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Arguably the most interesting Android device to appear at last month's IFA 2012 show in Berlin was the Samsung Galaxy Camera. As the name suggests, it's an Android 4.1-based 16MP point-and-shoot camera with a bunch of sharing and content creation goodies from Samsung, as well as 3G and 4G connectivity.

Today we have the first tentative UK pricing and release information for the device, courtesy of British online retailer Clove Technology. Clove says it's expecting its first Galaxy Camera stock from late October, and lists the device with a price tag of £400 inc. VAT (£333 ext. VAT, which equates to around $500). That's a lot of cash for a point-and-shoot, and for that kind of money you could be well on your way to a micro four thirds system. It seems Samsung's hoping its added smartphone muscle will convince Brits to part with a few extra pounds this October. Nevertheless, we'd hope for some fairly substantial discounts on the camera towards the holiday season.

We should point out that this is a pre-order price, and as such, it's subject to change (hopefully downwards) as the release date approaches. Let us know what you think of this potential price point for the Galaxy Camera down in the comments -- is it worth the cash to be an early adopter?

Source: Clove Technology


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First tentative Samsung Galaxy Camera UK pricing appears


Nope. This will go the way of the Galaxy Player at that price. Just look at the Samsung EX2F( While it doesn't run Android, it has better optics and wi-fi, so you can at least share high quality photos from a hotel room. And it's $450. So a better camera and a lower price is already in Samsung's inventory.

Lower MP count (not going to work quite as well in low light) and a 3.3x zoom compared to the 23x on the Galaxy... What is it about that camera that you like? The pop-up flash that looks like something from world war two?

The competition is the WB850F, literally the same camera without Android or quite as big of a screen (but still big and still does wifi). And it retails for $350.

Actually the camera Dhalgren linked to has a max f1.4 lens vs the f2.8 on the Galaxy camera. And it has a 1/1.7" sensor which is probably bigger than the one going into the Galaxy camera. So most very much likely, the EXF2 has much better low light performance... because AS WE ALL KNOW, more megapixels is not equivalent to better low light performance. It is SENSOR SIZE and lens APERTURE that provides better low light performance.

Odds are also good, the pop up flash on the Galaxy camera is going to look very much like the one you are mocking... um, have you SEEN the pop up flash on the WB850F? Looks quite similar to the EXF2.

You are right though that the EXF2 really isn't a perfect comparison for the Galaxy camera. It's not super-cheap to make an f1.4 lens after all, and the bigger sensor costs more. Which makes the price of the Galaxy camera even more questionable.

Alex is too modest to do it, so I will. I'd just like to point out that Alex nailed the price exactly back on the IFA podcast.

You are getting a lot for the money, but there are similar P&S cameras for much less coin. In this case, it looks like Samsung has needlessly inflated the price of a device by adding a free OS. I think it should be priced in the ballpark of the Nikon S800c, which runs Android, and runs about $350.

The Nikon camera is able to take pictures even when Android is not loaded. Can the Samsung camera do the same?

Spot on. All show and no go.
I pity anyone who buys one of these, or is gifted one and then has to suffer and keep it and not buy a good camera like they were soon to do.

The best thing you can do with this camera is use it as an ornament on a coffee table or in a display cabinet, that is all.

Way to many quality cameras at that price. Unless this thing comes out and just blows people away by the amazing picture quality it's priced way to high. As mentioned there are wi-fi cameras for much less, my friend has a Samsung which looks exactly the same as this one and it was less than $200. You can share to your favorite social network etc... It's just not Android. Being a generation 1 product I expect the price to be a little high. As I said before, I'll be looking for this on the bargain rack in 6 months if it gets decent reviews. I really do want Sony to take a stab at this with their camera background, I think they could really make something nice.

I don't understand why anybody who knows anything about cameras would buy this thing. Is it designed for fools or am I missing something?

