Google has launched Android Wear with a decent supply of watch faces on the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, but like all things Android half the fun is customizing the experience to make it your own. While some developers are readying existing apps to support Android Wear in various ways, custom watch faces have proven on other smartwatch platforms to be a big part of the ecosystem. One of the first to hit the Google Play Store is hands down the most obvious for scoring geek cred through your wrist computer, and it paints a clear picture for what we can expect moving forward.

Byte Me Software's Binary Watch Face for Android Wear is exactly what you think it is from the title. You get a simple binary layout that counts from seconds all the way up to hours while the watch is in active mode, but only displays the hour and minute while in the resting mode. The app that compliments this watch face allows you to choose whatever color you want for the lit dots in active mode, and the changes are near immediate.Aside from the color dial, the app just sort of takes up space in your drawer instead of living in the Android Wear app like we've seen with Pebble's third party watch face system.

As everyone gets ready for their Android Wear devices to show up next week, it looks like there's going to be plenty of options to choose from in the not so distant future. While it seems that, for now, having a bunch of extra watch faces installed will take up a ton of unnecessary space in your app drawer, there may be more elegant solutions in the future to deal with clutter. If that sort of thing doesn't bother you, enjoy all the shiny new designs headed to your watch.


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Custom watch faces are heading to Android Wear


The more I see the Android Wear watches, the more I want one. It would give the same thing I get out of Glass(for how I use it at least), but with less stares. I'm really considering selling my Glass and grabbing a G Watch and a 360 both.

Or get one of them and save the rest of the money for a 2nd gen watch. I really hope that it won't take too long until we see an Android Wear watch from Sony because their display in their Smartwatch 2 did an amazing job in direct sunlight.

This.... I was planning on getting both too.. But i think we should wait for the 360... and of course samsungs next offering.. The LIVE is just a gear2... When the gear 3 (tizen) gets put out later this year im sure a LIVE 2 will be soon to follow.

To each their own. I'm not one to wait around for the next big thing to come out. The G Watch would go to my wife, since she has showed a lot of interest in it, so I wouldn't be buying two watches for myself.

I usually dont wait either.. Their will always be something better coming out.. In the current markets those next new things are usually only a few steps ahead of the rest... But Im expecting leaps and bounds in the wearable market... much like when smartphones were truly evolving every year.

Watch the latest AC podcast. Its all in there from both Phil & Jerry.

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Probably Android Wear custom ROMs in the future??

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I don't know about mediocre-anything, but I thought I should point out a couple of mistakes so Phil can edit the article.
"The app that compliments this watch face allows you..." -- "compliment" should read as "complement" in this context.
Also there's a spot a few sentences down from that where there's a missing space between two sentences (beginning with "Aside").
And in the beginning something like "through your wrist computer" should probably be written as "wrist-computer", but that sort of thing depends on the company's house style of editing.

Happy editing, Phil!
(And if you want to give me a job editing articles written here to make the site even more professional, I'm definitely game!)

Bring on the porn based watch faces..... Someone had to say it, its inevitable. Maybe even subscription based.

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Developers need to make sure to take their time instead of rushing out their Wear apps like track stars. I don't want to deal with unfinished bugs or glitches on my watch.

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God, how I hate these animated gifs. They are maddening and distracting, and to have two of them in one article caused me to leave the page.