Have you ever felt so helpless before in all your life?



Update 3: Looks like anything connected to Google is failing. Ads. Google Play Store. Basically, it's Judgment Day, people.


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Gmail is down, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it [Updated]


LMAO. Thanks, Phil. I came across this right as I was frustrated with something at work. I needed that laugh :)

I'm having issues with the Play Store connection timing out. Happening over wifi and cell connection. 2 different carriers as well.

I just got my Nexus 7 back from warranty service, and was certain something was completely jacked up. It connected to my account, but 75% of my app downloads were throwing errors on download. I'm glad to hear it isn't just me.

But waaaahhh! I want my tablet back in service!

Market is having issues as well.
Either connection times out, or it shows you an empty list of installed apps.

maybe they are implementing new software packages to the back bone of their network,hooray for future updates!

My Chrome kept crashing too. Worst part is I have all my class notes on Google Drive and my Final is in t-minus 5 hours. I'm kind of freaking out right now.

What is Google's deal lately? I have been having some serious Chrome issues with playing videos for a few weeks now, they can't seem to get Nexus devices shipped out properly, and now this.

I'm not seeing any of this. All of my Google services are working fine. Sync, gmail, calendar, Play store, everything. Maybe because I'm on Google Apps?

Chrome crashed once on my computer, but have had no trouble with Gmail on computer or phone. Haven't had any problems with my phone, updating apps now.

No problems for me as far as Gmail or the Play Store on my HTC EVO 4G. Not the LTE, Shift, Design, or 3D. The original one folks haha...

Much of the magic in chrome syncing between devices requires access to your account on google.
If that goes wonky, then chrome, the market, gmail, GDrive and everything else suffers till its fixed. All indications are that the problem is in the Account login system, not so much Gmail alone.

Apparently it's not down for everyone. Gmail loads just fine for me. The only thing out of the ordinary is a message at the top letting me know that Gmail's Android and iOS apps for an update. Presumably they're referring to the one they released a week ago.

Edit: I just synced everything on my EVO LTE, and it all worked.

My entire life flashed before my eyes. Google is now in control. The small blip was Google becoming self aware. It's been a dish, gents.

People don't seem to understand that Google has servers all around the world, and even if SOME servers are having problems, not all will. This is why it works sometimes, and not others, because the server you are connecting to MAY be different between attempts to connect.

So, for everyone besides Google employees, there isn't anything we can do.

The end of the world is next Friday. But based upon the epic fail of the Play Store lately, Google is practicing for the apocalypse early to be prepared for the potential for survival next week. Failure doesn't come without practice, my mum always said.

I installed a new rom on gs3 and couldnt connect to the store thought it was a problem with the rom, but all is good

Been using Google services all day here in Alaska and it hasn't skipped a beat. Chrome, drive, gmail, gmusic, playstore are all good.


This is why I don't want to rely on the Cloud services.
You never know when it turns into a Storm Cloud.


Google services only work for me if I manually sync them but its not doing it automatically. Chrome works as a browser but the sync is still messed up.

and some dirty enlightend member took out my whole area while it was down.... just now got the notifications I was being attacked