HTC Butterfly S.

We got a pretty good look at the HTC Butterfly S this morning via HTC's official first-look video. But seeing as how there's very little chance of it being released in the U.S. (we've got the HTC One, after all), it's worth another look.

We've got a bevy of official shots -- as well as the full specs list -- after the break. Enjoy.

HTC Butterfly S specs

  • SIZE: 144.5 x 70.5 x 10.6mm
  • WEIGHT: 160g
  • DISPLAY: 5.0 inch Full HD 1080p, 440PPI, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
  • CPU SPEED: Qualcomm® Snapdragon 600, quad-core, 1.9GHz
  • PLATFORM; AndroidTM with HTC Sense; HTC BlinkFeed
  • STORAGE: 16GB, available capacity varies; Expansion card slot supports microSDTM for up to 64GB additional storage (card not included)
  • RAM: 2GB
  • NETWORKS: 2G/ 2.5G - GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; 3G/ 3.5G - UMTS/ HSPA: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz with HSDPA up to 42 Mbps
  • SIM: microSIM
  • SENSORS: Gyro sensor; Accelerometer; Proximity sensor; Ambient light sensor
  • BATTERY: 3200 mAh
  • CONNECTIVITY: 3.5mm audio jack; NFC; Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX; Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; DLNA; Miracast; IR remote control; microUSB
  • CAMERA: UltraPixel BSI sensor; f/2.0 aperture and 28mm lens; ImageChip 2; 2.1MP front-facing camera with wide-angle lens; HTC Zoe; Video Highlights

Reader comments

HTC Butterfly S specs and photo gallery: Ridiculously gorgeous


I had to look up "FTFY" on urban dictionary as well. I need gangster and hipster training.

I agree that "dat battery" has amazing capacity! Even more amazing are the dimensions compared to the One. 144.5 x 70.5 x 10.6mm vs 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 mm. Obviously taller and wider for the screen, but only 1.3mm thicker with "dat battery"!

Very nice looking indeed.. with power, speakers, *SD Card*, and *Batterylife*.. Good Job HTC.. It's what the One SHOULD have been.
Why did the U.S. get the Short End Of The Stick with the One anyway? when HTC KNEW they had this in the oven to REALLY compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4?

The last Butterfly did come to the US on Verizon and was called the DNA. I wouldn't be surprised if Verizon ditched the New HTC one and took this instead and called it the HTC Droid One. Verizon likes to F$ck everything up because they are anal retentive control freaks, and like to piss on the customers every chance they get.

Well, forget the butterfly, HTC released an HTC One with a removable battery cover and MicroSD support for Japan and China. I bet a majority of people in the US/EU would have rather had a removable battery cover and MicroSD support for their ONE as opposed to a one piece unibody no? Sure you take a chance with drops and "creaks".

visually? nah the One is sexier

spec wise? yea, slightly bigger screen, faster cpu, bigger battery, expandable storage

This kinda has me excited for the next HTC US flagship o.O

And it looks like it has a plastic back.

Sounds a lot like some other phone that just came out. Hmmmm......

The Holy Grail, a 5" SLCD from HTC with a 3200 battery to boot! Why is this not being released here? I would gladly trade in my HTC ONE for this.

Posted via Android Central App

I NEED ALL PARTS! this phone is ridiculously beautiful.....and those specs arent anything to mess with at all!

HTC keep them coming. I am a strong believer that if you keep putting out a great product you will get out of this rut.
And like said above... DAT BATTERY!

If Sprint picks this I'm there. If Sprint gets that 5.? HTC phablet in there.

From the DARK AC App!

Looks purty, but my big hope is that the microsd and hefty battery is something we'll see in the T6/One Max that is hopefully coming... HTC design in a phablet without sacrificing the battery life I've come to expect from having a note 2 would be enough to get me to choose the T6 over the Note 3. Come on HTC, give me the reason I need to give you my money!

Larger than what? It's still 5". Finally replaced my Nexus with rooted DNA, man how great would my battery be with a 3200mah battery! It's already night and day over what my Nexus gave me. DNA 2 would be sick!

