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600MB update already landing on devices

Both HTC and Verizon have confirmed that an update bringing Android 4.2.2 along with Sense 5 is on its way to Droid DNA owners today. It's certainly been a long time coming (as other HTC devices start to hit Android 4.4), but we'll never turn down such a huge update. While bringing all of the modern features of 4.2 and Sense 5, the DNA will now be up to speed software-wise with the HTC One on Verizon, which is important.

Members in our own forums are starting to see the updates on their own Droid DNAs, first in the form of a small update to prepare the system and again in a larger — about 600MB — update to make the jump to 4.2.2. Are you seeing the update on your own device? Sing out in the forums and let everyone else know how you're getting along with it.

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Source: Verizon; @moversi


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HTC and Verizon confirm Droid DNA Android 4.2.2 update


The display alone makes the HTC Droid DNA much better than Samsung's S3. When considering the build quality, internals, camera, and UI the HTC Droid DNA is the clear winner over any Samsung smartphone.

HTC Droid DNA owners can now remain satisfied for another year or longer with their outstanding, high performance, top of the line, flagship smartphone.

All other comments are senseless self justification over a decimal point nit pickers! Really? Cheap plastic lacking internal storage overpriced bloated decrepit whiz-bang UI. Really? Didn't make AC's list of best smartphones currently available. Wonder why? But, but, but, lemmings buy more of them just like iPhones. Really?

Congrats HTC.

"...the HTC Droid DNA is the clear winner over any Samsung smartphone..."

I need a dose of what you're smoking mate.

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Both were made of plastic, the touch on the DNA was better, but they are both plastic

Lacking internal storage? you had a 16/32GB on the SGS3, unlike the DNA with only 16

SDcard support if you need more storage, didn't that get cut from the DNA (unlike the Butterfly J, the original)

Sense is better than TW on a lot of fronts, I cannot complain there. TW has better/more features that *I* actually use.

I didnt see the DNA on the most current list of best smartphones either, Oh yeah, THEY ARE OLDER PHONES

It is great that you like your phone but come on, don't just be a troll. Put some facts in there instead of mindless drivel

Well lets see, we have Samsung with a patent portfolio that rakes in royalties hand over fist being able to advertise their products to the top(I'm quite impressed with the fact that I know a S3 falling off the top of a car and being run over numerous times not even being scratched let alone still working) You have HTC who puts out great products but doesn't have the financial wealth to compete head to head with Samsung. I shopped around long and hard researching every comparison and eventually bought the Droid DNA even without the microSD storage. Though that feature was pretty close to being the deal breaker. This update to 4.2.2 and sense 5 was well worth the wait.

dude, the s3 camera killed the dna camera, are you kidding me? and the s4 kills it even further. I love htc, but get real.

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Wow someone has some pent up hostility lol. The Droid DNA is a badass device IMO, never really got the praise it deserves. With that said, I have a gs3 on vzw. Its a decent device as well and because it was so popular it continues to get updated. Truthfully though, I run custom aosp/cm ROMs. TW custom are OK but too damn big...1gb downloads smdh

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4.2 to 4.3 is a minor update. You're not missing much. Plus the HTC one vzw is not even running 4.3 so why would the older dna?

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The Notification Listener Service makes a huge difference to me & I can't go back to using devices without it.

Where is my note 2 update Verizon you pieces of shit

How much crappy bloatware is on this update

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This device is only a year-old, and I'm almost certain, this is the last update it's going to see.

I thought, HTC promised to update the DNA straight to 4.3?

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Came to say something along this line

Again we are all gushing over HTC updates to 4.4 (which we will actually see if they happen) but they will not update a very capable, year old device to even 4.3?

This is why they are losing money and continue to fall behind the likes of Samsung.

That being said, I hope that with the One, the policy will change. I won't hold my breath, and they are going to piss off a ton of people (One X, DNA customers)...

Wait... They are losing money because of updates? I thought the operating costs were killing them, but I guess not. It's the updates. They need to include that in their next financial report.

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Lol, updates could be a factor, though, even if they only affect a very vocal minority. Think back to 2011: Motorola got trashed (publicly so) for taking several devices off of its Ice Cream Sandwich update list.

Motorola fell out of favor with its customers, and its sales did suffer, as a result.

So, yes, updates can have a positive or negative impact on income.

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That's not why they're losing money.... C'Mon man!!!! u think amount of people who care it they're on 4.1,4.2 or 4.3 have a major impact on sales? No! Plain and simple they don't have the money to compete with Samsung or Apple ... They can't demand carrier to do certain things like they do... They can't market like they do.. and HTC is not apart of any other echo system of our lives ex: TVs, music/iTunes, (cross marketin) like the other two... Plan and simply not as popular..

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Agreed. Every point. Apple and Samsung spend more on MARKETING than HTC has in total Revenue.

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yes you are right. It is in no way a major selling point to be able to say "here we have the HTC One. It has the latest version of Android and..."

But it is perfectly fine to say "Here we have the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is running one of the newest versions of Android and the HTC One which is running an older version of Android...."

You have to remember the consumer, Newer is always better. Higher specs = better phone.

I won't even mention this conversation:

Bob: I just got Android 4.2.2 on my HTC One
John: Really? wow your behind man, I have had 4.3 for months on my SGS4

Yes, for many reasons, both present and future, Version is a reason for sales.

