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The European Commission has cleared Google's proposed buy-out of Motorola Mobility, the company has announced on its official blog. Google has hailed the EC's decision as an "important milestone" which brings the acquisition closer to completion. It was reported last week that the U.S. Department of Justice looks set to approve the deal too, and Google says it's awaiting confirmation from just "a few more jurisdictions" before everything's finalized.

Google and Motorola Mobility announced the deal last August, with Google paying a cool $12.5 billion for the manufacturer. This gives Google control of Moto's extensive patent portfolio, which will no doubt prove useful in the on-going legal battles between Android OEMs and Apple. In today's blog post, Google restated its belief that the acquisition will help "supercharge Android" and offer users "faster innovation, greater choice and wonderful user experiences."

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European Commission clears Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility


I just hope they don't ruin it like HP did with Palm

If Google did that, Im done with them

I'm gonna cancel my Gmail & switch to Bing & Bing maps

I know I'm only one guy but still ...

Google ruin Motorola? That would imply that there is something to be ruined to begin with.

Motorola is already the worst out of all OEM when it comes to customer satisfaction and updating their phones. They can really only go uphill from where they are at right now.

I have Motorola phone (my 3rd to be honest) & Im very satisfied with it & their support the best there is & always helping me no manner how stupid my problem is !!! (They helped with Android since day one)

Regarding updates , I agree their Update program needs to be fixed , but Samsung is far worse when it comes to updating their phones (No manner what software it runs : Android , Windows Phone or Bada) , but again almost the entire Motorola flagship phones got GingerBread before any US Galaxy S device !!!!

P.S. Not all customers need an unlocked bootloader to be satisfied (You can use Custom ROMS on Motorola phones , some of them were on CM's supported devices for a year now)

Excuse this rant...but I feel the need to say this lol
Google is how I know the name of the farthest galaxy in the known I know how to MFG an electric is how I know the # of quarts of oil my car is how I know the side effects of the medicines my parents call me and ask me is how I get the news too: - Google IS the internet plain and simple...and Google stands for information access- how anybody can dislike Google is beyond me! - Google is how I know what a house looks like in New York at a random address...Google is FREAKING AMAZING. I guess Google is how cars with no drivers can drive across the USA. Google is how I find the lyrics to songs, how I find almost everything.
How much do they charge for the information I get? I pay them with my privacy which they don't disclose to any other humanoids. They distribute the cost of giving me this information with advertisements of things I ALREADY LIKE or WANT.
Yes I am a proud Google fanboy.

It is good news but I am afraid the hard core Android hackers aren't going to win.

Yes we would win if apple is bankrupted....

But I fear our bootloaders will remain locked. :-(