The venerable EVO gets a boost with a higher-resolution screen and 3D recording and playback

Sprint HTC EVO 3D

How do you follow up one of the most popular, most successful, biggest and fastest phones of 2010? In the case of the recently announced Sprint HTC EVO 3D, you give it a higher resolution screen, 3D recording and playback capability, and you open up a whole new world of user generated content. Oh, and you make it even faster and more powerful.

That's the EVO 3D in a nutshell. It's based off the wildly popular EVO 4G. But it's gained a qHD (960x540) touchscreen in the same 4.3-inch space. And it's sporting the first dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, at 1.2GHz. Worried about battery life? It's got a 1730mAh power source -- the largest stock battery we've seen.

In the hand, it very much feels like an EVO 4G. It's lost the kickstand, but we can live with that. The battery cover has a nice texture to it, and you don't feel like the phone's going to go flying out of your hand, an important safety measure as it's still pretty sizable (it's actually a tad longer than the EVO 4G) and weighs six ounces. It's gained a physical camera button. We've been fans of them for a while now, and the EVO 3D's is about the best we've seen. It's round and textured, and you're not going to be hunting for it. Next to the camera button you have a toggle switch for the 2D/3D camera. In 2D mode, video shoots at 1080p. In 3D, it's at 720p resolution.

The 3D content plays back as smooth as you'd expect. And while 3D's still kind of gimmicky, it's also not the worst thing in the world. And if you never watch 3D content, you'll likely have a perfectly fine experience with the EVO 4G.

Anyhoo, you're definitely going to want to give it a shot when it's released later this year. In the meantime, hit up our hands-on pics after the break.

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Sprint HTC EVO 3DSprint HTC EVO 3D

Sprint HTC EVO 3DSprint HTC EVO 3D

Sprint HTC EVO 3DSprint HTC EVO 3D

Sprint HTC EVO 3DSprint HTC EVO 3D

Sprint HTC EVO 3DSprint HTC EVO 3D

Sprint HTC EVO 3DSprint HTC EVO 3D

Sprint HTC EVO 3DSprint HTC EVO 3D


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Hands-on with the Sprint HTC EVO 3D; Update: Video!


amazing that this guy even works for HTC. He seems to have a very limited vocabulary, and he doesnt touch a lot of important features of the new Sense, like the newly revamped drop down taskbar, which includes a "recent apps" portion, dramatically different from what Android and HTC had done on last years HTC devices.

I was thinking the *exact* same thing when watching the video. I wanted to grab the phone out of his hands and look at things that MATTER. Yeesh.

How big is the battery in the Atrix again? I think it was 1900+mah which should be the standard in phones of this size. HTC always puts too small of a bettery in their phones. This will not be any better than the current EVO since it has an increase in screen resolution.

I can't believe they are making phones bigger than the EVO... That sucks. I want a 3.7 inch phone with these specs please, I don't want a stupid tablet.

You're assuming that all this hardware would be capable of *fitting* int a housing with a 3.7" screen. If you listen to the video, he mentions that they had to drop the kickstand in order to make everything fit without increasing the overall size of the phone. Personally, I love the size of my Evo. When I try and use my 3.6" iPod touch, it feels tiny.

Also, there wasn't an "increase" in screen size exactly. He just said that the aspect ratio was changed slightly. I think the thing's like half a millimeter narrower and longer.

I say this again, I hope that this doesnt stop me from getting Gingerbread and the newest Sense on my OG EVO

Apparently, another reason for no kickstand... USB charge-port on the bottom. No doubt, that's for some sort of cradle which will utilize the HDMI and charging together from the same port.

USB charging port is located on the left side. not on the bottom. the part you see on the bottom is how you get the battery cover off.

I love how you can access those four main apps from the lock screen. Also love how you don't have to remove the battery to change microSD cards! Amongst EVERYTHING else, of course...

