Dungeon Keeper

Rebooted PC classic now available worldwide on Google Play

EA has announced that Dungeon Keeper for Android (and iOS) is now available globally, following a limited rollout in some regions towards the end of 2013. The game is thematically similar to classic titles on which it's based, but the mobile version of 'Keeper is more about tower defense and strategy building than the PC originals. Nevertheless, you're still building your own subterranean lair and recruiting creatures do battle against the forces of good, which is the essence of Dungeon Keeper.

The game is free to download, but uses in-app purchases, so you'll likely have to part with some cash if you intend on playing it for any length of time. Check the download links below to pick up Dungeon Keeper in North America or the rest of the world.

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EA launches Dungeon Keeper for Android globally


What a complete shame. I loved this game on PC. Why did EA have to turn it into freemium crap? I would have gladly paid upwards of $10 for this game. Now I won't even bother downloading it.

The state of mobile games just keeps getting sadder.

It's EA. Their whole business plan is to take popular franchises and turn them into garbage.

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I agree.

for each fremium app, there should be a possibility to buy all (all included), maybe even in a cheaper price.

Yeah so sad. For freemiums I will still try it without purchasing and some games out there are ok without putting extra into it. Especially if I don't play it that often but just want some quick game addiction injected into the veins. EA puts the damper on though.

I would have checked it out had it not been EA. I just know from past experience you would probably have to spend more money than a PS4/Xbox One game to really get everything out of it so I am not even going to try it.

Aaargh! Containing admob AND pushing notifications including ask me everytime twice to create google+ account and/or log into game with that! *just another deleted game* NO THANKS!

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Crapwar like this is why games get hacked... I'd gladly pay a decent amount up front for a game like this, but when these companies pull out the fremium card where half of the decent weapons/characters/etc.. in the game would end up costing you hundreds of dollars I'd rather say F them and get a cracked version so they get none of my money.

Greediness like this causes people to either just not use their product, or to pirate/crack it because there's no way a phone game is worth what they want out of it.

you should post a review on this on the play store, and tell them to offer you to buy a premium (all included, and remove ads) package within the app.

My love of the original got me to download it but it's annoying me after <30 minutes. Digging out a block can take four hours unless you want to spend gems and everything looks like they're going to be pushing you to buy those before too long.