Google Maps update

Tired of looking lost outdoors, staring at Google Maps on your smartphone like a total tourist? Now you can have that same experience indoors with Google Maps 6.0! Google's taking maps inside, offering up floor plans at some of the largest retailers and airports in the U.S. and Japan. Also, the UI's been reworked a little bit, with a quick-selection menu up top to bounce between Maps, Places, Navigattion, Check in, Latitude, Location History and My Places.

Check out the videos after the break for a closer look, and hit the links below to see the indoor locations Google currently has mapped, and how to add your business.

Source: Google Blog; More: Indoor Maps availability; how to add floorplans

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Youtube link for mobile viewing
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that really is amazing. Technology is growing exponentially and it's awesome.

and i'm jealous you are using a Galaxy Nexus.

icebike says:

Nice Idea, but many devices have GPS problems indoors.

One hopes they have all the building routers mapped to the inch, because getting a satellite view is impossible in most northern latitude malls.

rcpa says:

There was a time were we used maps with without GPS. Having access to map information for the inside of a store or mall is very useful, even if we have to relearn how to locate ourselves on a map.

Evo Longoria says:

'Should be interesting for EVO 3D owners, since the 3D can hardly sustain a GPS (or nearly any other) signal OUTSIDE.

jj14x says:

Hmm... I've been using my EVO 3D for several months now - and use it extensively for navigation when I travel out of town (travel at least twice a month - and use nav on my 3D) - it has never had a problem in locking onto the GPS signal... even in cloudy/rainy weather, it locks on within 10 seconds or so - max!

Funny thing is that somehow, my 3D (and the EVO 4G before this) would somehow seem to lock onto GPS just as quickly even when I am sitting indoors!

If you have a 3D that is having issues with GPS, (assuming you are running stock ROM), you should probably get it looked at/replaced by Sprint.

(Oh, the other signals work fine too - I don't have 4G coverage in my home area, so can't speak to that)

hmmm says:

Wow, the one reason to use Bing is gone.

Where is the option to turn auto dim off?

Barton82 says:

It's only in Navigation, not in Maps. When in Navigation you press Menu -> More -> Settings -> Screen Dimming.

VyprNoch says:

Okay I am also getting jealous now that you are using a Galaxy Nexus while I am still stuck on Milestone1.

MowDownJoe says:

The fact you called it a "Milestone" instead of "Droid" tells me you have no excuse to not be using a Nexus right now. (Unless you're in Canada and stuck on a 3-year contract, in which case, I apologize.)

Us Americans are waiting on Verizon to pull its head out of its ass.

d1ez3 says:

I've had this idea for an app for a long time. Walk into a mall (grocery store, airport, etc.) and have a full map come on your phone automatically . Didn't think of integrating it with google maps, very cool. Hopefully within the next year all public places such as those will be fully mapped out

tx_tuff says:

Airports is awesome, but I hardly even get to use one. Malls are cool but come on that is no big deal.

Add Hospitals! Now that would be freaking useful! Most of the time we end up in hospitals without warning, or are there to visit somebody, either way you really have no idea where you are going and hospital signs are always hard to follow.

tx_tuff says:

Oh did anybody notice in the video it says "in Google Maps for Android"? I wonder if they are going to keep this off of the iPhone LOL.

It's like we're doing the terrorists' job for them.

ScottColbert says:

Tin foil hats all around!

abhishekrs says:

Oh well, only if we can get good GPS signal indoors. Half the time, the GPS is way off inside walls

frmorrison says:

Google Maps still works without a signal, you can just look at the map to get an idea of where you are.

abhishekrs says:

Well, that's exactly what I meant when I said GPS accuracy is way off at times when you are inside a building or surrounded by walls. You will know where you are only when the GPS catches you accurately.

abhishekrs says:

And does that also mean, very soon we will see Google Street View cameras inside Airports, Malls and the very comfort of our homes? ;)

Anyone notice that after updating the battery life is REALLY bad?! I updated, and my phone was at 50%, now it's down to 20% after only an hour. My phone is warmer than usual also.

jj14x says:

Which app is using up the battery? (I updated yesterday, and battery life is still the same - though I haven't used maps much since updating it yesterday)

viddywell says:

At least at this point - Point Inside did it first and does it better (and at way more locations)