If you have yet to catch Apple's latest marketing attempts,"If you don't have an iPhone...", you have missed a series of humorous videos, in which they clearly have caught a case of amnesia. In Apple's latest videos they have hinted at being the only platform which contains an AppStore which contains all the best applications, but have they forgotten a lot of them are available on Android now in the ever growing Market. Must we remind them of Read It Later, Words with Friends and Angry Birds, which are dual platform now. Also, they have hinted about iBooks being the only way to read books on a mobile platform, but what about the Nook application as well as Google Books, and many others? Come on Apple, we know you are scared by the numbers, but let's not forget others are doing it, and arguably better. Another video after the break. [Youtube via TiPb]

Update: Let's try this again.  Shout out to thisisliving93 at Youtube for re-posting the first video.  Seems like Apple didn't like the Internet watching it.



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Has Apple lost it with their latest marketing campaign?


If you dont have an iphone well....
you have a better phone
you have a life
are not told how to use your phone
you can customize your phone

help me out people

If you don't have an iphone well...

You have a phone with reception
You have a phone without Daylight savings time bugs...

The list goes on :D

If you don't have an iPhone, well...

You have live wallpaper.
You don't have to plug your phone into your computer.
You can remove your battery and have an extra.

If you don't have an iphone:

You don't have to have use itunes to load new ringtones
You don't have to open a weather app to see the weather
You don't have open each sms, email(s), facebook, twitter, browser, to remove the notification that you just got.

If you don't have an iPhone,
You have widgets
You have easy access to notifications
You have true multi-tasking

If you don't have an iPhone,
Your one lucky nerd! (android FTW!)

If you don't have an iPhone...

You don't have dropped calls
You can hold your phone any way you want
You aren't behind the technology curve
You don't have someone in a turtleneck what you can run
You see the internet like you would on a PC
You have choice

Your phone doesn't look like the guy's next to you

no they havent lost it, while many major apps have android counterparts, apps like infinity blade, flipboard, zite and others have no equivalent on android and the quality of apps on the app store is better than those on the market

Did you really just say that this advertisement is valid because we don't have Infinity Blade? I thought we were supposed to be the nerds...

:::strikes you with his EVO for 28 humiliation Damage :::

"the quality of apps on the app store is better than those on the market"

No not really. I'd say good apps are about equal on terms of quality. ****** apps are ****** apps no matter which platform you use.

"No not really. I'd say good apps are about equal on terms of quality."

Definitely not, and almost spoken like someone who has never actually seen the App Store.

now you sir have lost it. NO way in hell are the markets apps equal except for angry birds but the super ultra intrusive apps kill that. Android has a long way to go to catch up in the app department. and they can start by moving away from the ridiculously small app memory. 32 gigs on a phone but you can only save 500MB's of apps? Ridiculous to say the least.

So some apps are not only intrusive, but super ultra intrusive? I would have thrown a "mega" or a "duper" in there while we're abusing adjectives. Anyhow, I really don't think that any normal person requires that much app space on their phone. Nevertheless thank you, IOS user who would never use an Android Phone anyway... Your advice on which direction our OS needs to move in is worth it's weight in manure.

Games are for kids all the real apps u need u can find on both platforms. People don't buy these devices for games.

People don't buy these things for games? That just not true dude. People barely use these things as just phones anymore.

In all serious, people buy smartphones because of the looks and touchscreen. I know a few people with little to no apps on their phone. They buy it because "it was cool". No exaggeration here; seriously how most people I know think.

This is absolutely correct. My fiancée bought the iPhone because "it's cool" with pretty much no intention of using any apps on it. I had to influence her into using apps so she could actually get enough functionality out of the thing to semi-justify the cost of it.

My Dad got the BB Storm 2 and then was able to trade it for a Droid X, both because they looked "cool". My mom got an R2D2 after the recent price drop but that's because she loves Star Wars, though that's not the "cool" reason but still it was for appearance of the device. She would have just had a flip-phone otherwise.

Way to go on winning that Thunderbolt...

But, if your mum is using a Chocolate phone, shouldn't you consider giving her the Thunderbolt? lol

Seriously, I own both Android (HTC Droid Incredible) & an iPhone 4 (Verizon). And the only 2 things I love about my iPhone are:
1. The battery life is absolutely awesome. I get 3 days on a single charge & average usage.
2. The clean professional UI look iOS brings.

Now, having said that, I don't get to use most of the apps as freely as I do on my Android. And I just hate having to press 1 of 2 buttons that turns the iPhone's screen on. I like having a touch optical device (sadly, seems to be a dying feature on any & all Android devices these days.), and having a back, home & menu buttons for easier navigation, rather than just 1 lonely home button that will wear out in no time.

Yes, if you don't have an iPhone, you have better options & navigation!

PS: Those download times in the videos, they are time elapsed. No iPhone downloads that fast, not on a network & not on WiFi. Seems most take 40 seconds to a full minute or more.