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Millions of us are still here happily using our devices ; ) Anyone that "needed" either didn't by a One or a Nexus. Sucks to be them? I'd agree.

We tried it without and decided that we do. Actually, I still don't think I need a removable battery. But I want a microSD card!
That's the only reason I didn't grab the HTC One. That's the only thing I don't like about my Galaxy Nexus...

Wow. HTC swears they'll stand behind one phone for a year, in the vein of Apple. HTC gets best phone of the year for the One essentially from most major review sites.

I buy the One (actually three of them), two days later they announce a superior phone (not to mention the One Mini - so much for one phone for the year). I could understand if the phone was at the end of it's life, but it's only been out a couple months. Worse yet, I'm on Sprint, so if anyone gets it, it would be my carrier.

Call me an jerk, but I don't want this phone to come here. I'd like to have that Apple feeling of having current hardware for more than 20 minutes without switching to the dark side.

EDIT: Now if Verizon picks up the Butterfly as DNA 2 instead of the HTC One, HTC will have even less incentive to actually update the One. Meaning I'll be right back in the same boat I was with the Evo 3D two years ago (mid-high level hardware passed over for updates due to lack of demand).

Don't look at tech sites until you're ready for a new device? Get a Nexus? I never had any "real" device envy since I got into the Nexus game a few years ago. Oh, you said Sprint. Nevermind. I really do think a lot of iPhone users stay on that platform specifically for the 1 a year product cycle. A bit shallow, but I get it.

Believe me I do check. I actually have Androidcentral in my news feed along with the Verge and Google News' technology section for a couple years. I hadn't heard about the Butterfly S until after the Ones were purchased.

The only reason I didn't go Nexus was that I had to stay with Sprint. If I could have worked the monthly payment numbers a little better, it was going to be an order for 3 Nexus 4s and T-Mobile. Coverage was also a deciding factor.

Then you weren't paying attention. During their last earnings announcement ( I believe it was April or May monthly earnings) they announced that the followup to the J Butterfly was coming.

calm down bro

this is HTC's flagship for Asian countries, just like the first Butterfly was. It became wildly popular in those countries, so they brought it back. This wont affect the HTC One in any way

You took the words right out of my mouth. I have at&t but still feel the same, I left apple for the ONE would be deviated if they threw the ONE to the side so early in it's cycle. Come on HTC don't Samsung us anymore please.

Settle down. First off, the Butterfly is a phone that is not meant for here. It's not coming here. They are updating the 1st iteration of the Butterfly which is mainly an overseas phone (other than Verizon getting a version very similar to it in the Droid DNA). This phone envy thing has to stop. It's really so silly. Why do you have to have the latest and greatest phone? What difference does this make to your life? Is it kind of like owning a Ferrari and strange people walk up to you to give you compliments for being so successful in life? Really? Is that it?

If that's the case, you'd be buying a new phone every month. What's the point? It's a phone. Get over it and move on. If the phone does what you need it to do, it doesn't matter if a new one is released 5 minutes later that has 200mhz faster clock speed on a slightly upgraded processor. Does that change YOUR phone that YOU own at all? Nope...your phone is still as terrific as it was the day you bought it. Settle down, have some ice cream, and enjoy the summer weather. Maybe get off the computer or mobile device for awhile too.

Dollars are a finite resource in my world. I want to get the most out of them possible. I spent months planning this purchase. Had it been an iOS device, I would be guaranteed to have gotten the most for my money for 6-12 months depending on when I bought into their product cycle.

HTC advertised the One phone to be that standard bearer, and all articles I had read pointed to a new HTC that would not be doing the new SKU a day program any more. One phone for a company is easy to update, and has plenty of users requesting support. Thirty unique variants with little market share are not.

Maybe this thing isn't coming stateside, but I already have that sinking feeling I had a couple years ago. Perhaps I wasn't meant for smartphones, my first before the launch day Evo 3D was a launch day Palm Pre.

