Yesterday we saw a whole bunch of great new HTC Amaze 4G information come to surface, and today we are happy to have even more. This time we get a silent video tour of the hardware and software on the device, showing it off a bit and making the decision of your next device even harder. T-Mobile customers, will you be waiting for this, or picking up the Samsung Galaxy S II when it is available? Hop into the forums and let us know what device is next for you, and why!

Source: TMoNews

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Who? says:

Video but no audio? Must have been taken with a Thunderbolt. ZING!

bpear96 says:

That would have been funny...but there is audio, just no ones talking. you can here the boot sound etc :)

Sniper1087 says:

how does this phone compete with the SGS2 from Tmobile

That battery looks TINY!

crazythunder says:

should have shown the camera settings and taken a picture. lame