Among many others...

Adobe Ideas

Android, it turns out more and more, is not for people who design and develop websites. It's unfortunate that this is the case (and has been for a long time) because this makes me have to invest in Apple. If Android never catches up (which probably won't, or at least not in a reasonable amount of time), I can't switch to it 100% (phone is fine for now, just not for tablet use).

You develop Websites on an iPhone? I'm a Web developer and I wouldn't think to use a phone, or even a tablet to code Web sites.

I saw one of these ads last night and I just started laughing. I mean, really? By the way, the first video is showing as "private" and I could not view it.

Really? Do we need fanboy articles? The app store has WAY more apps then Android,the same apps on both platforms are almost always better on iOS and "Angry Birds" is CIF resolution and not even close to looking as good as the iPhone 4 one. Android can stand on its own without Apple hate I'm pretty sure.

About as many that are duplicated on Android...only there are more high-quality "duplicates" to choose from in the App Store.

It's not the number of apps, its the fact that they're claiming certain apps are "ONLY" on the iphone, when some of the apps they're featuring are on Android, heck, one of them is even on Blackberry. And resolution of apps is a moot point as no mainstream android device currently supports "retina" like resolutions, so of course applications made for that display will look better than ones that were made for 480x854, just like Angry birds looks a LOT better on Android initially until it was optimized for iOS and larger screen res. And how is this apple hate? Apple is openly misrepresenting their competitors. Shouldn't they be able to stand on their own withing hating on everyone else?

What are you fucking high off the methane gas coming out of Steve Job's ass? The sheer fact that you would use "resolution" and this "retina" display bullshit as a valid argument is asinine. There are so many different devices for the platform. One of them being LG, who makes that display that makes angry birds on the iphone 4 and iphone ONLY.. so much better than Andriod. WTF makes you think that a slew of high res Andriod devices--even better res than iphone 4 is right around the corner?

If you dont have an iphone.. you're a loser.
If you dont have an iphone.. you should kill yourself.
If you DO have an iphone.... Welcome to the Dark Side.

Woah dude, it's just a phone. Save the hate for something else.

As for Apple's advertising, this is nothing new. They have historicaly belittled their competition in lieu of talking about their features. On the rare occasion that they DO talk about features, it is usually misrepresented.

No hi res? My SMOLED screen on my captivate beggs to differ...

Or a Datsun B210. It isn't rocket science to get 40+ MPG out of a car. Manufactures have been doing it for decades - without giant lead acid batteries..

If you don't have a Prius - You have a brain.

Great Article Jared. Apple is pathetic with their ads. Steve Jobs needs to ease up on his medication. His empire is failing and will keep failing because the company has no backbone. They are all Apps and Ads. Fuck Apple.

I have full web browsing with flash, I have customization, and I have Google Books and the Kindle app.

But most importantly...I HAVE FREEDOM FROM ITUNES.


Also I have the nook app...so that gives me 3 readers. But I agree with you ace, the best is freedom from itunes.

Captch: No, I'm not spam.

Does this mean my Droid X is an iPhone, cause technically I have two bookstores in my pocket; Google Books, and Kindle. Hmmm, where ya going with this Steve?

Android. A real smartphone that you can "hold wrong" and still make phone calls, swap out your battery for a higher capacity one, use Flash to view the web with no restrictions, and a phone you can customize to YOUR liking without the manufacturer preventing you from doing so.

And no, this isn't SPAM

Wow an AD that calls themselves the best and only in the world. You are really going to blame Apple when every other product ad does the same damn thing? Android fantards.

No, that ad implies that the ONLY way to have a digital bookstore and your library in your pocket is by having itunes. This is blatantly false. This is like Ford running a commercial that they're the only company that sells their phones with tires.
It's also not listed on Apple's official youtube site. Seems like the caught that the apps they were touting as "exclusive" were anything but. I think they need a better research guy in their marketing department.

I think the point is to show its the original platform the revolutionized the cell phone industry!! First usable App Store, Smart Phone, etc.

First usable app store? See, this is what Apple does best. They're VERY EFFECTIVE in making people think the iPhone did all this stuff first, as indicated by your post.

There were, at some point in history, devices, products & inventions that revolutionized their respective industries. Doesn't mean we should still use ancient technology. At the fast pace of evolution in the smartphone area, Iphone is becoming less and less relevant as a cutting edge device. These ads seem to be more of a "reassurance" to Apple fans that they are still a unique group.

What about Palm OS.

They have had 'App Stores' for years.

My old IBM C3 and my Palm TX have had apps for years, many free some paid for.




You name it you can find it.

Also the music player on the TX is far better than on iPhone and you can use Win Explorer to but the media on your SD or SDHC card ( yes SDHC on the TX, it is an app you can get to update the TX for SDHC expandable memory) ---- can you do that with Apple?

