HTC Bluetooth Music Adaptor

We've been waiting to get the HTC Bluetooth Music Adaptor into our cars since we first saw it at Mobile World Congress in February, and now it's finally available for purchase. As you'll recall, it's a simple dongle that plugs into your car stereo AUX port (or any other 3.5mm jack, really), and allows you to wirelessly stream your music over Bluetooth. And in addition to using the standard A2DP profile, it's got the CSR aptX codec, so your music (theoretically) should sound great over the notoriously janky Bluetooth. Sprint's currently got the adaptor listed at $59.99.

Could you just plug in your phone via the 3.5mm jack? Sure. But that's not really The Future, is it? The other caveat is that you'll have to keep the adaptor charged, but Sprint rates it at 5 hours of play time and 120 hours of standby time. We've got our order on the way, so stay tuned for the full review.

Purchase: HTC Bluetooth Music Adaptor from Sprint; via EVO 4G LTE forums



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HTC Bluetooth music adapter now shipping from Sprint


This just feels like a huge rip-off. For $5-10, I can buy a simple auxiliary cable that doesn't use any special connection(unless you're streaming) and doesn't need to be charged. Functionality is more important in this case, for me.

It's a ripoff until you're on your 10th or so AUX cable. Just from picking up my mp3 player (Zune BABY!) and using it, after a good 2 months or so, I have to replace it because I've made a short on the connector. I have the MotorMouth II dongle someone else mentioned and it's pretty sweet (sound leaves a little to be desired) but I don't have to worry about wearing out any cables, or just the cable hanging out of my dash period. I ordered this for my wife and I to use for $13. It's basically the same thing, except without the built-in plug. Our aux jacks are hidden from view, so having the short cable isn't an issue. $60 seems like a rip-off, even if it does have aptX. Of course, that's expected from a carrier.

Exactly. Not to mention the extra battery drain you will be causing with bluetooth, on a phone brand that is notorious for short battery life to begin with.

Not really trolling. I've had 3 HTC phones and they have all had god awful battery life. My EVO 4G i can make it last the entire day if I don't have wifi, bluetooth, gps, auto-sync, and 3g off. Normal use of just having data on will last me around 5 hours. This is also with an extended 1750 mAH battery -_- . It's quite pitiful.

That actually sounds really handy. I currently use an audio cable to connect to my car stereo, and it's exceptionally flaky. It the plug touches anything, it loses connectivity. The cord is always getting tangled in something and being pulled out. Maybe when the price comes down a little, this Bluetooth adapter will be an excellent solution.

My HTC One X was perfectly happy to stream via the car's built in Bluetooth and even offered beats audio over the speaker system. Beats sounds perfectly awful thru the car, but but with that turned off it sounds great.

That's true, but most late model cars are starting to include this, even for entry level cars like Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus and the Chevy Sonic . Streaming Audio is just about guaranteed to be in every car over 20k from 2011 forward.

Older cars, not so much. If you have an Aux port on a 4 year old car you were lucky.

I think this is really cool, but the price needs to drop a bit.
My wife would really love to use this in her car that has an Aux in, but no Bluetooth. I don't want to spend the money to upgrade her stereo JUST for Bluetooth.
(her 2008 vehicle has built in NAV with DVD player, not gonna put a cheap radio in)

The Stereo its self does not need to be bluetooth, the HTC adapter converts it to bluetooth. All you need is the 3.5 adapter. I happen to own the stereo in the picture and it is not bluetooth. It has usb and the 3.5 adapter.

For a practical person that has an auxiliary port, just hardwire with a cable. (get a decent cable for a fraction of the price)

the blubridge is about $20 cheaper, the 3.5mm jack is removeable to have a 3.5 female socket and it will charge from USB while in operation or....

or the scosche which handles calls as well (not brillantly)for about the same price
One thing that would make the HTC dongle #1 if you didnt have to crank the stereo to get the same audio response as, say, the radio or cd player.

still beats $300 to get HU installed working.

The Miccus device you linked is the complete opposite, it's a transmitter, for streaming audio via BT from devices that don't already have BT to a device with BT. It's something you could hook up to your TV to use BT headphones for insurance. Miccus does make a receiver exactly like Sprint's for about $40 too tho, I actually own it and it's great for streaming audio to cheap docks and speakers at the beach (amongst other things). I actually have the transmitter you linked as a gift to my sister precisely for watching TV tho and she says audio delay hasn't been a problem.

