Better syncing, better notification options lead the way

Gmail update

Gmail's just gotten itself a beautiful little update, and the changes are some we've been wanting for some time. In handy bullet form, the changes are:

  • You can choose which mail to sync to help save on battery life. Have a bunch of labels? You can choose which ones to keep synced, and which ones you want to update automatically.
  • For the labels you're keeping synced, you can set custom notifications. That includes whether to receive notifications, which ringtone you want to use for which label, whether to vibrate when a label gets an e-mail, and if you want it to only notify you on the first new e-mail.
  • Know how if there's an image embedded in an e-mail, you must tell it to display the image -- on each and every single e-mail? That "feature"┬áhas blessedly been changed so that you can tell it to always display images from a particular sender -- just like in desktop gmail.
  • There's "new options for message options." When you go to the settings area of gmail -- and notice it's been split into "general preferences" along with individual account preferences -- you'll see "Message actions." You can choose to always show them, or show only in portrait, or only in landscape. Nice.
  • Plus, "performance enhancements."

There you have it. Pretty big improvements, if you ask us. Update your app now and give it a whirl, or check out a few more screen shots after the break.

gmail updategmail update

gmail updategmail update


Reader comments

Gmail update brings custom notifications, better sync for battery life, picture options, new actions


HOW about zooming in and out....why is this not built in yet...ugh. Love the new improvement thought just been wanting zoom for a long time.

I have been Emailing google and Androidcentral and engadget for years and asking at least the blogs to bring this extremely annoying issue up so that google will do something about it but I guess no one cares or no one receives HTML email.

The option to determine what to sync has been there for yonks, but I do like the per-label notifications, now if only they added reminder options...

I can download .pdf, .txt (and other word program files) and photos so far. Haven't tried anything else.

I still can't understand why there is not an option to move/hide/remove the bottom action buttons when in landscape mode... There is no reason they need to take up 1/4 of the screen.

My Pure Messenger widget will not pull email after this gmail update. I also read the developer of Launcher Pro state that because of the way the new code works, some of his widgets won't work either. I'm guessing something was changed with the way the case code communicates, which in turn affects everything syncing through our google/gmail accounts :/

My Gmail Unread Count widget no longer works either. This sucks since I have 4 different gmail accounts on my phone and having a different color widget along with an unread message count for each made checking the accounts much easier. Luckily my Gmail notifier app is still working so I get different color notifiers up top. Is there anyway to have the stock gmail widget open up to the main Gmail page that lists all of my accounts?

My account stopped notifying me when I get email. I do NOT get an alert when i get a email. This is NOT good.. I have even rebooted my phone..

What device do you have? EVO4G works perfectly which is to say my led notification functions and the email icon appears on the notification bar.

I have the X2.. I also have the google notifier installed on my computer. It goes off telling me I have email and about 5 or so minutes later my phone finally notifies me that I have email.
It almost use to be the other way around, my phone would get it before I heard my gnotifier go off..

On my phone it turned off auto-sync when this update was installed. Check your settings.

On my Nexus One this update clobbered my free storage and my phone is showing low memory.

Does it works on rooted devices? Or on the Nexus One? I have Cyanogen Mod 7 on it, other thing is that I can't update Google Maps neither, thanks in advance

Just an FYI if you use ADW Notifier this update seems to cause FCs with it. Not sure how or why but it broke ADW Notifier and I'm not happy!!!

Perfect timing. I was thinking this morning that I really want to be able to control which labels actually notify me on the phone. I want them all on the desktop, but on the phone I don't want to get the emails that get duplicated with a push notification from a native app. Plus the always show pictures was definitely needed.

A) still no print button for print to cloud...silly since it's available from the browser, but why would I access my gmail from the browser when I have the app...riddle me that, Google?

B) it killed Gmail Label notifier app ( from the market ) , which essentially did the same thing as far as notifications for individual labels, but better...particularly because it has options for different vibrating notification patterns, and placed a different icon in the notification bar when the chosen label(s) received new mail.

oh well....

My biggest issue with the Gmail app is that you can't zoom out on e-mails. I'll sit there and pinch to zoom out all day and it never does. Sad day.

Too bad the Gingerbread update has made my "smartphone" completely useless since I can't install any updates.....

Man....I can finally DOWNLOAD attachments. It was always ridiculous to me that you couldn't do that from the start in Gmail.....of course you still need to download a file manager to get to your download folder, but "Preview" was so annoying because if you forget to save the file you're viewing and run into an area without signal there is no way to see the attachment again without using data to "preview" it...

What exactly do people mean when they say you can finally download attachments? I could download attachments since forever. What kind of files are you all referring to?

I agree. You could always download attachments, finding them on 2.2 usually required a file manager however 2.3.3 has a handy app called appropriately enough, "downloads".

Seriously, downloading attachments has always been an option as far as I can remember.
Has everyone been using Android 1.6 or something? Why couldn't you download attachments before today?

Anyone else running into issue with the new features pop up continuing to appear repeatedly on startup of Gmail?

Uhh if tney are going to make its db available to internal apps only, at least provide a native widget!!
The 3 dollar wigit I had is now useless as droid 3 has no root and I shouldn't have to just to have it!

Honeycomb has a bloody widget so why the disconnect???

Doesn't show up as an update for me in the Market. In fact, none of my native Google apps show up in the market when an update is available. Instead, I just get a notification (I'm assuming the system periodically checks for updates to the native apps?). Also new to Android (and brand-new member of Android Central!).

Is there a way to force-check for updates to the native Google apps?

Just go into the market and download them even if you have them already. Then the Market will see you have them and when updates are available you will be able to see them right away.

In the market, click your menu button and select "my apps." Not only will your list of apps appear, but what is ready to be updated from the last version on your phone. Select the app and update! Voilia.

Anyone else having problems with Friendcaster Pro now that Gmail has updated? I am getting errors now and my emails from Facebook are no longer being auto marked as there something I need to change in settings?

I'm getting separate notifications for each gmail account that I have set up, instead of one consolidated notification. This is frustrating.