretty much known the HTC Desire (see our hands-on) is coming to the United States ever since we first showed it to you on a Cellular South U.S. Cellular rebate form. But now HTC itself has made things a little more official with the above post on Twitter. It's coming to some regional carriers in August, and Cell South's still a pretty good bet. More as we get it. [@htc]

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bethel03 says:

I love the look and specs of the Desire and this is great news! But once I seen the post of the speculated Desire Slider with a keyboard I was sold, I need a keyboard!! My G1 is getting too obsolete, even with CyanogenMod...

Tietherope says:

I have yet to see this one. Link please?

Edit: Are we talking the HTC Vision?

bethel03 says:

Yes, it is the vision, excuse my lack of codename. I know this pic over at BGR was photo-chopped but man it looks tasty. I don't think I can deal with a touchscreen only device, waiting for a QWERTY Android with >=1GHz processor to hit T-mobile...better not hold my breath too long...

Tietherope says:

Yeah I was looking at this phone alot a few weeks ago and then forgot about it. I am waiting for a QWERTY Android too but with AT&T most likely never getting a high end Android I don't have many options as i need to unlock something for use on Rogers.

MissMe says:

Is that a twinge of jealousy I feel in my spine. Love my droid but I've wanted to get my hands on the desire since it was announced.

.46caliber says:

Yes, that is pure envy bubbling. The Desire is the one reason that I have not given ATT the finger and hopped on Verizon with an Incredible. I'm hoping that the rumors of Desire coming to ATT are true, if not Verizon will be picking up 3 lines in a few months.

ecobranon says:

Is this going to be a GSM or a CDMA phone?


Toro says:

I'm getting the Galaxy S, if anyone cares ;)

mtb1981 says:

I thought it was coming to U.S. Cellular, not Cell South? And isn't the screen availability still an issue?

mamoore1982 says:

US Cellular already announced this, but I'm with Cellular South and couldn't be happier. I actually met a guy this weekend who works there. He said they're testing this phone around the office to get ready to launch it later this summer. I can't wait.

It two articles now, the Desire has "been confirmed on a Cellular South rebate form". Both of these links lead to a U.S. Cellular Rebate form. WTF AC?

Whoopsie. Thank you for politely pointing out that mistake. We've corrected it.

pole1469 says:

Posted on Cellular South FaceBook Page "Cellular South The summer of Android continues with the HTC Desire™, the latest Android phone from Cellular South… with a blazing FAST 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Android 2.1, and tons of great features. Coming soon!"!/cellularsouth