EDIT: Don't forget the Butterfly addresses the three One complaints, button layout, battery and SD card. Side by side if anyone had the option, it would be a no-brainer.

What complaints? Those are the stupid "complaints" trolls waist their life, or get payed doing it that post. Repeating a text over and over again makes it real. That's why big companies make sure you see their adds almost 100 times a day (TV+outdoor+internet+paper). These complaints are fictional.
The only complaint is the smaller battery but that is always the issue. We always want bigger batteries although many don't actually need a bigger one. None of them have removal battery. < I saw the pics from another site from the presentation and there is a rather ugly flop at the top of the device, next to the 3,5 jack and power button.

Side by side if i would strip the devices of their casings you wouldn't notice a difference between a 4.7 - 5.0 screen. Also 32GB on the ONE are enough. You can get the 64 as well. The plastic doesn't look that good in real pictures. So the one still has the better design. The only thing i like is the Red-black combo but that's not enough to encourage me to buy it.

The ONE phone a year can't cut it for HTC. It's a no brainer. They need at least 3 phones to cover small, regular and phablet.
Samsung released 80-90 model in 2012 < yes 80! That's not counting the different country specific versions of a model. That's why they own 90% percent of all the Android profit. HTC is like a bug crawling in Samsung's yard.

So the point is that although they released a nice refreshed Butterfly their flagship is the ONE. An they will keep updating it. 4.2.2 is around the corner. The butterfly S already had a 4.2.2 running but it probably was in Beta and by the time it hits shelves the One will be updated as well.

So no need to worry. If you can pay for 3 One's you don't have a problem. You can instead do some charity every now and then to fill the wasted time you use thinking that the above comments are real life issues.

Wow's its funny that you are suddenly deciding for someone that 32GB is enough.

Ontopic: I think HTC should of released this internationally and it should have been the ONE.

Well Said KX 250,

Well said indeed.. if they were side by side.. Ha.. You are right The Fly would win 99.9% of the time.

As a Note 1 owner, I am waiting to see the Note 3.. But this gives hope to the possible option of the Phablet 1 (Max?) addressing all of the complaints that the One carries.. and that would make for competition with the Note 3.

Phone specs are improving much faster than computer hardware specs, so I'd rather spend $200 a year(sell old phone cancels out Carrier's early upgrade penalty most of the time) upgrading phones over upgrading my desktop rig's CPU/GPU.

Htc never swore to such nonsense. You think they can get out of their financial rut with one device? They don't think so, that's why they're releasing other models to fill out their portfolio and give themselves a better chance to succeed.

I am no economics genius, but this all seems pretty straightforward to me. The fewer the SKUs the higher the volume purchase of components, and less re-tooling costs, so fewer models means more money in their pockets.

Normally you want variety because of variying price points to try and gain market share, but in the U.S. the smartphone price is artificially equalized because of carrier subsidies, so this tactic is not needed.

I realize there is a global market and not just the U.S., and I hope the Butterfly stays on it, and doesn't come to this market, because its presence devalues my recent purchase prematurely.

EDIT: Even if more people pick the One over the Butterfly, SOME people will take the butterfly, which means HTC dev. resources must be at least partially sent in that direction, away from the One.

Except the tooling for this already exists (from the J Butterfly), and almost all of its components are shared with the One.

A valid point on the tooling, and clearly I missed that earnings call mentioned in your comment above or it would have swayed my purchase decision.

This still doesn't change the fact that if released in the same market, these two would compete against each other, and although HTC wins with sales, they lose by having invested energy in competing lines, and consumer confidence, especially if one of the devices loses support quickly.

Which, going back to my original post, is what many articles said HTC wouldn't do, and which is why I gave them a second chance in the first place.

If an Android OEM can't get to the three-year-from-launch-day software support that Cupertino has had for the last 5-6 years, it's time for me to move on At the end of this contract. CDMA is the only low cost option in my area, which makes a Nexus impossible at the price offered by carriers.

Any update issues are not the fault of HTC, they are the fault of the carrier. In Europe HTC is quick with updates.

