HTC Desire 8

Dual-SIM 5.5-incher could be headed to China next month

HTC says mid-level handsets are to be an important part of its action plan for 2014, and one of the first devices to lead this mid-range push might be the "Desire 8," images of which leaked out online this morning. Shots obtained by Engadget and Chinese blog MyDrivers show a large, thin, plastic device with an HTC One-like design, dual front speakers and Sense 5 on-screen. Both outlets report that it'll pack a 5.5-inch display (resolution unknown), along with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and 13-megapixel rear shooter. It'll reportedly come in white, red, yellow, orange and cyan color options, and offer dual-SIM capabilities.

Curiously, the device doesn't seem to have any frontal buttons at all, raising a couple of possibilities — either it's an incomplete render, or the screenshot is a placeholder and the device is using on-screen buttons. (HTC is widely expected to be switching to on-screen keys for its upcoming "M8" handset, the successor to the HTC One).

The on-screen date suggests a possible Chinese launch on Mar. 18, but with Mobile World Congress coming up in a couple of weeks, we wouldn't rule out the possibility of seeing something in Barcelona too.

Source: Engadget, MyDrivers


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HTC 'Desire 8' image leaks out along with purported specs


good looking phone but if HTC don't get rid of those HUGE bezels this will be their last year making phones

The bezel, looks more or less just like the One series, and those are just fine. I don't think I've ever heard anyone complain about the bezel on those phones. I'm completely fine with it on my One.

The one came out before the bezel wars started. Now it looks very dated as a result.
I agree with the original comment in as far as they badly need to shave down that excess footprint.
I believe people would rather have more screen, less bulk than nice speakers

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The front speakers was a huge reason people actually bought the One. Get rid of the speakers and you get rid of half your sales.

You can still shrink those huge bezels and fit the speakers. There can be quite a few mm shaven off all sides.

I don't mind that the speakers take up space on the front since it's actually utilized space that adds value. The black border bezels can always be slimmer but I agree with ninja that the bezels are fine on the One and that this is pretty much the same. Whats different between the Desire8/M8 and the One is the move to on-screen buttons(purportedly). This is a good thing except they decided to keep the bottom bezel with the HTC logo which housed the navigation buttons on the One. Without the capacitive buttons on this bezel its completely wasted space. The bottom bezel needs to go.

I saw those leaked pictures of the front of the new one as well. I really can't believe that they are real. It looks ridiculous. I'm sure someone just transplanted the leaked screenshot onto the old one and rubbed out the capacitive buttons

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I hope you're right. If the leaks seen so far are correct they've taken the great design of the One and made it worse instead of improving it. I'll reserve further judgement until I've seen the final product.

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Product development new hire: "That bezel looks kinda big for a 2014 phone."
Product development senior: "We'll just paint half of it black, no one will notice."

Wow that looks amazing! Now I'm even more excited to see what HTC has in store for us with the M8

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Does anyone else think that HTC is just blatantly coping Apple's designs? This looks so much like the iPhone 5c it's hysterical.

Yet another beautiful looking device from HTC; just wish they could get rid of the black bars top and bottom as they make the phone look elongated.

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HTC is making good use of that licensing deal with Apple. However, they should really put the HTC logo over the notification bar and completely remove that ugly black bar at the bottom. They did the same thing to the M8 which is pretty disappointing because it looks worst with that speaker set-up.

Depending on the resolution of the screen, this is a great device for media consumption. Kinda seems that it will not see the west (the dual sim thing) but I could see a market.

What no one is gonna complain that is plastic?

I prefer capacitive buttons. Onscreen take onscreen place plus I hate the black bar with the three dots in some apps

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This phone looks awesome!. All I would change is
1.Smaller bezel
2.That HTC logo on the bottom front.

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