The Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE is nearly devoid of bloatware. It's got the Sprint Zone and HTC Hub apps, but it's missing all of the usual carrier-loaded crap we're used to finding littered in our app drawers. It's also missing a few staples, though, including the Flashlight application. Getting it back is pretty simple, as SuicydeStealth points out in our forums. (As did EeJLP, apparently.) Just fire up the HTC Hub app, go to HTC Essentials in the categories, and there you'll find the flashlight app. And while you're there, might as well poke around and see if anything else is missing.

Interesting is that this isn't even an option on the AT&T HTC One X. Flashlight just doesn't show up. 

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Updated Jan. 13, 2015: Added additional forum link. Thanks, EeJLP!



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How to get the HTC Flashlight on the EVO 4G LTE [From the forums]


We had to do the same thing on the EVO 3D... Flashlight widget on home screen > a flashlight app anyway.

On my ATT One X I got the Flashlight app from XDA. Originally you had to be rooted to install the Flashlight app but someone uploaded a signed flashlight.apk that just installs without root for the One X. Head over to XDA and search for the Missing Apps thread...and then go to page 6 of that thread for the signed version of the flashlight app.

It isn't QUITE that simple. For one, you have to create a stupid "HTC" account, and verify it. THEN you can download the app, if HUB is working, which it was not all weekend.

I had given up and installed Tiny Flashlight instead. Just wasn't worth the hassle!

And SprintZone on the Evo LTE is somehow broken because there is no menu key anymore, and no place for settings or options or preferences. So there is no way to subscribe or unsubscribe to the various notifications. It appears it might be a screwup on the compile under ICS, but I am not sure.

And I find it fascinating they would omit a flashlight, but include "Stocks", Dropbox, Facebook, and several other things I would consider bloatware. Still, compared to lots of phones, it is pretty clutter-free.

I know this is a bit old, but I don't seem to have an option for categories in my HTC Hub. Could be because I'm running the One V, but would love to do this. I just see a list of featured titles in "Applications." Registered, verified, synced. Any suggestions?

I do not have HTC Hub on my EVO LTE nor can I find it. Where can I find the record widget that was on the original EVO 4G? Does anyone know? I use it everyday for work and NO other app is the same or work the same as I have tried them ALL!