Nice looking device. Really hoping HTC builds the next Nexus. NTM they could really use the sales it would "guarantee." What happened to HTC going all in on the One? I could definitely see this being the DNA 2.

If I can get one (lol) in the UK, its my next phone without a shadow of a doubt :)

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I would say "Shut up and take my money now!" but I can already tell this guy is going to Verizon with no AT&T love. So I'll just moan and whine because I'm stuck with the HTC One which I don't like (call me crazy if you like).

I would also note an earlier complaint of mine for HTC and that was naming of HTC One as such. We all knew there would be many other handsets coming out of HTC and the "One" would be made obsolete in no time. The Butterfly 2 has done that in record time making the HTC One no longer the one to get. For a company having an identity crisis they still don't get it.

Samsung might make a zillion different phones but when you say Samsung you think of the S4 and Note 2 and nothing else. When you think of HTC you can't say the same thing.

Perhaps it's the one to get for YOU. Let's find out if the device is even going to come to the states before you decide on burial rites for htc one. Even if it does come here, who knows if it'll be a success. To many variables at play right now to write anything in stone.

This is a phone to have in my opinion. Not sure if it has a aluminum body or not like the HTC one but if it does that is the icing on the cake. I could live with the button setup and the white and black are just sexy looking. I have always liked HTC's look of their phones. And now with boomsound, Zoes, and the camera i kind of want this. ok who am I kidding of course i want this. The only thing better would of been a snapdragon 800.

If, and i pray it does at some point, come to the US and maybe gets a Droid branding a lot of people will be all over it. And who knows HTC may make a google version of it. Unless only google experience phones are going to be flagship devices

HTC makes really lovely phones. They really deserve to go ahead of Samsung. Since the S3 all the phones that Samsung is making look the same. -_-

Actually, you've got that backwards. The One borrows heavily from the J Butterfly's design, upon which this phone is directly based.

I currently pay $80 a month on Verizon w/ unlimited data. If I can buy this unlocked, I might just keep them until December and look for month to month.

If you get an unlocked phone and use it with Verizon, do the updates then come from them? If I then use it with say Boost Mobile or Strait Talk, do the updates come straight from HTC?

Call me crazy but I would not even think of buying this if it came out on Verizon. They fooled me once with the Rezound and then they did it to other people again with the DNA. It seems Verizon likes to get one off phones from HTC that then in turn never get updated. The only way someone should buy this phone on Verizon is if they will be happy with the exact same version of sense and android for the next 2 years after they buy it. I will be picking up a S4 next month at least I know Samsung will update it.

Personally i have no issue if this is the DNA 2. It would fit with the way VZW is going. Saying that though I want this on all the carriers to. Let Sprint have it modified as the new Evo. Let Tmo and ATT get it as the ONE+. Then we all get to have the love. That and give Sammy even more competition.

The only reason why we won't see this one directly is cause of LTE. We know HTC does not have an issue with making versions with LTE.

Oh look, its the HTC galaxy S4. Talk about making more bad decisions HTC, there you go trying to diversify your line like Samsung again...only this released the same product when your competition is undoubtedly planning its successor

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What on earth are you talking about? This is an updated version of the J Butterfly, which is an enormously successful device for HTC in Asia.

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New Evo on Sprint? That would be pretty awesome, and I would most defiantly get it. But for now my GS3 is still doing "okay" as in working, but boy has it gotten glitchy as hell with everything force closeing left and right. I'm non rooted but this is getting ridiculous. I think I'm gonna have to root in the next few weeks.

HTC might be mounting a greater comeback than the Heat did last night. And if this is released in the states then my Note 2 might have a playmate.

Second pic. It's already RED. Come on Verizon! No LTE listed in radio specs though. The ONE, the Butterfly (aka DNA 2), anything! I had to replace my TBolt's kickstand with a walker last month (it was a complete PITA to find tiny tennis balls to put on the legs)... I need a new HTC phone.

in my opinion if you give me the two i will still choose the HTC ONE because its more unique device all around. but the HTC Butterfly s is amazing phone for people who want an SD card bigger battery ,the people who choose samsung s4 this phone is a samsung s4 killer with the big battery,screen,boom sound,0% lag,speed,sense 5,zoe,premium feel,fm radio.

its not a flag ship because it will only be available in Asia,Verizon no were else.

