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Gmail for Android gets the cards treatment

The Gmail Google+ account says that they will be rolling out a new update for the Gmail app today that brings a better conversation view, better multi-select, and an overall cleaner design for Android users. In addition, you'll be able to tell is sync is enabled or disabled right from your inbox with a new notification card.

The new cards-inspired design is the latest we've seen that has Matias Duarte's influence, and paves the way for what we think is Google's goal — a unified design among all the Google applications for Android.

The update should start rolling out today, and if it follows Google's usual schedule all users should have it in about a week.

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Gmail app getting updated with new, cleaner design


If Google keeps this up, OS updates would only include security updates and bug fixes. Not a bad idea if I may say so myself. Of course the people who love aesthetic changes each update would not be happy.

Thankfully rooting has become very easy for a lot of phones and if you root you can make backups of the older apps which can then be installed if you don't like the new one.

Considering Google removed it from either latest update of Drive, I doubt it would be an option.

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Yes! It's 2013! Give me a dark theme or I don't use your app, and I don't use Gmail.

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I started using the app "Screen Filter" to handle night time use because everything was too bright at night.

Hey, just so you know, Apple is about two years late to this whole flat design trend. Hell, they're even behind Windows phone when it comes to flat design. Google has been using this design standard for almost two years now.

You're joking, right? Google's been using the "flat" style since 2011, brochacho. And this card interface has been around for well over a year now.

I wish they would allow us to disable conversation view. I am not cool like so many other gmailers and as a result only get about two emails a day. I like my emails delivered individually, not combined into conversations that are seldom relevant to one another. I especially like getting my credit card bills lumped into one conversation...

I am actually surprised you can't disable it since the web version has that option and every single other email app has had that option since the beginning of apps.

I wholeheartedly agree. Between a "Dark Holo" mode/theme and a conversation view option...those are the only gripes I have about Gmail in its current iteration.

I hear what you say an agree. I just don't like this view period and I wish we could select between it and standard view like we can on the web.

Came for this comment, leaving satisfied that it has been made. Unsatisfied that Google won't invoke this option in the android app, or have it follow my g-mail web preferences.

You can select multiple messages at a time (and delete, archive, change label, etc in bulk) by tapping and briefly holding on each message that you want to select.

Or if the sender image is on just tap each image or big letter to select. It's like the old check box.

The main problem with all the new Google apps is the idea that a "clean design" is something you actually want.

"Clean", for google, means removing features.

GMAIL: turn the "apply label" button into a "move to label" --> this causes great confusion in mailboxes like mine, having had gmail for like 10 years. Now emails go into a folder with the name of the label, instead of staying in the inbox with the label on the side of the email, like it used to.

MAPS: everything that used to take 1-2 taps takes an extra 4-5 taps, like navigating for example. Also saving maps, viewing more results (the most FRUSTRATING maps un-feature ever) etc...

GTALK / HANGOUT: Complete reversal from "most useful google app on Android" to "I don't even want to look at you anymore". Who's online? Who's away? no idea. Why are all google+ people in my list now? Didn't you used to AUTHORIZE people to send you msgs? Free-for-all...

PLAY STORE: this one is a weird change on the PC version... can't view reviews by date anymore... completely useless. Who cares that a review of such and such app from 2011 is most useful? What about today's reviews saying NO DON'T DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE IT RUINS THIS APP!!!

Google+: getting more and more bloated. side-apps keep changing names (now it's Photos+ or something? and everytime you update, it re-activates auto-upload photos.

CHROME: I've already sync'ed you... stop asking!

YOUTUBE: all these cool new updates (being serious here) but still can't play a video/song and minimize the app... it stops playing right away. Sad really!

All I can say is that I agree 100%. Sure, make the interface clean, but give power users the ability to add back features they rely on. If I wanted someone else to tell me what features I am supposed to find useful or not, I would have purchased an apple device. Stay different google! We don't need you to morph into your competitor.

MAPS is the one that annoys me the most: I had to uninstall all of the maps updates (reverting to the stock version) to get back features that I need and use on an everyday basis. Can't it be pretty AND functional? Why must I choose?

PLAY STORE is a close second for annoyance. A company BUILT ON SEARCH does not let you search through app reviews! I don't even know where to start on how big of a FAIL that is for Google.

I'm done ranting. But know that you are in good company here.

Wish there was an option to move the action bar back to the bottom. It's harder to reach at the top on larger screen devices such as my Note 2. Also, wish there was a way to turn off conversation view like in web mail. :(

Despite those, I'm tempted to update if just for the ability to empty the trash from the app now (still have version 4.2.1 that doesn't have that feature and it's a PITA to have to do it via web mail). But one last concern; will the Social, Promotions, and Updates labels still show up in the app if I've already killed them in my account (in web mail)?

yes, I too want to be able to put the function buttons at the bottom, because it's more natural for the way I hold my Note 2.

TOTALLY agree here. Doesn't Google USE these apps?? Seriously, hasn't anyone from Google tried to hit the trash can icon while holding the phone with one hand? They used to have it at the bottom. Guess they must all be using tiny iPhone screens - or they all got really long thumbs.

How about the ability to delete a single email from many in a group of emails from the same sender? Also how about moving emails to a labeled folder? All it seems to do is add the label but keep it in the inbox.

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Just hit archive after you change the label or uncheck the inbox label while adding the other label. That's what I do anyway.

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Tapping the Archive button after the Label, works, thanks. Still can't see how to deselect Inbox though?

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Yet another it was not broken but we are fixing it deal.
I wish they would just make different versions of the same app and let people Choose which one they want to use.
Just like Google Talk and Hangouts should be 2 separate apps. I liked Google talk and hate Hangouts, should have the option to use either one. Not just the option not to update it. IMHO

So what happens when you don't like both versions of the app? Should they make a third, fourth and so on? Well, I guess with all the money we pay Google monthly to support these services, they really should cater to every single customer request... Wait, no... We actually pay next to nothing.

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I've not updated gmail for a while, since before they added the icons to each conversation, because I wanted to keep the per-conversation tick box and the mass delete function.
I need this because I receive a lot of email a lot of which I delete without opening, and I wanted the buttons near the bottom of the screen. The newer gmail is more visually appealing but doesn't suit the way I want to use it.

I'll update my wife's phone and see if I like the update before I update my own phone!

How about having your label settings (specifically notification settings) sync to the "cloud"? Hell, why not have all Google apps settings sync to the cloud? I'm sick of having to reconfigure my Gmail settings each time I re-flash my phone.

What's the version number of this update? I think I'm in that twilight zone where the new version is posted but it isn't telling my phone that it's available. Happened before.

Here it is, 6 days later and I still don't have the updates for Gmail or Search/Now on my phone...Play Store is showing them as up to date when clearly they are not. In the meantime, I have gotten the updates for Hangout and Play Movies/TV and Play Music. New version of Gmail is 4.6 I believe. When you had this in the past, how did you fix it? Clearing play store app cache?

Google should learn from Yahoo mail app on how to multi select emails. This options needs urgent update in gmail.

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