Streaming, other features require $2.99 'prime' upgrade

A quick heads up that Dayframe — which quickly became one of our favorite image viewers last year, showcasing photos from the likes of Faceook, Flickr, Dropbox, Google+, Instagram, 500px, Twitter and others — got a pretty major refresh today. 

In addition to the new user interface, you also get improved organization in the library, better playlists, easier shorcuts — and the all-important Chromecast integration. Some features are (and have been) part of Dayframe "Prime," which has now become a $2.99 in-app purchase. You'll also need the updated Google Play Services, so keep an eye out for that. (It'll be version 4.2.x.)

The short, short version: A great photo viewing app gets even better. Give it a shot.

For those who previously had purchased Prime: Dayframe says all you need to do is drop them an e-mail, and they'll whitelist your account.

For a look at the Chromecast integration, peep the video after the break:

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Dayframe 2.0 refreshes UI, adds Chromecast support


So, if I paid for Dayframe Prime do I have to pay again via IAP to get the same features? Or is the paid app going to be updated in the future as well?

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They've removed the Prime app from the store. It looks like they want us to pay again for the new version, which I definitely won't be doing.

Looks like they are wanting you to pay for prime again. My dayframe app says prime and I have no chromecast features. I refuse to pay for it twice.

Do you have Google play services 4.2? Without that update you won't have chromecast functionality.

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My bad. It looks like I only have 4.1.x. I'll wait for the update and reasses. Thanks for the info.

This sounds very similar to what happened with Weatherbug Elite. They just dropped support for it, and force you to the "free," ad-supported version. You don't even have a choice to opt out of ads. Not sure I'll be keeping Dayframe either...

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Per their blog:

"We’re now using IAP (in app purchase) for Dayframe Prime. The previous Dayframe Prime apk has been removed from the Play Store but it will still work for everyone who bought it (thanks!)"

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Why not? Install the updated app (which will get updated) and the prime unlocker app for those that previously purchased works on it. I just confirmed that.

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So are we going to start seeing all these apps include Chromecast support but charge for the ability to cast?

I loved the chromecast. But lack od support and normal features require paid subscription by many apps just didnt work for me. For most of my mirroring and streaming needs i use the tronsmart t1000. Its 29.99 plus free shipping. I can stream my movies from my pc to my tv no problem. Also mirror my s4 with no problems. Granted your mileage may vary and people are knocking it because of set up instructions. Its really not that hard. Check it out. Didnt mean to go off topic. But just wanted people to know about alternative options.

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"I can stream my movies from my pc to my tv no problem."

That is not an alternative option. Do you even know what Chromecast does?

Oh im sorry you can use the cast feature on chrome as streaming option. Or you can use plex. For a subscription. Other than that what options are there? I owned one for awhile but ended up returning it. Chromecast is great for what it does but it is limted. You know it. With the tronsmart i can fully mirror everything. The chromecast can't and the tab casting is very laggy. Not its not my internet. When i mirror i have no lag. So i went with a cheaper alternative and i feel ive got more for my money.

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brendilon, you're a douchebag. Quit trolling posts just because. You have brought zero to this topic. In addition, if you reread what he/she said, in addition to streaming PC to TV, they also mentioned mirroring S4, which is what Chromecast SHOULD do as a normal function, but does not.

Is there some way to force the Play Services update? I think I did the "Prime" upgrade in the app. Am I imagining that? How do I know?
I am not able to cast my photos, etc. But YouTube casts fine.

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