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Round Robin: WMExpert's Dieter Bohn Video Review of the T-Mobile G1


For Week 4 of the Smartphone Round Robin, the T-Mobile G1 is in the hands of our good friend Dieter Bohn! Dieter just finished up his Video Review and first impressions of the T-Mobile G1 but instead of choosing the normal route of detailing the hardware and software, he elects to do something entirely different--he defends the G1's hardware.

Let's face it. The G1 has caught a lot of flack for its supposed "ugly" and "bland" design. Deserved or not, even we at Android Central admit its not the prettiest in the bunch. So for Dieter to go out and defend the hardware? That's bold.

You should check out his Video Review to see the great points he raises on the design and it just might make you re-evaluate the way you saw the T-Mobile G1. One more thing. He even defends the chin.

Go check out Dieter's Video Defense of the T-Mobile G1's hardware!

This is an Official Round Robin Contest Post, Comment to Win a T-Mobile G1 !— More Details Here

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Android Firmware Update Pending


Why in the world is our favorite green 'droid holding a cupcake, you ask? The "Cupcake" Android Development team has published a roadmap of vanquished bugs and added features that will soon arrive in the next firmware update. How soon? That is the big unknown, but it's good to know that it's on the way.

As far as what to expect in the update, here's a taste: Copy/paste and inline search for the browser, stereo Bluetooth (A2DP), support for third party soft keyboards and "other on-screen input methods", and video recording.

Whether all of the updates and bug fixes will be in a singular download is as uncertain as the date we'll see it happen, but it's nice to have our "cupcake" and eat it, too. Check out the full report here.


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G1 Makes Cover of Consumer Reports


T-Mobile's Google Android phone, the G1, may not have cover-girl looks, but is still sexy enough to make a splash on the cover of the January 2009 issue of Consumer Reports magazine. This is a most excellent tip with a very special thanks to one of our forum members, Dr. Tyrell ('Blade Runner' reference duly noted and appreciated!). Thanks Dr. Tyrell!

As noted by Dr. Tyrell, the G1 and the iPhone 3G are recommended as "best choices for multimedia use." Below is an excerpt from Dr. Tyrell's post found here in the Android Central forums:

"I will just note that they primarily looked at voice quality, ease of use, talk time and PDA features. The G1 was knocked for some things that should be coming soon such as Exchange support, document editing and video capture."

Good work on spotting this one, Dr. Tyrell! It's nice to know that the G1 and Android are getting some cover time.

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Ask Android Central: Is the T-Mobile G1 Available in the UK ?


Continuing our newest feature, Ask Android Central, where you guys ask the question and we provide the answer, we have a question from Antoinette regarding the T-Mobile G1’s availability across the pond!

Antoinette asks “I really like the G1. It is a little costly. Do you think it is possible for me to buy one for the UK?”


Check out Android Central’s answer after the break!

To quickly and succinctly answer your question before we delve into the deeper issues such as price concerns, Yes, the T-Mobile G1 is available for the UK! It was released on October 30th, 2008 for FREE if you sign up for a £40/month plan. Worried that the £40/month was too steep (it roughly translates to $62)?

No worries! After a recent price drop in the UK, the T-Mobile G1 is NOW available for FREE if you sign up to a £30/month ($46) on a 18-month contract which includes “700 minutes, 1400 texts, or any mix you use”. We at Android Central aren’t exactly sure what “any mix you use” actually means, but we’re sure you UK folks might be more familiar with it. To sweeten the deal even more, T-Mobile UK is throwing in an 8GB microSD card!

Compared to the US, where we pay $179 for the phone, $55+ for a service plan, and only a 1GB microSD card included—it can almost be considered a steal! The UK version is also ALL white. Unlike the two-tone silver backing of the US version, the White UK G1 looks clean as a whistle!

Now for the greater concern. Is the G1 priced too high? We can’t speak for the UK pricing strategy since we’re not all too familiar with the phone climate across the pond, but here in the United States we think the G1 is definitely priced on the low end of the smartphone spectrum. At the very least, it’s the most competitive pricing of any smartphone in the Smartphone Round Robin.

Let’s take a look:

Obviously, this is an admittedly rough chart that doesn’t take into consideration A LOT of different factors. Like quality of the service, 3G networks, amount of minutes, text messages, etc. This is a very, very rough comparison of pricing you’d find on the carrier’s websites. But either way, the T-Mobile G1 is hands down the cheapest smartphone you can buy out the door.

We at Android Central won’t go as far to consider the G1’s price to be “cheap” but it surely is competitive. I think T-Mobile, Google, and HTC did a fair job in pricing it at a point where they could profit from hardware sales but still allow the consumer to save some money. In all, we think the G1 represents great value—you get a desktop-class OS with a burgeoning app selection, instant access to the internet, and well the knowledge of being cool to Google fans everywhere.


Did we get anything wrong? Tell us so in the comments! And if you have a question to ask Android Central, feel free to contact us via our Contacts Form and your question just might be featured in the next Ask Android Central!