Another question answered. Looks like you can remove the MicroSD without removing the battery. That's a win!

this guy didnt even scratch the surface of the new sense in this video. go look up "new htc sense" you tube

Does anyone else think this thing looks fat? And I don't mean PHat. I mean, this looks thicker than the current Evo. Do we have any dimension stats yet?

Yea, I'm definitely getting one. I just hope the new snapdragon power saving feature does help us get good battery life. I do not want a Thunderbolt battery life cycle!

I'm not sure if I should go for the Nexus over the Evo, while the specs on the Evo are Bananas one phone has bloat the other doesn't But I can't front The Evo 3D is looking mighty nice

Nexus hands down..I have the original Evo and this is not a HUGE leap forward.. the Nexus will be Google's baby and get the updates 1st!! and its still a 4.0 inch screen gorgeous btw! I just need a date for release on that!!! LOL

you can't be serious? this is not a huge leap forward from the original Evo? 1.2 Ghz Dual Core processor, 960x540 qHD disply, 1080p 2D video recording, 3D video recording / playback, 3D still shots, dedicated camera button, new Sense 2.0 UI, Android 2.3 OS, 4GB of ROM, 1 GB of RAM, 1730 mAh battery... you've got to be kidding yourself!

Not a huge leap forward for the pragmatic user. I'm jealous of the qHD display, but the 3D is a novelty. I've already got an 1800 mAh OEM size battery. I absolutely hate Sense, and refuse to buy a phone that has no AOSP rom available. If I did decide to buy the E3D, I'd still wait for Cyanogen or XDA to release a custom rom before having no alternative to Sense.

The Atrix is a much more professional looking dual core handset with 8GB storage and a 1900 mAh battery. Unfortunately, it has Blur and a locked bootloader, so that's a nonstarter as well.

Don't worry about my opinion. The general consensus is that HTC delivered the goods with the E3D. I just don't happen to agree. I'm not upset; I'm relieved not to have to break out the Benjamins on something I don't need.

Unless a device ships with stock Android, then custom roms are the only way to get stock Android. Your attempt at irony fails completely.

I was showing you how utterly contradictory your comment was. You say that the bevy of upgrades from the Evo4G that I point aren't important to the "pragmatic user", but then you start talking about custom ROMs like those would be important! LOL

You seriously need to stop wrapping your self-esteem around my opinion of the E3D. I wasn't discouraging you from buying it. It has a great spec list, but unless you're a hardcore gamer, or into 3D, there's nothing substantial enough to justify another 2-year commitment.

Let me idiot-proof my explanation, since it evidently didn't sink in the first time. If you want stock Android, and the phone you want doesn't have stock Android out of the box, then a custom rom is your only option, making it the most pragmatic option by definition. I wasn't talking about geeks playing around with different roms for novelty's sake. There nothing even slightly, and certainly not "utterly", contradictory about this.

You say it's not a big leap for the pragmatic user, then go on to list a bunch of opinion and personal taste-based commentary. You may have an extended battery, most people don't. You may hate Sense, most people don't. You may prefer custom ROMs, most people don't. Your opinion of the "professional look" of the Atrix is also highly personal opinion.

Not trying to start a fight or anything. You just shouldn't claim this won't fit what "pragmatic" users want, when nothing in your post has anything to do with being pragmatic or even remotely represents the average user.

I do agree that 3D is gimicky, but that's not the feature that will attract the types of people who like the Evo line.

I don't have a trademark on the word "pragmatic". My judgment on what's pragmatic is as subjective as anyone's, and I never claimed otherwise. Sorry, but I'm not going to water down every adjective or assertion by following it with "IMO" or "but that's just me" just to be politically correct. If you want to pretend that I was stating my opinions as facts, I'm OK with that. If you think "not pragmatic" is some kind of insult, I won't waste time trying to convince you otherwise. I'm sure the E3D will sell like hotcakes, regardless of what I say or think.

Let's reexamine the if-then statement I made about custom roms yet again. It's not about Sense being pragmatic, good, bad or anything in between. I said that if you don't want Sense on a phone that ships with it, you have to install a different rom, which is true even if 99.9% of users like Sense. HTC doesn't provide a setting to just turn it off (they even removed the option to turn off the Sense launcher with the Evo's 2.2 update).

