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What's Android without gmail, right? And in Android 2.2, the gmail app has gotten even better, fixing some of our biggest complaints and bringing better account switching, e-mail notification and attachment handling. Check it out.


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Froyo Feature: New and improved gmail



Since I run three Gmail accounts on the N1, this is really nice for switching accounts.

Phil: Can you force the app to open at the accounts page?

can you tell me what the vibrate option is....It's killing me that on my droid I have to have it vibrate all the time if I want it to actually vibrate on vibrate mode...Did they make it so that it will only vibrate now on vibrate mode and not vibrate when the sound is on? For all apps? For just this one? Or do I still need to wait!?!?


i tried out froyo last weekend and i did like the email client changes. i think they took a step backwards in the calendar app by forcing us to press menu, more, new event (added one extra step to add a new event).

Does the account picker also let you pick from multiple "Send From" addresses you may have added on a single GMail account? Or can you still only send from the default "Send From" on a given account?

Still looks like K-9 is way a head of the native or sense apps with Integrated Mail Box, selective push and polling, attachment management and much faster text input.

My biggest annoyance is with the Notifications. I get notified that I have new email; and when I select it from the "Notifications" it opens the message. I would much prefer it to take me to my inbox so I can select multiple messages to delete.

So, what I started doing was setting up Gmail in the Mail app and connect to it using Exchange.

Great! Now are they going to fix the other horrible email program. My hotmail notifies me of the same damn email 30 times a day (slight exaggeration), no matter how many times I press the delete button. Makes me want to kick a puppy.

I hope that gets fixed ln the OTA release, my yahoo and my two ymail accounts do the same thing. This is the few times I miss my Blackberry.

Is it true you can copy text (adeakinyooye's message)?

How about contact groups? Can I send an email to one of the contact groups I have GMail?

Yes.. I've installed froyo on my N1. And gmail and gtalk client's are new in it. Gmail client is quite good now. :D :D

What about reply and forward... are they on the menus yet? or do you still have to scroll to the very bottom of the email conversation (and its history) to see those options?

I love all the front page stories...especially those with videos to watch...but I find the background music distracting and annoying. It must go!

Just as an FYI... the new version of Gmail is available as an update through the Market for 2.1 at the very least... I've had it for several days now.


I have a Hero (well, till Friday anyway...), and I looked in the market and didn't find any GMail update. Where or how should I look?


LOVE the option for larger text (yes, I am old). Still need the option to add an email to the calendar (create event) or add to tasks...Am I missing something, this seems like it should be an integral part of gmail - it is on my pc just not on my phone.