22cans' mobile game experiment Curiosity launched on Tuesday, tasking players with the goal of tapping their way to the center of a mysterious cube. However, the game attracted so many players that it's been struggling to keep up with demand over the past few days. Players have been presented with error messages when trying to connect to the game, and in addition a troublesome bug has cropped up resulting in in-game coins disappearing into thin air.

Today the developers took to YouTube to update players on their work to bring Curiosity back to life and fix the remaining bugs. The 22cans team, including head honcho Peter Molyneux, say they've been hard at work over the past few days, living out of the office as they work on the game. No timeframe is mentioned, but Molyneux says as soon as the fixes are in place, the game will become available once again.


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Curiosity developer 22cans issues video response to game bugs and downtime


I haven't had any trouble other than the coin issue. I loose random amounts of coins for no apparent reason at times. I'm even playing it now...

I see the problem straight away. Look at what they all use for hardware. Bwa-ha-ha-ha... heh-heh-heh. I imagine that their choices in the software their servers are running are probably just as silly.

Hate to burst your bubble but probably 75% of apps on Google Play started on a Mac in some shape or form. It still is the designers standard. I am an android fan to the core, but I would never design on anything beside an Apple computer, they were made by designers for designers.

"they were made by designers for designers."

Soooo that new Macbook Pro with no optical drive or even upgradable HDD or RAM is made by designers and for designers? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

The only time I would use a Mac to design anything would be if I needed to code for iOS.

I will agree that their most recent additions to their line weren't the most design friendly choices, but needless to say they are still the standard. Look at any major design studio they are on Macs. Not to say they may have some PCs in there too, but the artists (like I said before 75% of the time) are working on Macs. Clearly your choice is to design on a PC which is fine... but in the professional industry that is not the operating system of choice.

While I'm definitely no apple fan, everything is moving to the cloud. Local storage is a thing of the past. And I can't remember the last time I used my optical drive. I do remember that it was because I needed to copy a bunch of pictures on to a DVD for my mother-in-law and it took me 30 minutes to find my blank DVD's and had a sneezing fit from blowing the dust off.

How can that many people be playing? Tried that game for like 2 minutes and then was over it. When whoever sees the "life changing secret" it'll be posted on here and other blogs anyway so who cares...