Ok, Ok, lol. Fair enough, brother. Agreed, completely.

Of course, I realize the obvious (Samsung and Apple having more product lines and bigger marketing budgets) . But, I was just entertaining (trying to, and miserably, I might add) the idea that updates could affect a company's reputation and, consequently, its bottom line.

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I think sales suffered for Motorola because basically in between that (pulled back ICS update promises) time and the Moto X, they were essentially a Verizon-only shop. Just based on eyeing what phones people were using, I surprising saw a good number of DROID RAZR Ms. They were getting trashed the the "enthusiasts" but phones like the RAZR-line were at some points outselling the iPhone on Verizon.

gotta say that when your right your right.

Motorola pulled back a lot, more than likely because of the sale to Google.

True. At one point, the Razr series was selling more than the iPhone. I think AC may have written that article.

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We are the ones who are suggesting the phones to buy to our less nerdy friends.. If we don't suggest they get a DNA then a DNA won't get bought = loss of money..

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The last announcement said that 4.4 for the DNA should be released by the end of Q1.

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Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no... Not really. If it was Android 5.0, I might wag my tail in excitement. Or not.

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Apparently from the quick Google that I did. 4.3 was to be released at the end of September in the US and Canada.

So they will have it by March.

And this would be the main reason why I left HTC.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!

ITS About DAMN Time we get an update. Im happy with this phone still. My Dna is updating as we speak. Also something to remember....A TON of verizon phones launch with 4.1 or 4.2.....for examlpe look at the LG G2. its on 4.2.2....its NOT on 4.3 or 4.4 yet. Now That this phone(DNA) Is running the same software as the Verizon One...Both the phones might see 4.3 before the end of January....THAT WOULD BE HELLA SWEET.

Am I correct in inferring that this is the first release of Sense 5 to the Droid DNA? If so, why on earth is the headline "Android 4.2.2" without any mention of Sense 5? The update to Sense is a much bigger and more important UX update than Android 4.1 -> 4.2.

I can make that statement because I've been running the Sense 5 port on my EVO LTE for a little while now, and I'm liking it a lot compared to Sense 4.x.

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If you look at Droid-life.com thay Said on the post DNA Mayjor update to 4.2.2 with Sense 5 in the title.

I just got the update and at least it's a step in the right direction. I was finally able to run the Google experience launcher!

Loaded and now running 4.2.2. It's about time. I have been told twice now by two different high ranking HTC employees that the DNA will receive 4.4 by end of Q1 2014. Hoping but not holding my breath.

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Been playing with the wife's dna . its a nice update everything is snappy just looks good. Good for HTC and Verizon breathing new life into that phone

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I'm glad it's working great for you! Fingers crossed for better battery life!!

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Good for these people. I guess HTC is changing starting with the HTC One. I'm not too behind on my One X because I have a Sense 5 4.2.2 ROM in it (from the european XL version), which is stable, but it would be nice when they release the official AT&T update soon for other people that aren't so patient with rooting

Idk about the whole money situation but why is Motorola just now becoming recognized majorily when they really haven't been a fan favorite for a minute and they're doing everything right. I haven't looked at charts but in guessing HTC has more then Motorola.

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Excuse me I want to know which day will the update for the note 2.....4.3 will come?!

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Thanks for all the comments about how the update is working on your DNAs...

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Wow this upgrade makes the DNA feel like a brand new phone. The battery lasts way longer now! Me likey!

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Good afternoon.
I am from Ukraine.
Do not know much English.
I bought the phone with the USA , HTC Droid DNA (Verizon) IMEI 990000673701548.
I want to upgrade to version 4.2.2 android, sens 5.
update does not go through, it is written that the update only CDMA network.
How can I update my mashines, please help.

Has anyone else experienced a great lag when opening text messages. It take a good .25 seconds once you click the message before it loads !

I have been using this update for a little over a day now and I would rather go back to the older version. There are issues with it like you cannot use the P and L keys in landscape for texting. Also, the ring tones have changed. The phone also shows which text messages were read, this is gone. Widgets are now 2D. This version seems like a step back for the way I use the phone. I don't see any advantage to this update and I would prefer to go back to the older version.

I was in love with my DNA when I got it. Do not change the look after I purchased the phone a certain way, that’s a huge reason why people do get the phones that they do. It’s sad enough that right after the DNA came out it was discontinued practically instantly. But then changing the appearance ruined it. I had such a beautiful look going on and my full-screen wooden calculator that came on the phone is now flat black, so my matching wooden background doesn’t match it anymore (I also have a phone case made of cork) so my entire aesthetic is completely thrown off.
On top of that, everything is SOOOOO SLLOOOWWWW it takes a million years to open anything and send anything, when I try to use Swype (yes Swype and not the Droid version which is bad in comparison) is extremely laggy and makes me not even want to type at all.
ALSO, I have 6 other roommates and we communicate through group conversations, so tell me why after the update when I send a message through group convo, everyone’s responses come back to me individually now. Do you have any idea how hard that is to keep up with and how out-of-order things get??!!! ESPECIALLY when my phone is lagging, so I have 6 other girls spamming my folder topspeed while I can’t even send one message and then I have to go through everything and piece together the conversation ALL WHILE everyone is stiiillll talking to me. Like wtf is this? Is that how I should be starting 2014, with a phone that has ruined every single purpose of why I own it?!