HTC buys Abaxia

HTC this morning announced it purchased French software company Abaxia, "specializing in mobile handset software solutions for network operators and handset manufacturers," according to its website.

That will beef  HTC's software side, no doubt, to go along with its purchase of design team One and Co., which first gained notoriety with the Windows Mobile Touch Diamond 2 and more recently with the new HTC Legend. We'll have to see if Abaxia's work makes it to Android in HTC's Sense user interface. [HTC]


Reader comments

HTC bolsters its software side with purchase of French company Abaxia


Hopefully this doesn't have anything to do with HTC's desire to create its own operating system. I'm all for new software adding to the HTC Sense UI arsenal, but I'm not at all interested (currently) in a operating system other than Android.

It might just be a patent grab. For HTC to run out yet another OS at this point would be silly. Andorid is free to them.

They may use pieces of that they buy ALONG WITH Android to differentiate their phones from all the other Andorid phones, but I can't see trying to out compete Android at this point.

This may also be JUST a provisioning play. Software for the carriers to use for provisioning HTC phones on their network. For years Motorola supplied this stuff for a number of different handsets, not just Motos.