Hell, I rembember the "Can your phone do that?" campaign. Back then, I was still using a SIDEKICK, & could answer "yes, yes I can" for most of the features they were showing off in the commercials. And I just love AT&T's new commercials showing off simultaneous voice & data, hinting that they're the only carrier who can do that. Simply not true, T-Mo has that capability as well.

They also rarely mention the simultaneous voice and data only works in 3G areas.

Sprint and Verizon can do simultaneous voice and data in 4G areas. They are also both rolling out 1X Advanced, so they will both also have this in EVDO areas - Thunderbolt does simultaneous voice and data.

lol back then you could have easily said "yes. i can do that apple. can you send pictures in text? no? didn't think so."

Articles like this are those that make me concerned about Android in the long term. Sure they fire up the 'faithful', as demonstrated by the number if comments that can be summed up as 'f--k apple'. But those also miss the greater point... This commercial does two things and it does them VERY well. It gives those uniformed of mobile OS's (read majority of cell phone customers)a sense that they are missing out on something if the don't go with an iPhone...AND it reinforces those that already have an iPhone that they made the smart choice. So new customers curious and brand loyalty reinforcement. Sounds like a double win to me. So instead of wondering why we (Android) don't have any companies out there doing something similar, we feed our own inner trolls inside of our isolated bubbles where we are sure to have our own prejudices reinforced. Meanwhile, Apple is very effectively making a very public case that the mobile world is divided into "iPhone and not-iPhone". And as long a we are stuck on a platform that has some of the best features out, but no willingness to demonstrate them (see Xoom commercials for perfect example), we'll continue to see Apple hammer that point home.

i think this is a very good point from an advertising standpoint. because like you said, the vast majority seeing the commercials simply doesn't know any better

If you have an iPhone...

You don't have the Android Market... the worlds largest uncencored selection of apps.

You don't have a full Flash web browser.

You don't have Google Navigation... the worlds best free GPS navigation app.

The list goes on. Google or an OEM should make a response commercial.

For your rhetoric, you can no longer say "We". Your Android rights have been revoked. Please return you shitty Droid Eris (probably with a pink case) and what is left of your dignity, back to manufacture. ***3 Stars to ban this guy from the community.

I must be an foul mood today because normally I wouldn't even reply but...

Awesome! You got a two-fer! You somehow managed to make everyone dismiss your comment two levels. On both the lack of meaningful content as a counter-point AND your use of not so subtle homo-erotic subtext. Bonus points for your wonderful nod to the grammar police with your two time refusal to use that "R" key on your keyboard when typing "youR" and "manufactureR". Cheers. :)

Yup...for someone reason Google finds that they are somehow special and don't need to advertise Android in the same way Apple does for their products. I can't think of any advertisement that actually advertises a product - properly as an Android device and not just 'something else on the shelf next to the iPhone/iPad'. If an Android device is to ever get close to the same recognition and success as the iPhone it needs to actually ADVERTISE...for everyone, not just pimply-faced guys that coo over spaceships and weird alien things. (I'm looking at you Droid/Xoom).

Google isn't selling phones, but they are selling an entire ecosystem built around them. It behooves them to encourage more people to use their product.

Good point. The majority of consumers are uninformed and will take this commercial at face value. We need more commercials in the line of "Droid Does" that highlight what android can do, what iphones can't do. Expose the lies of Apple. Unfortunately, now that Verizon has the iphone & ipad, they won't do any more commercials that jab at Apple.

I think Verizon really did the android platform a huge favor when they started advertising with their "D R O I D" commercials. It was a big campaign and it paid off. Well, mostly. In my case, it interested me in an android phone, but I would never go with big V again, so I got the captivate on AT&T. Good for android all around. Will they do it again? probably. Even with the iPhone, they have way too many android powered devices on the shelves next to it....

Verizon marketing helps Android. Sprint did great marketing the EVO by showing what it can do. This is the approach that will help Android win. Show everyone what it can do. That is what Apple does in it's iPhone advertisements. That is what gets them the customer loyalty.

The problem with that marketing, is that since it came out, Apple has released products and updates that invalidate many of those bullet points that were once good arguments pro-Android. Apple has even done so more if the rumors of a keyboard equipped iPhone come true this year (doubtful though).

YES!!! I thought I was the only one that noticed that crap. The one I saw was the iBooks commercial and I said to myself...Apple knows they are in trouble. But I was mainly thinking about iBooks and how you have Amazon, B&N and even Google Books thats better. I didn't know they were trying to pull this crap with other stuff!

All it says is that Apple realizes they can't compete and from the sounds of this Thunderbolt launch against an iPhone 4 offering its quite evident. They've saturated their market. Now the race is on to try and paint the competitors with falsehoods to grab some of the less knowledgeable folks that still haven't jumped to a smartphone.

If you don't have an iPhone...

...you can make calls while holding your phone in your hand.

...you probably don't spend as much money on good apps. Cheap is good, free is better, and open source is the road to true innovation.

...you've probably rooted your device for increased functionality. Peter Alfonso FTFW.