So is this supposed to be the One max, or is that still a possibility?? I would DEFINITELY trade my One for this thing...

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If the Butterfly S comes to Sprint, I'll be so glad I haven't picked up the HTC One yet. I just fear that if it does come, it won't have much dev support.

Wait a minute. Did anybody notice that the top/bottom bezel on the 3rd and 4th pictures are different from other pictures which shows a solid black color??? Which is it: all black or with color borders?

They're different. One phone has the white back but black front (and black chrome border). The other is all white, with a white border.

Also, its possible that the 'white' one with the black border is actually silver, which would make more sense.

I will convert from Samsung Device owner to a HTC owner if Sprint gets this phone. BTW "dat battery" awesome.

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Its nt fair to say that, the One is awesome. With that being said this thing is better in pretty much every way.

...and I thought the One was beautiful!
That black one with the red highlights looks like it was born to be a Droid! And if it magically and mystically comes to Verizon as the Droid they're advertising with those specs plus LTE then I will take back every bad thing I ever said about Verizon.

Was momentarily tempted, until I scrolled down and saw the spec sheet. Ultrapixel crap is dealbreaker. Looks like I'm getting the Padfone Infinity when I'm eligible to re-contract.

I'm honestly a little more impressed by this phone vs. The One, probably because the huge battery, or maybe the button layout. I hate seeing all these high end phones with 16gb though, why cheapen out on that spec, at least this has an SD card.

I'd definitely give this phone a serious look if it comes to T-Mobile, which is probably not going to happen.

Very nice looking indeed.. with power, speakers, *SD Card*, and *Batterylife*.. Good Job HTC.. It's what the One SHOULD have been.
Why did the U.S. get the Short End Of The Stick with the One anyway? when HTC KNEW they had this in the oven to REALLY compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4? company should ever release a product when they know they are working on something better...smdh

Pretty yummy, I'd almost hit it if it wasn't for the capacitive arrangement... and the fact that Snapdragon 800 is happening.
If you're going to shell out enough money to buy the best phone then you might aswell buy the best phone... Not that there is one at the moment since they're all flawed in one way or another.

If this phone is priced properly, south of the HTC One then I may just get it, and if the screen is bright enough... No point having 440 PPI if you can't see any of it (looking mainly at you Samsung).

can't wait to replace my samsung galaxy s3 with this! I just hope the ultra pixel camera can be improve a little. some photos appear abit washed out :(

This is a dream device just as the one x+ was at its time. but i believe a htc rep said that when they throw in the lte radios they have to use smaller batteries and dont have room for the expandable storage. Something like this will come for Verizon but it will not come with the same specs.

This makes me want an htc phone again and possibly leave my note 2. Only problem is it won't come to us anytime soon plus the note 3 will be announced by then and maybe just maybe it will have some type of metal casing.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

this is pure phone porn right here, huge ass battery and sd card support to boot, as well as those nerdgasmic specs.

This can be the phone that puts HTC over the top in the US...specially with the ONE grabbing so many of apple and samsung customers.

I hope Verizon does get it and they keep the SD slot! This will be the best move Htc and Verizon can make. It would make no sense to release the ONE on Verizon this late and the upgrade from 4.7'' to 5'' display will separate the DNA from the ONE.

Fingers crossed....if not Galaxy S4 will be my next phone, 5'' display and SD slot has me sold.

Only stores have this in dual-sim and I really scoured the internet for that.Credits to for letting me have this phone at such cheap price.(they ship wordwilde btw) Was really excited when I got it.HTC Butterfly S is not as bad as it looks in pictures as users have been having second thoughts when it comes to its design.Plus the front facing speakers is superb!I couldn't really complain with this phone. :)