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T-Mobile To Get Rid of Upgrade Fees?


Tmonews is reporting that there are whispers that T-Mobile is going to finally get rid of the $18 upgrade fee that has irked a lot of customers whenever they upgrade to a newer handset. Obviously $18 isn't going to be a dealbreaker if you really wanted your G1 but in these tough economic conditions, every dollar counts.

“We have received feedback from you on behalf of our customers that the $18 Handset Upgrade Fee is a real customer diss atisfier. Based on your feedback, we are eliminiating the $18 Handset Upgrade Free effective immediately.” 

This is another sign that T-Mobile is still the friendliest carrier around these parts. And that isn't a backhanded compliment. Well, not really.


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Round Robin: Palm Treo Pro Video Review



p style="text-align: center;">

The Smartphone Round Robin is in Week 4 and this will be the last week we spend on another smartphone platform! Obviously, I'm eager to jump back onto the G1 but before we do that we have to give a fair and honest review to the Palm Treo Pro!

The Palm Treo Pro is a bit of a joint effort from a lot of important companies. The hardware was designed by HTC, the software runs Windows Mobile, but in the end its branded a Palm Treo Pro. Interesting. Either way, this is the Treo that combines everything you'd want spec-wise--3G, WiFi, GPS--in a smartphone. Is it too little too late? Or not nearly enough?

To give you a preview of my first impressions: I'm a HUGE fan of the form factor. It's not too wide, not too thin, and really feels easy to hold in the hand. And with Windows Mobile? I'm already instantly more comfortable using it than I was with the AT&T Fuze. Check out the video for the rest of Android Central's first impressions of the Palm Treo Pro!

This is an Official Round Robin Contest Post, Comment To Win a T-Mobile G1! – Details Here

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Unlocked G1 eBay Portal


IntoMobile points us to http://www.unlockedg1.org/, which is an odd little site that looks to be nothing more than a listing of unlocked T-Mobile G1 auctions on eBay.

We say 'odd' because we're not entirely clear how the site intends to, you know, make money. But like all things free on the internets, that's not really your problem. Instead you get a convenient place that lists 20 auctions for unlocked G1s, completely with expiration time, buy-it-now indicators, and the current price. If you're on the hunt for an unlocked G1 and that Developer Edition doesn't strike your fancy, it's a decent place to check.

Thanks James!

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Lenovo OPhone: More Pics & Details - O' My!


Is this a hot little number or what? Move over, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and make room for a new hottie - the Lenovo OPhone from China. Our very own Casey Chan posted about the Lenovo some time back, and now more pictures (like the one above) and details have emerged compliments of living_sword at modmygphone.com.

The Lenovo OPhone sports a 5MP camera (!!!) with auto-focus and flash, microSD slot, virtual keyboard for input, voice recorder, and more. It's China only, but hey, it would be fantastic if this sleek and beautiful design inspired some sleekness here in the States! Check out living_sword's post for more pics!


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How To: Save YouTube Videos to your G1 Android


Are you a YouTube junkie? Are you one of those people that simply MUST get your YouTube on every day and share with your friends? To me, YouTube is simply amazing. Fifteen years ago, I never would have dreamed of having the ability to post, share, and view thousands upon thousands of videos posted by people all over the planet. If you want to carry your YouTube vids on the go, saved to your G1, then check out the video and step-by-step provided by AndroidTapp via www.intomobile.com:

  1. Search for the video you want. In the video below, I choose “The Transporter 3 movie trailer”
  2. Tapp the YouTube link, by default the G1 will prompt 2 options: Browser or YouTube. Chose “Browser”. The reason, to get the YouTube link.
  3. Tapp “Menu” + “Go to URL”, the YouTube URL should appear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kodviK1AHdg.
  4. Press on the keyboard “Menu” + “C” to Copy on the G1
  5. Go to www.keepvid.com
  6. In the search field press on the keyboard “Menu” + “V” to Paste on the G1, hit Enter
  7. Slide down and Tapp “›› Download ‹‹ (video.mp4 - High Quality)“. This will open a new window and download the MP4 in your browser history. Disregard the .FLV version as the G1 can’t do Flash Video… yet. (Alternatively, it’s saved on your SD Card under “downloads” folder).
A big thanks to intomobile.com and AndroidTapp for the step-by-step! [AndroidTapp via intomobile]

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Google's My Maps Editor in Android Market


Google's My Maps Editor is now available in the Android Market, allowing users to create, edit, share and view customized maps on Android handsets, like the G1. Users can also sync these personalized maps to the My Maps tab on Google Maps. It also supports geo-tagging using photos taken with your phone. Other functionality includes markers, lines, and shapes on maps.

If you are planning your next epic ride or road trip, enjoy the convenience of marking up and personalizing your own map and then share with your friends and family via Google Maps. For your convenience, your changes are automatically synchronized from your phone. Download it, use it, and let us know what you think!


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