...you get a huge laugh out of reading about Apple's ridiculous commercials and crippled devices on your Xoom, Evo, or Thunderbolt.

...people don't think you're a pretentious prick trapped in a state of denial because you can't wrap your head around the fact that while Apple has some good ideas their lack of common sense when designing devices and unchecked megalomania are preventing them from producing decent, usable devices.

...you've probably just figured out Android is better. Or you live in the Congo. But even gorillas in the Congo know Android is better.

These ads remind me of the ad they've run for iPhone 4 about the lithium polymer battery, as if the battery technology was new and basically implying nothing else had it just on the fact that they bothered advertising it.

I'm pretty sure the ORIGINAL iPhone had a LiPo battery. As well as most other smartphones in the last 3-4 years.

Me: I'd love to get my hands on an old iPhone somehow and get a picture of my dog pooping on it.

Fellow Android Fan: eh, that'd be a waste of resources

Fellow Android Fan: not the phone, but his time

Me: Yeah, but he has an endless supply of poop.

Me: Just like Apple seems to have an endless supply of bad ideas.

Me: Coincidence?

*Yawn* I didn't see anything the least bit controversial or newsworthy about these commercials. I kept waiting for the shark to jump, and only saw the usual Apple marketing.

The fact of the matter is that if you don't have the iPhone, you don't have the App Store (not "an app store") or iBooks (not "an online bookstore"). Naturally, Apple's going to pitch its marketplaces as the best UX. BFD.

I never expected to see the day when AC and TiPB would cross lines on the fanboy axis.

Oh Jesus...come on Android'ers...lets not be blind here. Its no mystery that the quality of apps in the App Store is better than in the Market. You're a complete fanboy if you deny that. YES, we are catching up but lets not have the And-penis in our mouths too much to the point we deny the reality. With the ground Android is making up they are starting to port many of the apps over but its still no where near the App Store. This is from someone who owns nothing but Android phones and will only purchase Android phones (Epic, Evo, Evo Shift) BUT I also own an iPod Touch and an iPad so I'm very well aware of the differences in the apps and the quality of those apps. We are almost there but lets not act like it is the complete same across the board.

I honestly think Google has its Android users quite delusional in the same sense Apple has its iOS users delusional. Neither side is willing to admit the other sides OBVIOUS advantages. Its disgusting...

the app store vs android market argument is a non issue at best. ive been on android since launch day of the g1. and even then, ive never not had an app that i needed in the market.

Thats personal. But to say the quality of apps is consistent on both platforms is ridiculous. I've never ran into that issue either but I'm fully aware that the app selection and quality of apps is better on iOS. Aside from the smut apps they've got all the apps we've got and more for the most part.

It's not a non-issue. Just because you don't have that issue, doesn't mean others don't. There are many apps I need for work that are not available on Android, and will probably never make their way over. To say that the apps are the same, or the same quality, or comparable in all regards is ignorance at its finest.

** wow, got 1 star for stating fact. so glad to be affiliated with the likes of you all! :) **

No you got 1 star because more people than you may want to realize DON'T have an issue.

What you naysayers in disguise seem to miss is that Android is selling like hotcakes and apps drive it just like they drive iOS. Now what you all call quality I don't know. I'm starting to assume quality to iOS fans means it looks exactly like the rest of the iOS apps. Android folks just want something that works and 9 times out of 10 thats exactly what you find. This whole "quality" thing has turned into a talking point with no sort of real world backing. If the apps were that much better in quality Apples market share would not be flat.

I would have agreed with you a year ago, but not now.

I have an iPod Touch and an Android and there isn't a single app on the Touch that I can't duplicate in some way on the Android. In fact, the Touch is collecting dust right now because I've all but abandoned it.

My sister was showing off her iPhone to me, showing off all the cool apps that she didn't think I'd have -- Google Sky? yep, Pandora? yep, Shazam? yep, and my Shazam uses Amazon MP3, where the price of a song was cheaper and easier to port. The one thing she DID find was the dancing stars on her Starbucks app. My Starbucks app(My Coffee Card app, actually) has a nice widget on my home screen, but yes, my stars don't dance up and down like the iPhone one does.

Yes, a definite Charlie Sheen win for Apple.

Sigh... I was hoping that I would check this article's comments and that it would have evolved into something other than a giant group reach around... Well, I guess I'll point to a few of the more egregiously fanboy statements to call out... (knowing that anything other than "F apple, Android 4evar!!!!!" is an invitation to be flamed in these threads)...

A: For those that point to all the flaws of the iphone (reception, daylight savings, lack of flash, multitasking, etc.) Get over yourselves. My Evo has a laundry list of things it doesn't do right, and I STILL love it. Every product has cons that customers live with for sake of the pros. You are just deluding yourself if you think that the entirety of iPhone buyers are oblivious to it's flaws, and that if YOU would only point them out, they would open their eyes, and with their new-found knowledge go pick up an Atrix. The Apple experience is one that works for a LOT of people. Not because they don't know any better, but because it WORKS for them. Not for me, and probably not for you, but for them it works, and that's the reality.

