AT&T's second Android phone, the HTC Aria, is now available for purchase. You can buy it direct from AT&T for $129.99 after $100 rebate, or you can find it other notable online sources for considerably less (read: free). While the specs on the Aria don't exactly match up with some of the newer phones we've seen, the results we've seen on benchmarks show that this phone is more than capable of holding its own. [AT&T wireless]


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HTC Aria available now on AT&T


I just got the phone sunday and i agree about not letting the 600 processor be a hindrance to getting this phone! it is very fast! I'm pleased with my purchase! I also got a $50 loylalty credit so i got the phone under $100 plus i didn't have to change my data. i grandfathered in a truly unlimited data plan from my old Tilt phone (no 5gb cap even). i wasn't going to the iphone and loose that!!