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We've had a couple reports of the latest Gmail update no longer appearing in the Market, and now we have a reason why.  It seems that users who were still using a 2.2 version of Gmail and updated to the latest version had some stability issues.  Users who updated from a 2.3.x version are unaffected.

If you are experiencing bugs or crashes since updating, Google recommends you remove the update by by going in to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Gmail > Uninstall updates.  A fix is in the works, and we expect an even updated-ier version soon. [Google Mobile help forums]


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Gmail update crashes prompt pulling from Android market


The big G shouldn't allow core apps to be an option for update. They should update those apps without the need for user approval simply to avoid issues like this. I know it's contrary to the free and open nature of our beloved Android ecosystem but it makes sense; those are the apps most likely to be used and thus have the greatest impact on a persons perception of Android!

My text message notifications stopped working. No blink, no msg count, no vibration after update. Getting a lot of network errors after update also. EVO

I saw a market update go through today also. Now I have aps that say they need updated but they don't and can't be. What the hell Google. EVO

You guys are misreading it. He is referring to the version of gmail you were previously running, not the version of android.

I am running Gmail version 2.3.2 on my HTC Hero running Android version 2.3.2. That just blew my mind.

Gmail didn't seem right after the update on my EVO 4G - thanks for the tip! I uninstalled the updates.

I think its back now, couldn't update eariler this morning (hey I'm in Australia) and it just downloaded to my phone. Version number is 2.3.4

It is not mentioned what version the update is, although a comment on a previous post leads me to believe the new update is LATER than 2.3.2. This could explain why my MT3G freaked out on me yesterday even though I cancelled the download as it was starting (the reason is it tried to start at work and I have crap 3G there, usually only Edge - it would have taken forever; better at home on wifi). Took major rebooting to reset. By then, the update was missing from the Market. Was puzzled until now...