B. The app argument is just dumb. As was said above, lets not fool ourselves. The app store kicks a$$. It's attractive to developers that only have to design for one form factor, and (somewhat overbearing) control on distribution. Its flooded with junk? So what, so is the android market. It has ALL the quality apps that people want, not just some. There is a reason every single app store startup is compared to Apple's. Like it or not, they are the gold standard. The android market is getting great, but app store it isn't. And those that say "well it's open, that's what's important" Yeah, and what does that mean to anybody that doesn't ready a tech blog? All they (majority of consumers) want to know is if they can pay a dollar and play angry birds without that advertising thing in the corner (true request from a friend).

Well said...if I had a retardant to battle the inevitable amount of volcanic flames you are gonna receive I would give it to you!

All the "App Store" video did was remind me of one of things I hate about iOS. Why must you be kicked out of the App Store application every time you choose to install an app? Do I really need to see the icon plunk down on my homescreen with progress bar? No Apple... I don't.

Just for the record... yes I have an iOS device, an iPad. I got it when the older refurb model dropped to $349. I figured it would be easier for my wife to use and would keep from tinkering with it constantly like I do with my phone. Please don't judge me :)

If you don't have an iPhone. Well....

You have true multitasking
You have open-source
you have google
You control your phone
Best of all, you have CYANOGENMOD!!!

...as much as i try like hell to avoid these two-minute hates, these ads simply don't make much sense. Yes, they'll be believed by the 'faithful,' and torn down by the 'rebels.' I think Apple is simply preaching to it's own choir with some sleight of mind.

the last line in translation: we can't keep up with all the other phones out there this year. so instead of looking bad in comparison, we're just gonna say we're in our own class. that should keep the fanboys fooled.

Hmm...or we have a brain to think for ourselves, and not what the government and its enviro goons claim we shouldn't do. :)

So what if I have to fill up my truck every 2 days? At least women think I'm macho. And where you going to put a gun rack in a prius? Exactly. No thanks Obama, I like my air and water like I like my women--filthy and full of diseases. ;)

I had an iPhone (3g, 3gs, 4). Since then I have found the freedom in Android. I am glad I don't have an iPhone Anymore!

Fanboy mode: On

Hey guys, you have to admit the App Store does have a lot more Apps [useless ones] than the Market place. And don't forget the Apple bookstore! Forget about having a Kindle or Nook account and being able to read your kindle and Nook books on any OS [Windows, android, kindle reader...], Having iBook to only read on a single OS is awesome! Who needs options! Let's not forget Flash. C'mon guys, we don't like watching pr0n [ >.> ] on the go at all.
If you don't have an iPhone, well you must have a really awesome phone that will make me go on "Android" sites just to bash on out of jealousy!

Yeah...this the problem with Android fanboys...

"...you have to admit the App Store does have a lot more Apps [useless ones] than the Market place."

yeah...such as? I mean, sure, there are duplicates and not every app is gold - but I find far more useless ones in the market outside the 'featured' apps, such as a ton of 'porn' apps, iBoobies, and "apps" that are nothing more than portals to a mobile site.

"Having iBook to only read on a single OS is awesome! Who needs options!"

Google books, Kindle, and Nook applications are all available for iOS.

"Let's not forget Flash."

This 'argument' is as pointless as people stating "useless apps". Most websites don't use Flash anymore outside of banner ads. Hell, I even know of porn sites that use HTML5 for video.

The commercial said that you can't have your favorite books in your pocket without iPhone. That's a blatant lie, not just spin.

No, it's really not. Not every book is available in either market - so it is a spin. It's a sneaky spin, but a spin none-the-less.

No. It's a lie.

It says you can't carry your favorite books in your pocket without an iPhone. First off, in the general, how does it know what are people's favorite books. Secondly, in the specific, I know this that this is a lie as I do carry my favorite books around in my pocket on my Android phone.

It's a blatant lie and vendors shouldn't be allowed to get away with that sort of statement.

Watch the Weather Channel. They would have you believe the I phone is the only Phone with a weather channel app.

Google and Android needs to do more to educate people!

these ad's just show proof of the threat that Apple is feeling from Android. Nothing more. Apple has some awesome apps that aren't on the Market, thats the truth. I have a Vibrant and love my phone and prefer Android over iOS, but Apple does have advantages over Android, and vice versa. I have yet to see a report about malicious apps from the App Store like there were on the Market recently, if there were, then please share sources. The main reason I didn't get an iphone back when i got the vibrant instead is that I just dont like how Apple presents its products. Whenever they reveal a new product they make it look like it's God's gift to mankind, and that was extremely noticeable at the iPad 2 launch. It wasn't any better than a Honeycomb tablet imho. I just dont like the way they market Apple products making them seem like they are the best things in the world, for that reason I went with Android, and now that I gotten into rooting and flashing and all these other things, it appeals to me more than Apple products.

