Feedly 17 also includes new 'discover' section, Galaxy Gear support

RSS reader Feedly emerged as one of the major players in the news-reading world following the demise of Google Reader earlier in the year. And now the Feedly app for Android has undergone a major overhaul, bringing improved performance across the board, as well as new features and an updated home screen widget.

Feedly says the new version of the app boasts 300% faster start times, as well as a new, more fluid scrolling experience. There've also been some visual changes, with fonts being re-tooled for easier readability. And a long-standing gripe — the auto-refresh feature when switching back to the app — has been addressed too. What's more, there's a new "discover" section within the app, populated with some of the day's most popular stories.

Other changes include new Facebook SDK integration and support for Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch. (A reference to Android 4.4 KitKat support being added was quickly scrubbed from the changelog — make of that what you will.)

In any case, Feedly users can grab the latest version of the app from Google Play right now. Hit the link up above to get downloading.

Source: Feedly Blog

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Ryan Oneill says:

Something new my Gear can do. So only about 1000 other things on the wish list lol

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P5YDEX says:

Laggier than before.

Stychill says:

What device are you using ?

dc9super80 says:

If feels different, the animations are slower, but as thpost stated it starts and loads faster and that is certainly true.

mikec8785 says:

Same here. GNex... can't even get it to load properly.

TriBeard92 says:

I had to clear the app data/cache. You might wanna try that as well

icebike says:

Feedly has always been laggy for me.

gReader using the Feedly backend is RSS Nirvana if you ask me.

BRENDO702 says:

I love feedly. Use it everyday.

Posted from my Galaxy s4 or HTC One.

No need for Feedly when you've got BlinkFeed ;)

Stychill says:

Maybe if i could get access to blinkfeed on other devices, Though i've never used it since when i upgraded my X+ It wasn't activated.

fixinggenie says:

It still doesn't scroll right!

triwar khan says:

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ninjustin says:

Found this article with Feedly. Guess I should update my app.

88 FLUX says:

Still missing the most important feature that I am waiting for. Better Pocket integration. I have Feedly Pro and on the desktop side you can login using Pocket's API so that you don't have to manually give your Pocket credentials in clear text. Still can't do this on the mobile app.

icebike says:

I use GReader with the feedly back end and the pocket integration works great, along with a zillion other sharing methods.

Being a minimalist, I find Greader easier to configure to kill off all the pictures, (i've been able to read since the before kindergarten, don't need no stinkin peectures).

The customization capabilities of Greader simply can't even be approached by any other reader I've tried. Some feeds will only send you a snippit, (The Register) but Greader can be set to go fetch the page, and autoload it in "Reading mode", stripping pictures, ads, and leaving you with the complete story, without having to launch a browser. And in any case, if you add that story to pocket, it adds the actual page, not just the feed snippit.

Frank Yako says:

I have been a gReader user since converting to Feedly from Google Reader and quickly determined that although the Feedly Android App "looked nice" that I would need a different app for listening to the many podcasts I subscribe to via Feedly and settled on gReader as it supports both types of content.

I would be interested to know whether you use gReader for listening to podcasts or not.

If so, it would be ideal if they had better podcast controls such as those that you would find in a dedicated podcast app such as BeyondPod, Podcast Addict, etc.

Appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Has anyone gotten the widgets to work? They don't seem to run on my GS3.

LaFlamme says:

The widget works on my Galaxy S3. It was the old blank blue screen for a few seconds before my feeds came through. You can only view one feed at a time, but it's pretty easy to scroll through them. A step in the right direction, I guess.

It was the kit Kat reference that struck me when I updated the app. Maybe this Dev got an early build and we'll see it soon enough.

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jedilow says:

It's a pretty update but the app still crashes a ton.

tjunkie says:

How do u get Feedly on the gear?

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I prefer just using FlipBoard

ben mathew says:

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