Crushed by a stampede of petitioners, the FCC extends net neutrality comment period

Crushed by a flood of commenters, the FCC has extended the open comment period for their Open Internet proceedings until Friday. When we wrote about the importance of net neutrality back in May, the FCC had opened the door for open comment, and that window was due to close today. But after having been smashed yesterday and today by people like you registering their thoughts with the FCC about how best to address net neutrality, the FCC has extended that window to Friday.

You can submit your comments to the FCC at (if you can get it to load), or simply by emailing

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Crushed by a stampede of petitioners, the FCC extends net neutrality comment period


Speaking of stampede, here comes all of the idiots making lame arguments for maintaining the status quo and not doing anything to preserve net neutrality.

Should there be change to how things are done? Sure. The thing the FCC needs to regulate for net neutrality is ensuring a baseline quality measurement for each class of services, much like the FCC has "proof of performance" testing for television signals for cable video providers.
Certain types of internet traffic do need a higher class of service than others. Voice packets for your cable phone need to be higher as anything that breaks up the timing of that will severely ruin the quality of your call. I'd be pissed if I couldn't have a conversation with a 911 operator and someone died because Johnny who hordes porn is downloading or streaming too many videos.
Netflix is not a small town business.
34% of wired internet traffic is Netflix. It ppmakes absolute sense on the Content Delivery Network side of things for a company to charge more to someone who is using more of their private network. The cable companies were not subsidized by the government and the networks they operate are private.

In terms of net neutrality, so long as the government ensures these cable companies are providing a baseline quality of service to the end user, it shouldn't matter how those companies do it.

The general mass of lemmings that John Oliver and the media have been leading are people who don't understand how the internet operates. They need to keep their comments out of the pool and allow the techs and engineers to come together and find a smart and reasonable solution to this.

-another cable internet engineer

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I don't think you understand how the internet works. Netflix is already paying for internet. They are paying for a lot of upload speeds. So they are already paying to get the content delivered to us. And we are paying TMC, Comcast, Charter, Verizon, AT&T for access to that content. Google has already proven that those companies can deliver amazing internet and still make a profit. But that profit these companies make is not enough for them. They need more profit. Consumers already hate these companies so they need to find another way to make even more money. Go after these websites.

What if I wanted to start my own Video streaming service? Well I can compete with these big companies who have money, because I don't have enough to pay for a "fast lane."

Having a "fast lane" for certain companies who pay more makes the internet slower for other people. How you ask? Because bandwidth is limited. And if you give more bandwidth to one company than another that means there is less bandwidth for everyone else to use.

And also TWC, Comcast, Charter, Verizon, AT&T are duopolies. These companies have little to no competition. If you live somewhere you have 2 choices for internet. Cable and phone internet. That is it(technically you have satellite internet but that can't compete against those 2 unless you live way out there). So one of those companies is going to get your money unless you don't want internet or tv. At least with the phone companies there are little companies that are allowed to use their network like DSL Extreme. So there is a little tiny bit of competition. But the cable companies get to keep their network all to themselves. They aren't losing money giving us uncensored internet.

Try learning about the internet before commenting.

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HAHA - already left my comment a while ago but awesome sauce that there are enough people to bring the site to its knees

I think the fact that there has been such an overwhelming response to this, I think the FCC should take that as a sign that the general public (or at least, a larger percentage of the population that normally comments on the FCC site) cares about net neutrality.

Ah, a man can dream....

Typical right wing brainwashed, people who can't and don't use there minds to see the back story and try to see subject matter from all sides. They will listen to right wing rhetoric and take it a face value.

Careful... I could be considered right wing and I just sent a lengthy email to the FCC expressing the need to keep the internet open. Remember, crazy knows no boundaries, and there are plenty of crazies on either side.

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I'm pretty sure it the liberals who are trying to shut down the internet. Us conservatives want an open and uncensored internet.

Thanks for posting this guys! I highly recommend anyone that wants to petition this to go to and fill out the form there. It has a simple template you can fill out and it'll email it to the FCC. Much easier than trying to make it into FCC's website.

Everyone needs to go now to FCC and leave comments on this the future of the internet Is at stake.
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