Lol didn't PalmOS and Windows mobile have tons of apps before the iPhone came around?

I used to have an app that let me send n receive faxes on my old Treo 650. Tell me that's not productive.s

One of the ads claims iPhones can do talking and web browsing simultaneously. webOS was doing that almost TWO YEARS ago.

If you don't have an iPhone,

You haven't wasted your hard earned money on elitist, dogmatic, totalitarianism.

You don't shit your pants when you take it to be repaired and it costs as much as the unit

you don't give Steve Jobs more money to continue to be a self involved wanker

you don't support 1984 big brother bullshit

you have a brain and understand computing and know what ubuntu is

you have a phone that doesnt own you, but you own it.


So let me get this straight. Apple pulled their commercial off their site because it was getting too many views? Their commercial? The object of which is to get people to watch it. And they pulled it?

If that is correct, then sell your shares people because mass suicides could be next.

I think fanyboyism of all varieties is a waste of time. That said, when Apple came out with the iPhone, I was in awe. I wanted one badly, but due to circumstance never got one. By the time circumstances changed, and I had the opportunity to choose my carrier and device the shine on apple had tarnished quite a bit.

Most notably, as an owner of a couple iPod Touches I grew to hate iTunes for the buggy, slow and bloated software that it is. There are also some missing features in iOS that just should be there. For instance, Apple does very little to give provide you timely information without having to unlock the phone and go into specific apps. Even Blackberry has a lock screen that provides important info.

I now have a rooted MyTouch 4G (Cyanogen mod) and couldn't be happier. Sure, there are some missing apps in the market, but the ones I do have run so much faster than the iOS equivalent. Browsing is lightning fast and does justice to the 3G/4G networks we pay so dearly for. I can wait for more sophisticated apps. Given the choice between slickness and getting to my info at blinding speed, I'll choose the latter every time.

Apple's biggest Achilles heal is their arrogance. Their refusal to allow Flash, a user-replaceable battery, a removable SD card slot, and standardized interface support (USB) among others will be their long-term downfall. They have the ultimate "not invented here" syndrome. Fast forward five years and Android will be dominant, and iPhone will be an expensive option for those who care more about brand than usability.

I don't blame people for buying iPhones. They are slick gadgets that appeal to people who want simplicity. However, that simplicity comes at a steep cost and it's only a matter of time before the market wakes up to this.

Here is where the argument falls when people say 'Apple is doomed':

"They are slick gadgets that appeal to people who want simplicity."

It's because of the simplicity that Apple is so successful. They make really nice products that are modern, powerful, but still remain very user-friendly. Android, at this time, doesn't offer that. Extra ports, SD cards, and various interfaces from manufacturers complicate things for the average consumer. I'm sorry but, $200 billion in wealth doesn't come from just a bunch of geeks on a blogging website. Could Apple stand to offer a couple of extra models in their lineup? Absolutely. However, even without the extra models (ie, keyboard equipped iPhone) Apple is doing incredibly well by any measure.

I, at first, damned Apple for their decision to cut out Flash. However, as a professional web developer myself, I have seen the usage of Flash across the board drop significantly in my own work and other businesses I've worked with. HTML5 has really come along very nicely and offers a lot of functionality ranging from videos to full-blown games and other applications. We are in an age where Flash is about to be completely booted out. It's had its run, it's time to move on - and Adobe knows this just as Apple does.

The market isn't asleep...in fact I feel it's veryawake. Just a couple of years ago smartphones were for business people, now people in all walks of life have one. If the market changes in some significant way, you can bet that Apple will be there to accomodate for it. I don't think they will fall into the same trap they did in the PC market that people (for whatever reason) hope happens.

PCs are more complicated than Mac, but they are vastly more popular. In the end, people want flexibility, especially as these devices go from being phones that have a few apps to full-fledged computing devices that happen to work as a phone.

Android phones have passed iOS and Blackberry and the gap will only grow over time as the Android OS is setup to innovate much faster than Apple or RIM. This is the reality.

Don't worry. Appleheads will still have devices to blow their money on and due their dwindling numbers they can feel even more smug. It's a win win for everyone.

This average consumer bit is getting tiring honestly. People are flat out picking Android over iOS now and you can't tell me there are more geeks in the world than average people. Offering various ports and SD card slots does not force the consumer into using them if they don't know how. What Apple offers is a simple and watered down experience. Theres nothing wrong with that at all. But I think people get confused on just how many people really want that experience.

...theres the same delta airlines app in the android market. theres plenty of card apps too including starbucks.

what a terrible ad.

I still say my Cyanogenized Backflip kills the iphone (for the most part).

