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To all the hamsters in all the balls in all the world, you have our apologies and our everlasting love for being not only good fist-size companions, but for allowing us to portray you to games such as Hamster Cannon for Android. (Available for free now in the Android Market!)

Screen shots and download links are after the break.

Hamster Cannon for AndroidHamster Cannon for Android

Hamster Cannon for AndroidHamster Cannon for Android

Hamster Cannon for AndroidHamster Cannon for Android


Reader comments

Hamster Cannon hits Android with full furry cheeks


I think it's just Feint crashing on the Nexus. Fruit Ninja takes forever to load on mine because Fenit doesn't seem to work on the Nexus. Once you get past that, everything seems fine...

It says it's physics based, but I tried this in the real world and hamsters do not bounce like that. Or at all, for that matter.

Looks fun, but the market says that it's not compatible with my device (samsung fascinate/galaxy s) :(
I have emailed the dev.

Wow, ratings are all over the place. Now I see why.

32 MB. I loaded it on Xoom. Got stuck on OpenFeint screen forever. Lost total control over tablet and had to force a reboot. After reboot, it would launch correctly.

Like others- had some graphics errors and physics are a bit strange. But after the first FULL SCREEN ad took over my entire screen, rotated it, and forced me to click on two items to skip it, I immediately unloaded the app.

Ads are one thing, but they way they do it is too far. FAIL.

Guess I'm glad it won't load on my Fascinate. This would have angered me beyond something very angry already. I HATE ads done that way.

After reading Phil's post and watching the Youtube video of the game I was anxious to install it and give it a spin as it looks like a great way to kill time. After reading a few comments I am glad the game is not compatible with my Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch (The Market says it is not compatible...I'm thinking its the processor).

I would love to still give it a spin at home on the Tab just to see what this game is all about. After all, Phil's post about purchasing more apps as a new year resolve got me thinking that more support needs to be given to the Developers bringing new and enhanced content to apps in the Market. :)