Why shouldn't I claim that the E3D won't fit what pragmatic users want? Should I assert the opposite of my honest impression so that no one who wants the device will encounter a conflicting perspective? Will the smartphone gods smite me if I'm wrong? I've said repeatedly that I wasn't dissuading anyone from getting the device. If you're excited about 3D technology, want advanced game play, or want to do extensive HD recording from your phone, the E3D is awesome. That still doesn't make it the most practical upgrade.

How about you" shut up! " get the phone for 29 days and return it if you don't like much explanation on who like what CEO.

Wow I started a warzone here...look guys I am a HUGE fan of HTC Sense, but honestly I think its been lacking some innovation..that 3D cube slide feature has been out on Launcher Pro and ADW for over a year. The 3D its nice but not needed, I guarantee you most of us would prefer the kick stand LOL. The guts of the phone are impressive, but then again if you were to ask the average consumer if they would prefer better guts or better updates...E3D vs Nexus S? Thats all I am saying. Now unleash you anger with your replies LOL

I actually think that average users care more about what a phone can do than about os updates. I know quite a few people with evos and epics who could give two s***s about froyo,gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream etc. They bought the phones because they liked their capabilities. And also remember average users tend to keep their phones the entire length of their contracts. Average users aren't following ctia every year, looking for the latest and greatest.

Wow...I was expecting something ground breaking...they got rid of the kickstand, and yet its the same thickness!! Will be selling my Evo to get that Nexus S!!!!

The fact they improved every single aspect of the phone and added many new things while adding no weight and keeping the same form factor (Engadget even said it felt smaller) is ground breaking in itself. It makes everything else including the Nexus S look like trash. I was waiting for HTC to bring out an Atrix killer to finally drop my originally EVO. Seems like that time is almost here = - ).

I gotta admit , the Original EVO is better looking than the new one & its way better looking than the Galaxy S , Sorry Nexus S

Can't you read? It is *thinner* than the Evo 4G, not thicker. The ONLY thing that was lost (that we know of) from the Evo 4G was the kickstand. It hurts, but there are TONS of improvements.

I like the specs and the look of the phone, but I'm not really into the 3D fad, and I don't really like the chunky camera button. It looks out of place on such a sleek phone.

Hmmm my brother wants a smartphone after I showed him what my Epic 4G can do when running CM7. This would the perfect upgrade path for me... I await more coverage about this device eagerly. In a way I wish I had gotten an Evo 4G when I got my Epic 4G, but they're both awesome devices, and the 1080p video recording is damn awesome. This'll be my first HTC device should I get it in the summer (early September really), and I look forward to it.

Anyone worried a little about the speaker?? Not that it will stop me from buying this phone but i enjoy the fact that my EVo4g plays music loud enough that I can hear it while in the shower...This thing is a beast and I was iffy before today but I am definitely sold.

I'm glad that they decided to keep the EVO line going and make it better and faster. The EVO 4G has to be on of the best android phones of all time and I'm glad they are pushing it forward and keeping the name. The EVO name is becoming something that people are knowing as just being an all around great phone to have.

+1 People will ask friends of mine "Is that an Android?" all the time, but most of the time when people see with my phone they ask "Is that the Evo?" They still stand out as one of the very best Android phones. And the E3D just kicks that up another couple of notches :)

Really nice looking phone. Wishing the Evo gets sense 2.0. But I cant help but say that the back of this phone looks like soundwave transformed.

Is there going to be side docks like the Droid X? If so that be awesome to mount on dash and shoot video will driving in 3D.

To answer most of your guys questions....ROOT YOUR PHONE and you can do what you want with it :) I particularly don't like how bloated HTC sense is but it does look nice :)

I am more wondering why the brightness and clarity of the Evo 3D phone is so much poorer. It is in the video also. Could be the settings... but it could be the 3D stuff has a negative impact?