In my car, which doesn't have integrated BT, I use a unit from Kensington that's similar in functionality but far better in execution.. First off it plugs directly into the 12V adapter so you don't need a separate charger to keep it powered, tho that's trivial at best. Most importantly tho, it comes with a wireless remote that works brilliantly and even has an adapter to mount it to your steering wheel. It's called the Liquid Aux something but I don't think it's being made anymore unfortunately.

The HTC adapter is overpriced by about $10-20, but I might buy it anyway once it's in-stores to test the new BT 4 streaming codec, if it sounds significantly better I might keep it. It'd have to be night and day to replace the convenience of my current Kensington setup tho. If I have to take my phone out of my pocket anyway to control playback it partially defeats the advantage of BT over a regular wire. The convenience of head units with integrated BT and kits like the Kensington is you can hop in and hit play and skip songs without even taking the phone out of your purse/pocket, which is huge imo.

Does it automatically connect to the phone when you get in the car ? Or you have to connect it manually?

Do you have to have the car dock too ?

Also, if the car have a Multi-Functional steering wheel, can you control the music Player (Play, Pause, RR, FF) Via the buttons ? Or you gonna have to do that from the phone ?

I've a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset thingy (DS-220) that do similar things

I use my car radios Bluetooth works for me and don't need to charge. Turn radio on and tada instant sound. And sounds great so no need to $$ on something that really is behind in time. My opinion.

thats great if bluetooth comes factory equipped but this is aimed at people with cars that just have a 3.5 socket or don't shell out for new HU and converter to get HU working + steering wheel controls.

Dumb question, but I assume this works for non-HTC phones, right? It's just an HTC branded Bluetooth adapter.

I with it was closer to 30 or 40 bucks...60 is a bit high just to let me get rid of my $5 cable I'm using now.

It works with most phones, including non HTC branded phones.

I bought the Blackberry Bluetooth Stereo Gateway for about $30 from Ebay some time ago and it does the same thing albeit in a slightly less attractive profile (though they've become hard to find at that price since then). However it sits in the center console, so I don't think $60 is worth a more attractive profile.

This is a bluetooth 4.0 with the Apx codec for high quality sound. you can paired the unit with any bluetooth, but if you want the HD sound you need a device with B 4.0 and the Apx codec. It really makes a difference. I bought the unit for my boat, car, and home stereo and the sound is superb compared to regular bluetooth.

Cool device but I don't know about the price. In addition to streaming audio, can we also use it to have a hands free phone conversation?

Depends if you want the person to hear you clearly. Most cars w/Bluetooth have a mic built into the car for hands free phone conversation. In theory, if your car didn't have one, it would still be able convert from streaming audio to conversation, but the other end of the line would be at a disadvantage if your car didn't have a mic.

I just saw The Sprint page, and It is not Bluetooth 4.0., It only 2.1
So, probably It is a bad purchase por The price (US$60.00).

My wife's car has BT but cannot stream music over BT. It's BT for voice.

This is a good idea because just last week, my son's ipod (insert joke) was busted because the 3.5mm jack from Belkin snapped off inside of the ipod.

Anything to eliminate cables I am all for it.

one thing everyone is overlooking is sound quality. BT sound quality is bad. This new device with the addition of the new codec is said to make it sound just as good if using a digital aux out. I cant say its that good but if its close i will be happy. Every other bt to aux device that I have tried out have all toned down the music. I always had to turn my cars speakers up to 20 just to get sound but then you quality was just bad. I went back to putting mp3s on a cd.

If I can get good sound quality out of this, and get to do hands free calling in my car for 60 bucks... im in. Now I just have to wait for my upgrade in aug.

60 bucks is too much. Then again if I can finally get the quality that I'm looking for, it's probably worth it. For the moment I'm using a Sony mw600 bluetooth headset and I'm quite happy with it(its battery life is longer and it costs half the price.) I have also tried the Kensington liquid aux.... Very disappointed... Poor sound quality and nonstop high level alternator wining. Hopefully the prices will go down soon enough. It's nice to know that someone is working on the bluetooth soundstreaming quality.