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Developers have worked out a one-click root option for the HTC Amaze 4G, that provides a temporary root option if you have a locked bootloader, or a perm-a-root if you've managed to get the bootloader unlocked.  While many (yours truly) aren't a fan of one click solutions, I know a lot of you guys love them, and as long as you're careful you don't need folks like me giving you guff.

The process looks pretty painless -- you'll need the adb drivers from HTC, and the ability to follow some easy instructions.  Hit the source link for all the details and the download.

Source: XDA
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HTC Amaze 4G gets a one-click root option, permanent for unlocked bootloaders


Whats wrong with one click options? Shouldn't HTC just put a on/off button in the bootloader to lock and unlock things to make it that easy?

I would love to see a one-click temp root option for the EVO 3D. I have a locked bootloader and hboot 1.5. I am not quite ready and willing to do the HTC unlock method.

Used HTC's unlock method just because I have loss, theft, water damage insurance from my carrier.
If I brick my phone I'll just drop it in the tub and I'll have a new Evo 3D.
Minus $100 of course.
I rooted because I paid attention to the leaks of ICS ahead of time. HTC is gonna have trouble with this update.

One click options are great for the average Joe wanting to root and do nothing else. The problem is that it does nothing to teach the user basic commands with adb to herp trouble shoot problems or do some of the more advanced stuff that requires you to enter scripts or commands.

Most people don't want to have to be a nerd to get the customization that rooting offers.
One - Click roots bring a lot of people to this platform, who otherwise would be on iOS.

Thanks to all the devs that realize that opening the backdoor easily helps bring in former iOS faithful.

Not gonna lie, going through adb scares me. I would love to be able to root through it but I'm scared I'm gonna brick my phone and have to end up getting a new one. My MoPho has a one-click root but it doesn't unlock bootloader. I'm currently reading and watching videos on how to unlock my bootloader so if/when I finally do it, I won't be as nervous.

I myself love the 1 click root. I understand know exactly how to manually do it so that your better at it when problems arise but like dwr said most people don't want to jump through hoops when dealing with their cell phone or they will just use another OS. Android is really going to be hurt with the locked bootloader issue. I myself have been tempted to switch just because my phone works better only after I root and most people dont want to have to do that.