Also wondering if the 3D stuff is just in apps and photos/video.... He didn't say anything about Sense being 3D...

I noticed that very same thing. I was hoping for some kind of upgraded display--if not LED backlighting, at least gorilla glass or something.

But from this demo, at least, the new screen definitely looks darker and less vivid.

I'm hoping it's just the settings on this particular phone!

the issue is with the cameras and the 3d display...because the display is theoreticly transmitting 2 images and the camera is only seeing one, it makes it darker because of bluring, this phone is not good to take pictures of because of the 2d cameras. it will look better to you when you hold it in your hand, or if someone took video of the evo 3d with a 3d camcorder.

That is not even close to how it actually works. The camera is getting the light from "both" images. It's most likely one was on auto brightness (the 3D, since it actually changes some), and the other was locked at full brightness.

Actually, tech10 might be correct under certain theory. The 2D camera was recording video from only one angle, so it very well might see only half the available light.

We don't know how this 3D stuff works. It might very well HALF the apparent resolution (and brightness) of the display- sending half off at one angle and half off at another. And what about orientation? Can it really display 3D both in portrait and landscape? I can't even think of how THAT technology would work. I am extremely curious.

Although it is just as likely it is simply a brightness setting. I would really love to see the screen in action and get a detailed analysis of exactly how it works.

@OpusX it shows different weather because the EVO 4G on the left is in Airplane mode, so it's just showing the last updated weather data it received.

I was hoping they would go to real buttons. I now *hate* capacitive buttons. They are flakey, hard to find, hard to know if you pressed them, and way too easy to accidentally activate when interacting with the phone.

Of course, I hate shiny, glossy, black plastic... It shows every fingerprint, dust particle, and scratch, but seems that EVERYTHING has to be made from it now.

Obviously, my tastes are not in-sync with what is "hip".

I'm glad they stuck with capacitive buttons. I have used an Droid X b4 and hate the real buttons.

If Honeycomb is any indication, we'll be lucky if there are any off-screen navigational buttons on the next Evo, or most Android phones for that matter. Power and volume buttons seem to be the only one that aren't endangered. At least the E3D has a dedicated camera button, but that's obviously not much consolation.

I've had to make my peace with 4.x" screens and capacitive buttons to get a smartphone with modern specs, at least on Sprint. I still miss the D-Pad!

The whole consumer electronics industry seems to have latched onto glossy finishes. I think the problem is that matte finishes can't compete for people's attention on the sales floor. When people see something shiny next to something not shiny, their eyes drift to the shinier object, even when they know intellectually that glossy finishes are fingerprint magnets. The iPhone proved that in spades. Retailers only care about point-of-sale factors. Once the shiny toy's got your attention and you walk out with it, the product is considered successful.

Regarding the kickstand....I copied this from Android Police...."As for the kickstand, one of the reps told us that there is a prototype back (cover) for the phone that does have a kickstand. He’s found it to be slightly better than the one found on the EVO 4G. If this back doesn’t make it on to the production model, he said it may be sold as an accessory."

Funny how on all the Hands on video I watch, they never know how to properly use the lock screen. Except for maybe one from some tech site (can't remember). To unlock the device to a specific app you don't drag the circle to the icon, it's the other way around.

Kinda of a bummer that MicroSd card access is underneath the battery cover... However, overall-a very complete and strong hardware design. Great color scheme as well. ...look out KrApple phones.

no.. the only support for voice and data AT THE SAME TIME over 3G is GSM carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile)... Only over WiMax or LTE can CDMA carriers (Sprint, Verizon) use voice and data at the same time..

The Motorola Atrix 4G has the largest stock battery. Not the EVO 3D.
Atrix is 1930mAh vs the Evo 3D @ 1730mAh.

just my 2 cents

wow... really good reading an a few disagreements but definitely enjoyable. I'm thinking I'm gonna trade in the epic for the nexus S and pic up the E3D also.. might as well have the best of both world ( only cause the nexus S will get faster updates not cause it even comes close to the E3D :0 )cause I'm greedy like that..