HTC Thunderbolt

Yes, everyone is waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt.  It has to be one of the most anticipated releases in recent Android history, and a lot of potential buyers are getting a bit...antsy.  Android Central forums member AisforAustin got a chance to relieve a little of that pre-release stress today at his local Verizon Wireless store, where he had some hands-on time with a Thunderbolt dummy unit.  I'll let you read his post, but the gist of it is:

"I immediately fell in love with the device."

And release info?  He was told within two weeks.  But there's no way we're going to hold him to that.  Read more in the Android Central Thunderbolt forumsThanks for sharing AisforAustin!


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Hands-on with a Thunderbolt dummy unit [from the forums]


id fall in love to, the battery doesnt die right away on that one lol

jokes, i want the phone. but this delay/no announcement is getting out of hand

LOL. Funniest article in a while.

After a week in Spain, followed by a week of OS upgrades we are reduced to reviewing Dummy Units.

From Overdose to Withdrawal in less than two days.

i hope they address the battery coz 1400 mah is not enough for TB's specs! TB is a beast and it needs a good battery!

Seidio is offering a lame 1600mAh battery in the same footprint as the original. Its not worth the money. Of course HTC has a 2750mAh battery and of course in typical fashion and for no good reason you can't get it until April, to mystery to me. However it does have a matching door and aftermarket bulky battery doors never fit right. I am sure Seidio will offer they fat azz bulky uber heavy 3500mAh battery which I again won't get.

Either way you can get more battery power and keep a spare handy. Until battery technology improves or the devices get slower we have to live with the alternatives. Or just get an iPhone where you cannot swap out your battery on the fly, you pay are ripped off on accessory prices, etc.

how about we also share that verizon pulled all of their thunderbolt commercials off of their youtube channel earlier tonight, not a good sign if you ask me

Oh pls, just come out with 2 batteries and then software update it.....not now.....or pls just pls before march 10th, otherwise no point against the bionic....

You never know maybe Verizon pulled the commercials off of their Youtube channel so that they could put a date on the end of the commercial instead of coming soon! Maybe its a good thing all we can do I wait and see. I would say that best buy wouldn't be putting out all the stuff now unless they knew it was coming out very soon!

I saw an HTC commercial for the Thunderbolt tonight. I thought it was interesting given all the supposed delays. Anyone else catch this one? (I was watching Two and a Half Men at the time)

I played with one at the verizon store too & it was sweet. The verizon (not best buy) store also told me that it was coming 2/28/11. They seemed to be slightly annoyed that I didn't believe them. We'll see.

I went by Verizon at BJ's today and the guy told me he saw March 10 in writing. He also blamed the iPhone for the delay. We'll see when the phone actually comes out.

I guess I don't get all the hype. I saw the demo unit at Verizon and even the sales rep said it was basically the EVO... not much difference. I suspect if you are on Verizon that might be a nice thing.

So many of these phones are being recycled from one carrier to another with different names I guess the manufacturers and carriers must think the consumer is completely ignorant. In my case I am on T-Mobile and have the myTouch 4G.. which at least no other US carrier has.

"It has to be one of the most anticipated releases in recent Android history" LOL, you're joking right? It's an Evo/Inspire re-skin. This phone is all ready more than 9 months old, how is this exciting. Iphone 4 on Verizon is big, Motorola Atrix is big, and the Xoom is a pretty big deal, but not a year old recycled re-skin. Just my opinion though.

No its not a evo like the man says it has new stuff on it. Right now i dont know what it is. Can some one clue me in what they are. HELP???