HTC Aria

The HTC Aria has had a bit of a rough life on AT&T and it doesn't seem to be getting any better yet despite HTC now rolling out an official Android 2.2 for it in South East Asia. No sign of when (or if) AT&T plans on allowing HTC to roll it out for those of you making use of the device on AT&T but you could always hit up the leaked Sense 2.2 ROM. [Engadget via HTC]

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Jonneh says:

*gasp* Tricky title tricked me!

Smalls says:

You got me there. I was about to reflash my Nandroid backup of the stock ROM, but I'm sure I would go back to CM shortly afterwords.

jdwhite87 says:

Don't do that! Biggest jump from a high to low I've had in a long time. I had actually planned on flashing that leaked version this weekend. Guess ill put it off about a week and see if I hear any news about the update coming to the u.s. I ain't holding my breath though :/

darkmax says:

Exactly where in Southeast Asia?

ziaodix says:

Japan or China most likely.

Samblackjack says:

Umm... Japan & China are in east Asia. Southeast Asia would be Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.

ziaodix says:

Close enough.

Buzwa says:

Luckily the Aria has some good developers working on it. We have had 2.2 with HTC Sense for a good while now.

Ki77erB says:

Yes, a big thanks to all the developers out there!! I have 2.2 for some time. Using CM so I dont have sense but then again, I dont really need/want it. Carriers are so behind.