Maybe... but I doubt they sat down and said "let's design a camera for fools". It does seem to cost quite a bit more than it should, but other than that it appears to be a reasonably capable point&shoot camera that people who don't want to mess with, or maybe who are intimidated by, all the buttons, dials, and buried menus found on most cameras might find compelling. Certainly someone who is familiar with Android might be able to more easily pick up and use this camera than they would most other cameras. It also looks to be useful for heavy social network users. And it has potential for developing into something greater due to the software base. Emailing/sharing pictures, uploading to cloud services, and a few other things that are currently kind of clunky on most cameras.

That said, they should dump the cell data radios and sell this for $300.

I would be very interested in this if there was a cheaper, wifi-only version. However, the cellular bits are just extra money for something I would never use.

Sigh... no, the glass isn't quite as good as some other point n' shoots. (How 'bout an Androidified RX100, Sony?) And no, Samsung won't sell many of these, since there aren't many people who want to play games on their pocket camera, or who want to shell out the extra money for a data plan just for their camera.

The real question: WHY NOT PUT A PHONE IN THERE!? It's got the radios and a microphone. I'd happily carry around a pocket camera that's not quite the best if it meant I didn't have to carry a separate camera along with my phone.

it is silly, but for anyone in the know, grooveIP+google voice will turn it into a phone... still odd they didn't include the functinoality thouhg. its not like samsung has any problem making phones in other rediculous form factors - the HSPA+ galaxy note 10.1 is a phone for cryin' out loud!

It is a progressive markeitng campain. the samsung galaxy camera II will come with texting and then the III will have voice calling and blu-tooth. You will see.

"well on your way to a micro four thirds system"? There are a couple different micro four thirds kits you can buy for less than this camera costs. But that isn't the "point"; point-and-shoot cameras are for somewhat different uses than interchangeable lens systems. Price is not the only deciding factor between the 2. Albeit you can't really buy a micro four thirds camera for what low end P&S cameras sell for... and of course to get the same zoom range as this camera on a four thirds system will require a bit more monetary investment... OK I'll just shut up now.

When its less than $100 I'll think about it since thats the quality of the pics it takes. I seen the sample pics. My 2009 samsung eternity took bettee pics (no exaggeration)

People want cameras to have camera like prices, they will at most pay $100 more for including Android and specialized software.

you can currently buy a discounted Panasonic G3 for that price - the outgoing model, if you want a near-SLR experience, or a GF3 for less if you want more point and shoot.

you can, I believe, use an eye-fi card with the cameras.

I was intrigued by the concept, but I have to agree that this seems like too much for a camera with only "decent" photo quality. I really think Samsung is shooting themselves in the foot by "over engineering" this thing and putting the cellular radios on it. Who *really* needs that? If you've got a situation where you need to be able to upload your pics before you get somewhere with WiFi, just get a tethering plan for you cell.

The only good thing about 3g is the sms apps you can download and run on the camera. While the original version wont have a built in SMS ability, but think about it. How else do they cash in on the camera a 2nd time round ? by adding features such as texting and then the 3rd cash cow for this device will be a super camera with blu-tooth for hands free telephoning... Samsung are very cunning, almost as bad as Apple.

If Samsung can bring this thing to the states with for $400 to $450 then it would be worth the purchase. Seeing that it is EXACTLY the same as the Samsung WB850F and that model sells for $350. The additional $100 for some neat functionality and on board stuff would be worth it. Otherwise it's gonna be a dud.

Honestly, i think Samsung can shove this camera where the sun don't shine. There marketing strategy is quite honestly p*ssing me off. Apple releases a new product and it is in store and in consumers hand in about 10 days. Samsung releases the Galaxy S3 and now a camera and here we are 2 months later still waiting for the almighty Samsung to tell us when we can put hundred of dollars into their business to buy there cool crap. I have used and played with this camera they had on Display and a promo for a recent F1 event in Europe and while it is an awesome new toy and the image quality is amazingly good. Even photography professionals on track were blown away by what this little toy can produce and do i can not see any excuse for them to delay such a products release. While i was originally excited and keen to get my hands on one as long as it came in under €600, the delay has given me reason to pass it it now. Same for any future Samsung Android product that has such a lengthy delay from release to avaliability.