Google I/O 2012.

A giant pin stuck smack in Moscone West can mean only one thing. 

Google I/O is here! Everybody's favorite search engine/Internet Giant is, of course, having its annual developer conference in San Francisco this week. And, of course, we're here to bring it all to you as it happens, live and in living color.

We're at Day -1. Things don't really get going until morning, at which time we'll be back at 9:30 a.m. PDT for the Day 1 keynote. (Go ahead and bookmark that, and our Day 2 keynote liveblog as well.)

In the meantime, ease on past the break for a quick photo gallery and an appearance from yours truly. (And be sure to actually watch the video -- there might be a little giveaway involved.)

It's gonna be a hell of a week.

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rap1 says:

Have a great week. The T-shirt looks cool.

Braun00 says:

T-shirt looks good.

MAO04 says:


htafari says:

A simple kind of garment, orig. a man's undershirt, typically short-sleeved, round-necked, buttonless and made from knitted cotton fabric, and forming the shape of a letter T when spread out flat; now a similar garment of various designs, widely worn as a shirt by men, women, and children for sport or as casual wear.

Sounds good.

Spitfire#AC says:

My SUN JAVA shirt is ready for the trash, this would be a great replacement!

I could always use a new shirt!

sprunka says:

If there is a size choice, I'll take a 2XL when I win, if there's not a size choice (which is more likely) I'll take whatever you've got. I'm not picky except when I'm allowed to be.

Macuellar says:

I would love to have one of those tee's,I'd wear it for all to see....

ybcthanerd says:

I want that shirt

edwelch4 says:

XL please

Bradleee says:

I'm definitely interested in one of those shirts.

i would like a shirt! if we can choose sizes i take medium! you guys rock!