Camera update

Earlier we told you about a little snafu with the latest T-Mobile HTC One OTA, where the HDR camera option disappeared from the camera settings. HTC responded to our query, telling us it would be fixed "as soon as possible". It turns out that soon came faster than anyone expected, and an updated camera app is now available from HTC for affected customers.

We've no idea if this is rolling out to everybody just yet, but be on the lookout for an update notification in your status bar.

Nice work, T-Mobile and HTC.

Thanks, Shawn!

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Mindstar says:

Amazing how fast a carrier can move when they want to. Good on them.

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NoNexus says:

Wow, good on them.

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RaiderWill says:


Like I said,


T-Mobile.. Forever.. :-)

Just keep doin whatcha doin T-Mo.. Your Stock is rising Baby.

Good Job as well HTC for the No-Nonsense push to make this happen.. Fast.

angryGTS says:

Wow that was fast. Although it should be for a rather easy fix. Kudos to HTC and Tmo.

kitpogi23 says:

just got my update, man, that was the quickest updated ever...! Good job HTC! Thank you Android Central for validating that I wasn't crazy once I found out that the HDR feature was gone after the update. whew!

return_0 says:

And T-Mobile.

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jarobusa says:

Amazing fast update. I am impressed.

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estebancam says:

Yup I have it. Unbelievably fast. GREAT JOB!!!

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dante501 says:

Wow that's costumer service. T-Mobile and HTC impress me. Specially T-Mobile seems to change the way how things go in mobile carrier corrupt America. Finally a carrier that cares. They remind me a lot on T-Mobile Germany. The original. If they now just stop the nonses of device branding and simlocks then they would be truly like a carrier should be.

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rschauby says:

Thank god it's just an app install and not an entire ROM. Only took 5 seconds.

supert1020 says:

I waited to do the update till they had a fix for it. Today I updated and after my update the HDR did disappear. So I did a second update check and there was the camera fix. So you have to run two updates and you'll be golden.

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Klubhead says:

Wow well done T-Mo!!

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crohns says:

that was fast!!

techymarkbo says:

Just installed mine.