True multitasking FTW
Open-source FTW
Cyanogenmod FTW

But most of all

Google FTW

some pretty funny comments in here!

what got my attention was the iBooks thing ... as if the iPhone is the only platform on the entire planet that can read books? it's like IF YOU CAN'T DO THIS, THEN YOU DON'T HAVE AN IPHONE.

k k ... Kindle/Nook/Android ... sure thing Apple

And the prices in the commercial were hilarious ... 13.99$ for an e-book lol ... Amazon prices are far far less.

Thanks Android Central... gave me an idea for marketing my apps. Presenting "If you don't have Android, you don't have Apps by birbeck".

If you don't have Android, you don't have smart applications working together, and you don’t have Cover Art Downloader, so you cannot download all of your cover art with just one press and have them instantly show up in your favorite media player.

If you don't have Android, you don't have home screen widgets, and you don't have My Coffee Card, so you cannot pay for purchases at your favorite coffee shop with just one press and you won't be notified when your gift card balance is low.

If you don't have Android, you don't have live wallpapers, and you don't have Wallpaper Slideshow, so you cannot watch a slideshow of your favorite pictures as your home screen background.

If you don't have Android, you don't have Apps by birbeck.



Man i love my fellow android fans!!! FUCK apple FUCK STEVE... AND FUCK YOU if you have an iphone you yuppie pile of crap!

And seriously.... an app store..

Well.. they are right.. we dont have the "app store" we have the android market.. BUT ITS THE SAME THING.

and honestly... there hasnt been an app that is worth a crap in teh last 6 months that either hasnt come out with an android version or isnt going to have one in the very near future...


Cmon... everyone join in:

We're #1.... We're #1.... We're #1.... We're #1....

I grew up using Apple and Mac computers in the 80's and 90's but as soon as I started using IBM compat PCs I never looked back, I realized how restricted Mac OS was and still is even though Mac OS X looks cool- it's basically a BSD kernel with closed source crap slapped together and compare those 10-11" netbooks to the MacBook Air, holy crap pricegap batman, my MSI Netbook costed me $350 and does the same thing the $1400 MacBook Air does! Apple basically declared defeat in the PC department when they jumped off the PPC ship and onto the Intel platform.

With the type of ads I've been seeing in the past few years, you can tell Jobs and the rest of Apple are feeling the heat from Google and RIM, did you see his antennagate press conference? "Oh look guys, we can make other phones lose signal too!" (not true) rather than saying "we apologize, we're going to work on fixing that solution".

I don't have a good feeling about the successor after Jobs (that might be Tim Cook, another cockhead).

The problem that has plagued Apple since its beginning is that it can always come out on top with innovative ideas that sets them apart but their business models is built around hype. Once the hype surrounding their device goes down because of other devices doing it better, they drop back down until their next great idea. Works great for startup boost but not so great in the long run.

Instead of improving on their great hit, they choke and expect people to continue buying their device which are lagging behind competition just because they add this new feature that should of been in the original device.

That's why Microsoft beat them in the OS market back in the 80's and that why Google is going to beat them in the hand-held market.

Apple always had an amazing vision but could never improve on it.
And that's why I never buy Apple products!

Well if you don't have an iphone you are waiting for the latest version of Android for a year or more
Your gps acts like crazy
You don't have an app market because you are not in one of the location that google market is open
You have a phone that has better specs than iphone but not function asa good as iphone
Your phone has a better camera than iphone has but unfortunately you are not a good photographer like iphone users

İ am an android user and i am not a fanboy of anything but with iphone 5 release i wll throw my current smartphone to the wastebasket becouse selling it is unfair

How do you know what iPhone 5 will be? Apple is really slow to innovate. They had a headstart and Android has caught up or exceeded them in a short period of time. The iPhone will be what Jobs wants it to be even if people largely want features he, due to ego or just plain obstinacy, won't provide.

Hardware does matter but not as much as software, google has a long way to catch apple's software power, google and phone manufacturers are fooling consumers with meaningless numbers, numbers about phone sales(there are a lot of models) or hardware specs...

Assembling the latest hardware is i thing the success of hardware manufacturers not google's.

And about the main subject ( apple advertisement ) it is stupid they don't need it...

I find it funny that Apple in general just thinks their products are better for everyone and are all better than the competition. Well I have a macbook air (which just came out mind you), I am typing on at the moment, and the f'in wifi doesn't work. What's the use of it being so light if I have to use Ethernet to connect to the internet ?? Widespread issue that apple won't fix, look into it when you have time people.

Anyway, I work with two people who use iphone's for personal use and it's funny to hear them talk about features the android platform had before iOS started getting it's updates. Its also hilarious for them to have to pay for the same apps I can get on my phone for free. Skyfire and angry birds come to mind off the top of my head. Now they have ad's claiming more false information?? Did they forget Amazon and B&N have mobile apps or something ?

Apple lying their asses off in an ad? What a new concept! They are Apple so they have to be right. All windows computers do nothing but infect themselves with viruses. Apple products truly are eco friendly despite being called toxic by the epa, and the iphone is the only device in the world that can make a phone call. Duh!

ok, so the first 10 or so comments had me laughing out loud. Returning the the advert, I think that passes the ad standards council because they are saying that only the iphone has ibooks (which I believe is correct). They do not say that only the iphone has kindle.

Either way I still love everyone's comments.

It's not the iBooks sentence. It's the next sentence that says something like, "If you don't have an iPhone, you can't put your favorite books in your pocket". That's an outright lie.

Apple is just scared because they know they are losing to Google. Does Google need to help spread the word that Android is better. Maybe. But i think that HTC does a great job at advertising android along with Motorola and the droid commercials.

I'm a total Android fan, have Galaxy Tab and have owned 4 different Android phones, I love everything about it.

As far as these videos go though, the first one (about the App store) is actually true. The Apple app store is in fact the largest (in terms of apps)and if you don't have an iOS device you don't have access to it... I mean that's just a fact weather people like it or not.

For the second video, it's true that you won't have iBooks or the iBook store. Where I have a problem with that video though - "You won't have your favorite books in your pocket".. this part isn't true because of all the other readers available.
That being said I don't know of any company that would say "You won't have iBooks, but you can get ebooks in lots of different apps like Amazon, Google books, etc...", why would you draw attention to competitors?

I think the ads are no more, or less, silly than any of the other ad campaigns.. they play on the ignorance of the consumer, it's not Apple's fault it's the average consumer's fault for not educating themselves.

I don't have an iPhone but I do have a Droid 2 with...flash 10.1. Take that iPhone and Steve Jobs

I love my epic4g but I gotta say, nothing beats the Instapaper apps. And words with friends is definitely better on iOS, but that's just because the android version is in it's early stages

I have a Macbook Air and the wifi works. My friend and my friend's sister do too and they don't have a wifi issue. Some of these statements are hypocritical and inaccurate. I don't understand why people can't just look up facts instead of spitting fire all over Apple that's not even true? Hey, none of you have used the iOS 4.3 iPod Touch 4 issue by the way...

The poster was relating his personal experience, so he did post facts. It was anecdotal, but so was your reporting that the WiFi worked for you.

No Apple hasn't lost it, they know full well their DRONES will believe anything they say....and boast about it too.

They can say 'In the beginning, Steve Jobs made the Earth, Sun and Moon' and their drones will go "yep, I knew it!"

As for Apps, I get everything I need in the Android Market and the ones that are not ported yet are in the process of getting ported. Also, unlike Apple drones, I don't judge an app based on how 'smooth' its animated window loads. Or how 'cute' and 'bubbly' it looks. This is what the superficial often refer to as 'polish'. Rather, I judge based on the expected results. And there are very few IOS apps that don't have Android equivalents that work just as well or better. I know for a fact NO IOS browser can touch Dolphin (hd or mini), xscope or even mirren. Android rules when it comes to web browsing, period! Also the Google Apps are excellent (maps, navigations, voice etc). And even though IOS exchange support is a little more mature right now, the email client on IOS sucks in camparison to Touchdown on Android. These are just a few examples, I have many more.

Sorry folks, but aside from games (which are all coming to Android anyway), IOS apps and their overly hyped App Store aren't very impressive all things considering.

Itunes? Sh*t! I'd rather drag and drop than use a buggy (blanks calendars, contacts, music magically disappear etc) POS app like iTunes.

I was mostly referring to some of the other posts, but in a way, Scott, you are correct. I can admit that Apple certainly has too much arrogance, but for some things, you have to think way beyond deep to see what they are up to. I bet Google has stuff up their sleeves that we don't like either. Of course, an Android site, will indeed attempt to destroy their competition (I have seen it before as a moderator in the forums here). In the beginning, Apple was awesome. I didn't like Apple that much until about '07. However, their marketing has really made me lose excitement in their products.

I've seen way too many people with iPhones out there and it's really a shame because there are people who are indeed morons that use the phone.

My dads iPhone 3Gs that we jail broke is AWESOME!

My EVO 4g that we rooted and put CM7 on is AWESOME!

I do agree this commercial is lame. But did someone expect anything more from apple? They have been doing this for a long long time...with "revolutionary" being in every other sentence out of Jobs mouth at his speeches....

BUT Sprint does it too...ALL NEW DEVICE...A DEVICE NEVER SEEN BEFORE...and then they come out with the Kyocera ECHO? Great concept...but the phone is far from beauty...

iPhone drives android farther...android drives iPhone farther (if not off the edge of a cliff)...still...

I do agree with the few that think iOS apps are nicer...App Store is bigger...but I also agree Android is catching up faster than apple imagined! If I had the money I would buy both products because tech is just that awesome.

I personally enjoy the next best...WebOS was and could be pretty sweet...but i wish ALP OS made its debut...that would of been a FUN OS to play with.

If you don't have an iPhone you don't have to wait 42% longer to have your websites load because of the slower browser.

This is great! This is easily the most counterproductive/self-destructive Ad campaign they've come out with in a while. I really hope they keep this up!